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The viewpoints of Koh Phangan.

28 Jun 2018

People love sunrises and sunsets and beautiful views on Koh Phangan are aplenty for these daily events. There are so many viewpoints on the island it is not easy to choose the best one, which is not so bad, as there is never a breathtaking view too far away from you wherever you live on the island.

The highest point of Koh Phangan is Khao Ra - the mountain in the middle of the island. The trek to the peak can be a challenge, so if you go, hire a guide who will cost around 500 baht from the base of the trail. It is easy to get lost in the jungle and the guide can take you up safely and show you points of interest on the way.

Flip Flops are not a good idea for this trek. Take plenty of water!

This viewpoint is the highest peak of the island and the best view for sunset and sunrise. The sun rises around 6.30, so be prepared for an early start, but at least it will be cool while you climb. It will be worth it! This viewpoint is great for amateur, professional or smartphone-photographers.

An easier viewpoint to appreciate the sunrise is Haad Rin on Sunrise beach where bars and resorts for breakfast are great stop-overs after seeing the Sunrise.

Koh Phangan is a very small island and it is very easy to find your own viewpoint. All you need is a motorbike, a helmet and a map.


Always tell someone where you are going, get on the moped and have a great day!


This island is full of adventure. If you set out aimlessly you will stumble across temples, great food and bars that you would never have found if you didn't have a little adventure inside you yourself. It is not possible to get completely lost. If you find yourself not knowing where you are, you just turn around and you will quickly find yourself again.

The harbours in Thong Sala, Ban Tai and Chaloklum offer fantastic photo oppoortunities. You will be able to observe the daily life of Thai people with fishing boats setting out, while diving boats full of excited tourists get ready for these underwater adventures.

The waterfalls on the island are easily accessible. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear and take a walk up for some great views and a dip in the natural pools that have formed over millenia.

Along with humans, mosquitos love sunrise and sunset, so make sure you have repellant with you at these times. The trip is worth it for the photographs you will take before a well-earned breakfast.