Eating Pineapple on Koh Phangan!

11 Sep 2019

Pineapples are always available here in Thailand, but more interestingly have you ever seen how they grow?!

If you didn't know already, pineapples start their growing life as a pink colour and then closer to being mature they turn golden yellow.

Pineapple is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and other healthy compounds, such as enzymes that can fight inflammation and disease.

They have many health benefits, including aiding digestion, boosting immunity and speeding up recovery from surgery, among others.

Pineapples are low in calories but packed with good nutrients so they shouldn’t affect any diet you may be following. They are also especially high in vitamin C which is essential for growth and development, a healthy immune system and aiding the absorption of iron from the diet.

Pineapples here in Thailand are available all year round, with their most abundant seasons being June, July, August and November to December. As with any local fruit, if you can get them straight from the source or plant, that is when they will taste the best!

Enjoy your pineapple here on Phangan!