Walking Street Market Getting Bigger and Better!

3 May 2016

Every Saturday, Walking Street (the one where the post office is) in Thong Sala plays host to the Saturday Walking Street Market!

Starting around 4pm but carrying on late until 10pm, this is a bustling, thriving with gifts and nik naks market where you can find anything from clothes to food to music.

We visited the market last Saturday the 30th of April to see what’s happening and going on down there…

The ambience of going to a market in the evening is lovely, everything is lit up up the sky is peacefully dark, what a better way to shop around.

More and more stalls appear over the months and some come and go, this is the beauty of it.

The market now extends down past the actual street itself so it is surprising how big it gets and how many different stalls there are.

It is a place for artists and artisans to show their creations, you can find really unique pieces, some that you will not find in shops here on Koh Phangan plus the price is usually cheaper which is always a positive!

This Saturday we were lucky enough to see our old friend Japanese Jo, a musician who has lived on Koh Phangan for a long time now.

He plays most Saturdays so make sure you keep checking out for him!

Whether you need a new bikini, sunglasses, to stock up on some health foods or just wander round and grab some snacks, a smoothie and enjoy the sociable ambience then make sure you visit the Walking Street Market at least once.