Mr Lek Massage in Baan Tai

18 Dec 2015

Mr. Lek Massage
Highly recommended for people with physical difficulties and anyone in general. Mr. Lek has a very soft touch and it is because of that that he is also very recommended for the older generation.

He creates his special massage and healing oils himself.
Magical Mr Lek with his potions, herbs and oils, his accurate placed soft touches and his great knowledge of the world of plants and biology.

A soft soft man himself with a hidden strength that glows through his eyes which is not to be denied.


He has a natural understanding of the people who come to see him and he treats everyone with a unique massage and healing strategy.

He is a healer and a physiotherapist. He needs only a few moments to find the root and the real course of ones pain and has varied ways to attend the healing. 

His touch has an effect similar to many Reiki Healers and puts you into a very very light trance state. Drawling on the pillow, aware but half asleep.

His soft nature is always pleasant to be around.

You can imagine him in his garden surrounded by the herbs he is growing to use for his different treatments, healings, cooking’s and perhaps even magic ;)


Him in his own gentle natural style, surrounded by the green growing plants, smelling exactly as when you drive through a flower field just around Twilight Zone, when the crickets starts to sing and the sun flows down towards the horizon in a daze of pink and purple.

He is a spiritual man with wise eyes and his posture indicates a body which has been treated well.

He speaks as softly as he touches and his kindness shines through.

Among his offerings he also makes heat treatments, in traditional Thai style, with his herbs and oils which are heated up in a cloth and swopped around a round soft sponge. A very very pleasant treatment!

At the temple, which he lives next to in his house, you can also find a herbal sauna.
It is perfect to visit Mr Lek after having a pleasant steam next door, feeling all warm and loose.


The muscles are ready to be worked with and you are in the right mind to receive an hour of relaxing massage after sitting in the hot steam getting drowsy.

He has a proud reputation on the island and he is the one most recommend between Phanganists. He detects your problem with ease and gets right to the point. 

I really want to ask him a few questions about his life here and his values in general.
He is an interesting man and in his company you always find comfort.


So my next mission with Mr Lek is to go and have a talk with him about himself and for once not about me!!

I want to know more about his greater perspectives as well. His life philosophy, his hopes for humanity, his knowledge into plants, herbs and biology. He is a teacher and we have much to learn from beings like him.


I will return with more answers from Mr Lek very soon. 

Mr. Lek is the absolute fixer. If you have a problem go straight to Mr Lek.

Be carefull with experimenting with different beach massages where you are not exactly sure what will happen or if they all have the right education. Find Mr Lek next to Wat Pho in Baan Tai Village instead;

Mr. Lek’s own words are that if you have a problem, it is also very important not to go to a traditional strong Thai massage.
Bones and muscles need time when they are damaged and only softly and slowly can you heal and help the natural process.