Welcome to all things Natural on Koh Phangan. This island is a wonderful place to experience the tropical nature of Thailand with around 60% of the island being protected National Park.

This means that most of the centre of the island is untouched jungle and you can even visit some of it at Than Sadet National Park located in the Northeast.

Expect to see some exotic wildlife including lizards, geckos, monkeys and snakes. Phangan even has Cobras but they usually keep themselves to themselves so don’t worry.

The island also has a few waterfalls which you can cool off in and also enjoy the viewpoints such as Dom Sila situated at Phaeng Waterfall. Paradise Waterfall is the most reliable when it comes to having water even during the dry season and Than Sadet’s waterfall is famous as King Rama 9 visited and left an inscription in the rocks.

What most people enjoy about the nature here is the magical sunsets that can be seen every night from the west coast, and what better way to enjoy one than sitting on a beautiful beach which Phangan also has plenty of.

We are also blessed with many local fruits growing abundantly from the trees, if you’re in the right place you can even pick them yourself. If you are from the city then the nature here will surely be a wonderful thing and it is one of the reasons why the island is so relaxing.

Enjoy our Phanganist Nature section with plenty of articles to read and remember to care and respect nature when you’re here.