Thong Sala

12 Feb 2021

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This beach is home to the island's main town Thong Sala.  Mostly anyone who has stepped foot on Koh Phangan came by the main ferry pier located here.

You can see the islands large old warship (out of service), marooned and out on display as if it had been neatly casting ashore in proximity to the pier and left abandoned. 

Every day the pier greets new fresh to the scene tourists with their first experience of the Thong Sala pier.  Neighboring this hustle and bustle of people coming and going are several streets lined with shops, markets, restaurants, banks, and the like.

In town, you can find the main post office and a bit more inland, away from the beach, is the police headquarters.  

Saturday Walking Street Thong Sala

Every Saturday afternoon Chinese street in Thongsala turns into a walking street starting at 5 pm and continues till 10 pm.

Many tourists and locals visit the market and you will find a place full of people, groceries, food, decorations, all kinds of Snacks, and a very alive environment.