Phuket ATV Guide

6 Dec 2023

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ATV riding offers an exhilarating blend of adventure and freedom that captivates enthusiasts around the world. The moment you rev up the engine, the everyday world fades away, replaced by a thrilling landscape of roaring engines and rugged terrain. As the ATV surges forward, riders experience a unique combination of speed and agility, navigating through muddy trails, rocky paths, and scenic vistas. Each turn and bump brings a rush of adrenaline, while the beauty of the natural surroundings provides a stark contrast to the mechanical prowess of the vehicle. It's not just a sport; it's an escape into a world where the only limits are those you set for yourself.

Phuket, with its lush landscapes and undulating terrain, offers an exceptional setting for ATV riding. This tropical paradise transforms into an adventure playground for ATV enthusiasts, where the buzzing of engines harmonizes with the sounds of nature. Riders navigate through rubber plantations, meander across hills, and explore hidden corners of the island, all while being embraced by the warm, balmy air. The trails in Phuket cater to all skill levels, from gentle slopes for beginners to challenging tracks for the experienced. As the ATVs rumble through the exotic scenery, riders are treated to breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea, glimpses of local wildlife, and the unique opportunity to experience Phuket's natural beauty from an entirely new perspective. This thrilling adventure not only offers an adrenaline rush but also a chance to connect with the island's vibrant ecosystem.



An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), also known as a quad bike or four-wheeler, is a vehicle specifically designed to handle a wider range of terrains than most other vehicles. Typically, ATVs feature a motorcycle-like design, with a straddle seating position and handlebar steering, but are equipped with four wheels for enhanced stability and control on rough, uneven grounds. These vehicles vary in size from smaller models suitable for recreational use to larger, more powerful versions capable of tackling challenging landscapes and tasks. ATVs are renowned for their ability to navigate through mud, sand, snow, and rocky paths, making them popular for both recreational activities, like trail riding and sports, as well as practical purposes in farming, hunting, and land management. Their versatility and robustness in diverse environments make ATVs a preferred choice for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Where to buy or rent in Phuket?

To purchase or rent an ATV in Phuket, we recommend visiting local vehicle dealerships or contacting ATV distributors who might be able to provide information on sales outlets in Phuket. Additionally, online marketplaces and classified ads could also be useful resources for finding ATVs for sale in the Phuket area. Facebook marketplace and Phuket facebook groups are a good place to start.

Don't be afraid to ask locals. Visitors are often greeted with the infectious smiles and genuine hospitality that Thais are famous for. The locals in Phuket go above and beyond to ensure that guests feel welcome, often displaying a willingness to help with directions, recommend hidden gems, or simply share a bit of their culture and traditions. This spirit of kindness and helpfulness deeply ingrained in Thai culture, often referred to as the "Land of Smiles," is particularly palpable in Phuket.

When to Ride

The best times to ride an ATV in Phuket largely depend on the weather patterns and tourist seasons. Generally, the optimal period is during the cooler, drier months from November to February. During this time, the weather is more pleasant, with less humidity and lower chances of rain, providing ideal conditions for ATV riding. Trails are less muddy and more manageable, allowing for a more enjoyable experience.

However, for those seeking a more challenging adventure, the monsoon season from May to October offers its own appeal. The rains transform the landscape, making the trails more slippery and challenging, which can be thrilling for experienced riders. It’s important to note that this period also sees fewer tourists, which can mean less crowded trails but also more unpredictable weather conditions.

Regardless of the season, it's always advisable to check local weather forecasts before planning an ATV trip and to prepare accordingly with appropriate clothing and gear. Riding in the early morning or late afternoon can also be more comfortable to avoid the midday heat, especially in the warmer months.

Where to Ride

Phuket, with its diverse and captivating terrain, offers several prime locations for ATV riding, each providing a unique experience:

  • Kathu Region: Nestled near Patong, this area is known for its lush hills and rubber plantations. The trails here are varied, offering both gentle and challenging paths, making it ideal for riders of all skill levels. The scenic beauty of Kathu, coupled with its proximity to popular tourist spots, makes it a favored choice for ATV excursions.
  • Chalong Highlands: Located in the southern part of Phuket, the Chalong Highlands present more challenging routes. The area is characterized by steep hills and rugged terrain, offering breathtaking views of the island and the Andaman Sea. It’s perfect for those seeking an adrenaline-filled adventure.
  • Big Buddha Trail: This unique trail offers a cultural twist to ATV riding. Riders can explore the path leading to the iconic Big Buddha statue, one of Phuket’s most famous landmarks. The route provides a mix of natural and cultural scenery, making it a memorable ride.
  • North Phuket’s Jungle Trails: For a more secluded and natural experience, the jungle trails in North Phuket are ideal. These less-traveled paths wind through dense forests, rubber plantations, and occasionally open up to stunning sea views, providing an immersive nature experience.
  • Bang Tao Area: This area offers a more laid-back ATV experience. The trails here are relatively easy, winding through local villages and plantations, and are suitable for families and beginners.

Each of these locations offers rentals and guided tours, ensuring both safety and an enriching experience. If it's your first time, we recommend choosing a reputable ATV tour operator who can provide well-maintained vehicles and knowledgeable guides to enhance the adventure.


