Coworking spaces on Koh Phangan

3 Feb 2021

This island is becoming a hotspot destination for digital nomads, they’re flocking in droves. Hence, the island adjusts and evolves and now has many places where you can work. Some are ‘official’ co-working spaces, giving you a great productive work environment, others are just spaces or cafes that have organically become hubs for workers. Even if you’re not a digital nomad you might still need a place to focus. Maybe you’re doing an online course or want to edit some photos or need a nice atmosphere to concentrate away from your home, Phangan got you covered!

Digital Nomad Heaven on Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan for remote work

The island has a vibrant and dynamic ex-pat culture from all over the world. Facebook groups can be very helpful and encourage everything you can get interested in, from parties and festivals to yoga and meditation, as well as eco-projects and volunteering. Koh Phangan is popular for its nightlife and party scene, perfect for unwinding and socialising after a long day of work or study. 
If you love sipping a coconut while the sea breeze sweeps softly around you when operating for your work from a hammock, then Koh Phangan is for you. You can work directly on the beach!

Work space Koh Phangan

Time Zone

Here on Phangan, we are 12 hours ahead of EST (13 hours difference during daylight savings time), so you can commence your working day at 9 pm if you have calls to New York. If your organization is located somewhere in Europe, you'll be 6 to 7 hours ahead. The Beijing Time Operation? You're just behind by an hour. 




Further ability to network 
The chance to interact and meet with other people is one of the greatest advantages of a coworking space. If you operate in a home office or separate office, you might be stealing the crucial ties required to move the organization forward. Perhaps, the only element that a small company is lacking is the spark that can be brought from closeness to other active business owners. 


Heightened efficiency 
For small business owners operating out of a home office, this is extremely valid. It can be quick to get overwhelmed while we're at home. Kids require care, the house has to be washed or maintained, and our brains will continually come up with special projects. You can solidify a
'work mode' by moving to another room, which can improve efficiency. 


Coworking spaces may offer flashes of inspiration when collaborating alongside other people and introducing oneself to different insights. Switching spaces and moving to a different office will sometimes encourage you to refresh your mind and explore possible alternatives to company issues. 


Opportunities for Cooperation 
For networking, this advantage goes hand-in-hand. Coworking spaces open you to potential and chance. Who knows where it could lead to a casual conversation? Working in proximity to someone makes for easy teamwork. Next thing you know, you may be recruiting a new guy. 


There are a variety of extra costs you will have to contend with if you rent an office, particularly if your workers are searching for rewards such as free coffee, treats and storage. Coworking spaces come fitted at a monthly rate of advantages including many of these. They also come with several built-in business utilities that will save you money in the long term. Before selecting the right room for your business, it's important to understand what features you need. For small companies forced into leases that are too pricey, cost-efficiency may be a critical advantage. 


Greater mobility 
A variety of coworking spaces provide very flexible contracts. If you need to terminate your membership for whatever cause, there are typically versatile ways for doing so. This makes checking out and seeing if you find it a perfect business service. You're sorted if you have a successful experience. If not, the cancellation of your membership would do no harm. 

Koh Phangan Networking

Coworking spaces on Koh Phangan


Casa Tropicana by Remote&Digital

Very popular and for good reason, the spot to be for digital nomads on Koh Phangan. their restaurant, hotel and coworking room is what you need for a break or to operate remotely. They have stunning views and the personal service will keep you coming back for more.

Casa Tropicana

Koh Space

Possibly the very first coworking space, a location where digital nomads, business owners, web designers, artists, and internet users of all kinds will operate individually or cooperatively in a pleasant office setting. Experience the office which delivers the best and most secure internet with a meeting room and laptop workspace. Koh Space has an outdoor garden portion to rest, get some rays, or stroll and hang out on the beach; a conference room for company or Skype meetings in a glass office space; and a lounge area with easy chairs and free water and coffee! 


Zen Beah Hub

Formerly just ‘Beachub’. They are a group of conscious coworkers and is the one and only Coworking Room with is beachfront, situated just a few steps away from Zen Beach and right in the heart of Sri Thanu.


Sunset Hill by Remote&Digital

A cool co-working room on the rooftop where the use of the space is free with any order. The squad that gave you La Casa Tropicana Coworking have provided all the high-end facilities that customers expect, except now on a panoramic rooftop with sea views. They have quick Internet, convenient office chairs, power plugs everywhere, coffee, airconditioning and a great menu.

Sunset Hill

Secret Place

A resort and coworking space situated on the beach of Haad Yao, just a 20-minute drive from Thong Sala Pier. This is a neighbourhood where, all in one, you can live, work and play. The coworking room has an ocean view with desks and tables. Very good internet access 200 Mbps and they offer an affordable buffet lunch.


Nira’s Home Bakery

Nira’s is one of the most popular cafes on the island and is not as such an ‘official’ coworking space yet you can work from there as long as you’re purchasing goods. Situated in Thong Sala by the pier where you can watch the hustle of the town’s local life. Not ideal for working for hours on end as it is a busy establishment focused on eating and drinks but great if you want to catch up on emails whilst enjoying a yummy breakfast.


Dots Coffee

Dot's is undoubtedly the location for the more artistically inclined working nomads, a great place to do work or research. DOTS has a wonderful working environment, centrally situated in Thong Sala, with good lighting, plenty of high tables to operate from and plugs available. 

Dots Coffee

Baan Jai Dee

Featuring luxurious king-size suites with a beautiful infinity pool, a meditation room, gourmet restaurant and 2 co-working spaces on location. For remote practitioners and health tourists, this is the example of Coliving and working which will become the norm. Two completely operating on-site offices will make it impossible for you to ever depart. Sit in the shade of the cabanas outdoors or in the cooled down room indoors.


Memo internet cafe and travel agency

Another place not officially coworking but worth the mention because of its lovely and helpful owners and internet access with programs such as photoshop and illustrator. Located near the gasoline station in Baan Tai, a lovely place to pop into if you need something printed and want to check a little work in their space.



Located on Sri Thanu's picturesque Laem Son Bay, just next to the Zen Beach, Hemmingway's isn't just about cultivating the body with their great food. For those digital nomads that want to unleash their imagination in breathtaking surroundings, they have free wifi and power, with delicious nutrition available on hand. 


Doppio cafe

The style of this cafe is modern and has air conditioning, which may be helpful if you are about during the hot hours around the food market district. It also serves different varieties of coffee and several burgers, desserts, and Thai cuisine. Another place not officially coworking but you can get your laptop out whilst enjoying what’s on offer.

There are many other cafes, restaurants and businesses such as hotels, restaurants hostels or yoga schools that will be suitable for coworking, you may hear about them through word of mouth. With these places, we’d suggest first asking about working there as they may have a fast turn around of customers or other issues such as frequency of buying drinks or power sockets that might be relevant.



Coworking spaces encourage you to break out of your own bubble: You can create a stronger company by introducing you and your workers to different viewpoints. A pleasant and productive workspace is critical to the success of every organization. Although there are several advantages, it may be challenging to find the perfect coworking area suitable for you so test out a few here on Koh Phangan until you get a vibe that fits.