Herbal and Oil Massage by Wii in Poo-Massage

12 Feb 2021

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Wii is the laughing – tiny, but strong Thai woman who greets you in the door.

When you arrive at her place, she will sit with you at her table in the small beautiful garden outside her shop and talk and enjoy with you before you begin the session.

She is the owner of Poo Oil & Herbal Massage in Baan Tai next to Fabios and across from the Blue top Coffee Shop.
– just to clear up all misunderstandings before we begin, Poo, in “Poo Massage”,  really translates into something like mountain jungle herbs.

In the North of Thailand in the mountains where the jungle grow wild, this special herbs originate. Because of the unique environment up north, with both the warm and the cold, sun and shadow, wind and rain, these herbs grow extra strong and magical. After the pickings they will be taken to a temple where the Monks will bless them before Wii uses them in her massages & treatments, but also for drinks and food.

Wii has been working with massage for over ten years now.

She started her business in Bangkok where she also began her studies into massage and was trained in all kind of massage styles.

It was here she was taught about the herbs and their powers and started mixing her knowledge from one teaching to another. For her it made good sense to draw experience from all the different styles and mould it into 1 new style – and of course working with oils and herbs.

She worked in a hospital in Surat Thani to assist as a nurse in her training period. With her knowledge of biology and massage, she is an asset in an hospital. Especially for recovering patients!
She can do wonders for a recovering body! Treating rehabilitation and handicapped patients became one of her specialties.
Finally she returned to Phangan ten years ago as a very skilled expert.

She find it very important to have a good space where she can talk with her customers so she found a location where she would be able to make room for this also.

She wanted to have a space where her clients can relax before, in-between or after her massage.
Sometimes a good laugh or cry can make as big miracles as my hands, - she say. To breathe right for a moment releases the body for the restrains.

She makes her own oils for her treatments. Mixing herbs and oils to use for different treatments.
She make as one example; a special skin treatment for white people. “When the white people come here, they shock their skin. They are not use to all this sun and sun bathing is very popular even it is such a bad thing for any skin!”
So she helps them to cool down after too much sun. Same oils are also good for preventing or helping on skin cancer!

“People come to me and say they want to be healed. So they make detoxing in the yoga schools. Detox can be good, but you have to do it carefully. It’s a matter of cleaning without emptying. The body goes into a form of shock when you clean it for all it has. A detox should be done slowly over days and under supervision of a trained helper.

While you are cleaning, it is f.ex good to still eat the herbs that cleans your liver and kidneys and drink lots of water. At the same time you could also be using the herbs for better blood circulation. This knowledge are very important while you are cleaning to not just shock your body system and make it worse than it actually was before.”

“It is the same with using the herbal saunas. It is very healthy but only if you use them right.

When you have go to a sauna, bring or buy scrubbing herbs and cleaning herbs for your skin. Do not stay for more than ten minutes inside and wait two minutes outside before you splash the cold water on your body. Also here it is a matter of not shocking your body system.

When the body is hot from the sauna and you splash the ice water on it after, all the little molecules inside jumps in different directions and gets confused for a while. This is not healthy for you. So wait two minutes after the ten minutes sauna before using water. When you go back in don’t go more than ten minutes again and this time use your scrubbing herbs. When you come out after this time, don’t go back. Again just wait two minutes and then cool down by the water and clean your skin for the scrubbing herbs.”

“Same with the massage,” she say, “wait one hour at least before taking shower or going swimming. Water clear your body energy and when I have worked on you, my touch needs to manifest in your body before you flush it of with water again.”

She makes different magical drinks of herbs too. She can make you one that gives you power, or one that puts you to sleep.
If you are sick from cold or fever, she have a drink for you too.

She told me how to gain power and get good blood circulation by drinking the Hales drink ( from any Thai grocery shop ) and mix it with soda water.
“- and Valium”, she said, “don’t ever use! Instead mix one spoon of honey with a small spoon of sesame seeds.”

She has recently learned to also "fix the bones", as she calls it.

She can make a full check to see if your bones, your spine f.ex is out of shape and she know how to correct it.

She just now also learned about a new herb treatment. She is adding to her education into the plant family all the time. She is a very skilled Herb-Master by now and she loves to share her knowledge with everyone who likes to listen!

She treats her oils and herbs with the biggest respect and attitude!
She will not lay a hand on you before she has given her thanks and ask for assistance from a higher power! She regularly visits the temple and stay many times for different ceremonies like Vipasanna and the likes.

Wii have a dream!

One day she want to find a bigger location, a bigger house, where she can make full treatments.

She need a big space for her own herbal garden and a “walking space” for her customers, to learn to walk again.
Regular people, like you and me, have forgotten how to breathe and how to walk. We do both in harmful ways to our bodies. She want a “ walking space” where she will put stones and or coconut shells out for making walking exercises on.

“ The foot have 36 points that all reaches out to some specific part of your body. By using your feet right and walking on hard grounds and unequal ground you reach those points with your full body weight and it works in the same way as if I was to push those “buttons.” Except this way, you get more power on the pressure points because of your own weight and the biggest benefit of course is, that you can learn to walk so you always press your points when you are walking normally.”

She dream about having space to grow more plants and herbs.
She will use the “sons and daughters” of the strong herbs from the north to make a new “herb family” in her own garden. She will ask the monks to come and bless her garden and her pickings every month.

She is a small magical woman. So pure and so sweet.
“What ever the doctor say to you, come and talk to me after and I’m sure I have a treatment he never heard about. Some people are told by their doctor that they cannot recover, but when they come here, we still make progress with whatever the problem have been and sometimes even cure what the doctor failed to cure.”

We wish all the Luck for Wii here from the Magazine and hope that her dream will come true one day, so that we all will have a place to visit Wii and enjoy to learn about the powerful plants and re-learn how to breathe and walk again!

Do yourself a big favour and go see Wii!!

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