ATV Tours

Opting for an ATV tour in Phuket, as opposed to renting an ATV independently, offers several compelling advantages. Firstly, guided tours provide structured routes that are carefully designed to showcase the best of Phuket's diverse terrain and scenic beauty, ensuring you don't miss any hidden gems. Experienced guides not only lead the way but also offer insights into the local ecology, culture, and history, enriching your experience far beyond just riding. Safety is another significant factor; the tours typically include a briefing on handling the vehicle and navigating the terrain, along with providing necessary safety gear, making it ideal for beginners or those unfamiliar with ATVs. Additionally, guided tours often include added conveniences like hotel pick-up and drop-off, and they can handle any mechanical issues that arise, ensuring a hassle-free adventure. This structured yet adventurous experience allows you to immerse in the thrill of ATV riding without the worries of planning routes, handling breakdowns, or navigating unfamiliar trails, making it an attractive option for many travelers in Phuket.


Recommended Tours

Phuket Great ATV Bike with Big Buddha Tour


Embark on an exciting adventure through Phuket's lush jungles with an ATV tour that goes beyond the usual tourist paths. This small group experience starts with a comprehensive safety briefing, ensuring you're well-prepared before hitting the rugged trails. Under the guidance of an expert, you'll navigate through diverse jungle terrains, crossing streams and exploring verdant forests. The thrill of the adventure is matched by the attention to comfort; upon returning to camp, you're welcomed with a refreshing drink and a cooling towel. This tour is designed to get your adrenaline pumping, providing all necessary ATV safety equipment and clear instructions for a secure yet exhilarating ride. Moreover, the convenience of round-trip transfers from your Phuket hotel adds to the seamless experience. A key highlight of this tour is the small group setting, which allows for more personalized attention from your guide. The package includes essentials like bottled water, full access to helmets and ATV bikes, and insurance, ensuring a well-rounded and worry-free adventure.

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ATV-ing through Rugged Phuket

Embark on an adventurous journey through Phuket's inland terrain with an ATV tour that takes you deep into Thailand's lush jungles. This experience is not only about the thrill of the ride but also an opportunity to learn about the local flora and fauna from an expert guide. The tour includes convenient transfers from and to your hotel in Phuket, ensuring a seamless adventure right from your doorstep. Upon arrival at the ATV camp, you'll receive comprehensive instructions and all the necessary equipment, including helmets, to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. This half-day tour is led by a professional English-speaking guide and features transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle with a professional driver. Light refreshments are also provided during the tour, adding to the comfort of your experience. The highlight, of course, is the use of well-maintained ATVs, allowing you to navigate the exciting and diverse terrains of the Thai jungle with ease and exhilaration.

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Amazing Quad Bike ATV Tour 


This tour offers a one-hour ATV riding adventure on Phuket Island, perfect for those looking to explore the island's diverse terrains. The experience includes convenient round-trip transfers from your Phuket hotel, ensuring an easy start and finish to your adventure. Upon arrival, you'll be equipped with provided protective gear, including helmets and gloves, to ensure your safety during the ride. A raincoat is also available in case of wet weather. Guided by an expert, you'll navigate through a variety of landscapes such as rainforests, farms, and mangrove forests, offering a unique way to experience Phuket’s natural beauty. This group tour is cost-effective and allows for an immersive experience without a significant investment. Along with the thrilling ATV ride, the tour includes light refreshments, drinking water, and seasonal fruits to keep you refreshed. The tour lasts about an hour, leaving you with the rest of the day free to enjoy other activities.

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Phuket ATV on Tour

This ATV jungle tour caters to varying preferences, offering different tour lengths to fit your schedule. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, all necessary safety equipment is provided, along with comprehensive instructions to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. Adding to the convenience, the tour includes round-trip transfers from select areas in Phuket. Along with the thrilling ATV experience, the tour also provides essential amenities like drinking water and a First Aid Kit, ensuring a well-rounded and worry-free adventure in the heart of Phuket’s lush jungles.

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Riding an ATV on Phuket

As the sun sets on the vibrant landscape of Phuket, reflecting upon a day spent riding ATVs through this tropical paradise leaves an indelible mark of adventure and exhilaration. The experience of navigating through the island’s diverse terrains, from the dense jungles to the serene rubber plantations, offers a unique blend of thrill and natural beauty. The sights, sounds, and sensations of Phuket, experienced from the seat of an ATV, provide an unforgettable adventure that combines the rush of adrenaline with the tranquility of nature. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a first-timer, ATV riding in Phuket promises an experience that is as enriching as it is exciting. For more insights, tips, and personal stories about ATV adventures and stuff to do in Phuket, be sure to check out the related articles below!

Real Estate Board

Category: Resort for lease
Type: RentLongTerm
Size: 40 Bungalows
Cost: 5,000,000 Baht per year
Category: Land for sale
Type: NorSor3
Size: 23 Rai
Cost: 4M THB per Rai.
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: Five Rai
Cost: 11 M per Rai
Category: Villa for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: Land area approximately 400 sqm
Cost: Starting price 11.9M THB , 14.9M THB - sea view
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: Plot 1 - 4 Rai. 6,400 sqm., Plot 2 - 4 Rai. 6,400 sqm.
Cost: Price per Rai - 16,000,000 THB
Category: Villa for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: Plot sizes: 480 sqm, Villa size: 200 sqm including porches (70 sqm), A private pool - 30 sqm.
Cost: 20,000,000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: Different slots in various sizes. Price is per Rai.
Cost: 4500000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 0.75 Rai / 1,200 sqm
Cost: 3000000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 0.78 Rai / 1,252 sqm
Cost: 3130000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 0.74 Rai / 1,184 sqm
Cost: 2960000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: NorSor3Gor
Size: 1 Rai : 1600m2
Cost: 4000000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 1.25 Rai. 2,000 sqm
Cost: 11250000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size:  0.75 Rai: 1200m2​
Cost: 5250000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 7 Rai
Cost: 25 M Baht per Rai (negotiable)