Recommended Thai Massage on Koh Phangan

7 Jul 2022

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Getting a Thai massage is one of the most common activities in Thailand for visitors and the country’s residents. On almost every street here you can find a Thai massage parlour. It’s one of those rights of passage for foreigners to get a Thai massage and many people will go back for regular ones each week.

Thai Massage Koh Phangan

What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage is an ancient art which is still practised today. It can heal injuries when treated with care, and rejuvenate the body. However, some people can find it will hurt when done poorly! Thai massage is an important part of the culture. It's been around for a while, more than 2,500 years to be precise, and legend has it that none other than the Buddha himself invented the technique. 
Thai massage integrates acupressure practices, stretches of assisted yoga and incorporates concepts of Indian Ayurvedic. In Thailand today, there are over 10,000 massage and spa studios! You should wear loose and comfortable clothes during a Thai massage, and you should lie on a massage bed or mat. Being surrounded by other people with no privacy is very common in Thai massage parlours. During the massage, you will be seated in a number of yoga-style positions, with the masseuse using deep and rhythmic pressure. You can find that your first encounter could be uncomfortable, but it's well worth the benefits!

Thai Massage Koh Phangan


Thai massage has many distinct benefits, making it worth having this treatment on your trip. Reduced stress is one of the most important health advantages since therapy requires rotating the body to alleviate tension. This can increase energy, improve circulation and reduce headaches. It can also increase the range of motion because of the stretching and physical nature of the massage.


Learning Thai Massage

Many travellers, especially when here on Koh Phangan and staying for a longer time, like to take courses. This means you have a unique insight into the culture whilst learning a new skill to take home with you. By taking a course you will learn all the secrets such as wind gate points, energy lines, breathing, positions, mind control, balancing, direction, pressure points, feeling, giving-receiving, focus and training, with an experienced instructor. Koh Phangan has a few different schools and teachers where you can learn Thai massages such as C&M Vocational School and Siam Healing Centre.

Thai Massage Koh Phangan

Thai Massage on Koh Phangan


Lek Massage by Mr Lek
Baan Tai

A good massage, hot stones and back stretches with your head upside down. Highly recommended for people with physical difficulties and anyone in general. Mr. Lek has a very soft touch and it is because of that that he is also very recommended for the older generation. Mr Lek is a healer and a physiotherapist. He needs only a few moments to find the root and the real course of one’s pain and has varied ways to attend the healing. His touch has an effect similar to many Reiki Healers and puts you into a very very light trance state. Among his offerings, he also makes heat treatments, in traditional Thai style, with his herbs and oils which are heated up in a cloth and swopped around a round soft sponge. A very pleasant treatment!

Mr Lek Massage

Wii In Poo-Massage
Baan Tai

She is the owner of Poo Oil & Herbal Massage in Baan Tai next to Fabios and across from the Blue top Coffee Shop – just to clear up all misunderstandings before we begin, Poo, in “Poo Massage”,  really translates into something like mountain jungle herbs. Wii has been working with massage for over ten years now. She makes her own oils for her treatments. Mixing herbs and oils to use for different treatments.

Wii in Poo Massage

Lek massage
Thong Sala

The Thai massage here is very traditional in the Thai way but very healthy. It is intended to be a practical massage and not a relaxing experience. The decor is basic but afterwards, you will feel amazing.


Eyo Thai Massage
Sri Thanu

By appointment only and so you get your massage alone. A good traditional massage and beneficial if you have any physical problems.


Susu Massage
Baan Tai

Also known as Moonlight Healing, Susu is humble, talks simple and direct and mostly laughs a lot while giving her massage. Susu is a healer for 27 years now, she does not advertise her activity yet if you ask around, her knowledge and powers are well known. 

Susu Massage

Mr Thaweep Thai Massage
Baan Tai

Mr Thaweep is a professional physiotherapist and teacher who gives a healing massage and has been known to fix problems that people have been suffering with for years.


Pure Relax Spa
Thong Sala

If you would like a traditional Thai massage but in more comfortable spa setting then Pure Relax can be a good choice for you. They use pressure and stretching techniques to relax the whole body.


Papaya Massage
Sri Thanu

A good massage in classic Thai style with or without oil. If you enjoy a powerful massage then you'll love this place. The price is very fair and at some busy times, you will need to book.


Tanaporn Massage House
Thong Nai Pan Noi

Professional massage also offering spa treatments in a luxurious Thai house and garden by professionally trained and experienced therapists. 


Tuk Massage 
Haad Salad

Mama Tuk is known as the woman with the magic hands. Located on the beach which is an added bonus yet well equipped. You can discuss your most stressed positions and they will fix the body's related ties. 

Thai Massage Parlour Koh Phangan


Koh Phangan is a wonderful place to compliment your lifestyle with a Thai Massage. Being such an island known for its well-being and activity it is a great thing to have alongside any yoga, sports or fitness and can help you get even more healthy in terms of your physical being.