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Recommended Thai Massage on Koh Phangan

14 Sep 2017

Thailand is famous for its massage and for centuries, Thai massage was performed by monks as one component of Thai medicine.

Thai massage has the following benefits, it relaxes, reduces stress, improves circulation, increases energy, increases flexibility, improves range of motion and centers the mind and body.

Here are some recommended places on Koh Phangan to get your essential thai massage. Click on the titles for more information.

Eyo massage in Sri Thanu
Eyo massage is very good, it can be a bit expensive but you get awesome massages.

Many times there are two people massaging you and the owner is super nice and usually cares more about people’s well being than getting fully paid.

Mr. lek in Ban Tai
A good massage, hot stones and back stretches with your head upside down. Highly recommended for people with physical difficulties and anyone in general.

Mr. Lek has a very soft touch and it is because of that that he is also very recommended for the older generation.

Lek massage in Thong Sala
A good strong massage with genuinely nice people.

Island beauty spa
Katerina has recently found someone to give Thai massage at her beautiful spa in Thong Sala, she is a thai lady with ten years experience.

Enjoy this traditional massage in the beautifully calm setting of Island Beauty Spa.

Herbal Sauna and massage in Ban Tai
A really nice detoxifying steam room beforehand, followed by a fresh coconut and then a good hour long massage.

Family run business with a smile on the staffs faces.

Wi at Poo Massage in Ban Tai
Wi has been working with massage for around eight years. She started in Bangkok where she was trained.

She makes her own oils for her treatments. Mixing herbs and oils for different circumstances. She also offers other massages such as a ‘bone fixing’.

P'Nasad and Leo shop

Come to Sweet P'Nasad for a real Isan experience.This is a very good and thorough massage, where she get every little muscle in your body a good run down! P'Nasad herself is a lovely woman working together with P'Leo who also does massages.  Their spot on the corner of Ananda yoga and Louie's seafood restaurant is ideal for the Yoga students living just there and for many people just on the coast line there. Running from Wok Tum and Hin Kong to Sri Thanu there are only her and Leo! P'Nasad is a very caring being and if she see that you need extra help here or there she will give it without asking for further donations! She will work with you as you need it and not how you can afford it. Which is maybe also why she and Leo make the day by the beach by Happy Beach bungalows, always full of tourists even in the low seasons, doing day massages! This is a beautiful spot to have a massage in, on the bounty beach surrounded by white sand and in the shadow.

Whether you are on the beach in Sri Thanu or by the coast near Hin Kong you can find P'Nasad and Leo. Both of them with magical hands and a proper training from Isan. By evening time they will both be back in the own spot by Ananda, Louie's sister shop, Alcove, the French delicate food space and Louie's seafood restaurant. Just in the butter hole there you find their little massage parlor. With room for two at the time, so don't be shy to bring a friend and enjoy the massage together.




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