Susu - Healer on Koh Phangan - Moonlight massage

1 Sep 2014

A talk with Susu about healing, about Koh Phangan and the people who come to visit on the island.  


Not many tourist and local farangs on Koh Phangan know Susu but if you'll ask about her among the locals there is a good chance that you will be answered with a nice story related... Susu is a healer for 27 years now, she does not advertise her activity but yet the rumors about her knowledge and powers are running around. 

I heard about her from a friend she helped few years ago and since than other friends went to visit her and get some treatments and it's hard to avoid the change and the difference that she does.

If you look for a very spectacular ceremony, holistic outfits and high talks you might get disappointed. Susu is humble, talks simple and direct and mostly laughs a lot while delivering her message and message is being delivered to its destiny, if not after an hour or a day than after a bit longer...

The treatment are about one hour long and available from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. She hardly agree to make the treatment on the same day it was scheduled and usually she set it to a day after. Appointments are made by phone, just call her to 081-607-5507 and enjoy the talk.

The healing treatment is about one hour long and cost 500 Baht.

In addition to that she makes meditation session every day at 4:30 am and at 6pm. Everybody are welcome to join meditate together with her for free, just show up on time.

Moon Light healing is located on Baan Tai road next to Baan Tai school. If you come from Thong Sala follow the yellow sign after the school on your left and follow the road to until you get to Moon light.