Aliy - 'Naturally Driven' to Help the Environment

12 Feb 2021

After rushing to the beach near her home in Australia when she heard the news of a ship spilling shipping containers full of face masks into the ocean. Aliy posted a photo of her mission on social media which highlighted the event and drew interest from media all over the world!

We speak with Aliy about her mission in this case, current events for the environment and her new business Naturally Driven.

Aliy used to live on Koh Phangan and was a regular performer at Jungle Experience and has also done a lot of charity work in her time.

The ethos behind everything she does is beautiful and for the sustainability of the planet.

Naturally Driven is a range of healthy energy drinks and products driven by nature’s super tea - Yerba Maté.

Naturally Driven

Rainforest Rescue