Activities to do with Kids on Koh Phangan

30 Mar 2024

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In recent years Koh Phangan has become very family-friendly. With more resorts and fully equipped hotels to choose from you can come and enjoy a wonderful family holiday with your children away from the craziness of Full Moon and backpacker culture.

Most accommodation has on-site restaurants, swimming pools and is close to the beach so you can relax whilst your kids play and enjoy.

Kids on Koh Phangan

Getting to Koh Phangan

Travelling with children to the island is a lot easier than even ten years ago. The easiest way is to fly to neighbouring island Koh Samui’s airport from Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand. You then just need to get a ferry over to Phangan which takes just 30 minutes. The flight from Bangkok is roughly one hour.
You can also fly to the closest mainland airport of Surat Thani and then get a 2.5-hour ferry over to the island. It will probably depend on the age ranges of your children and family on which option you go for.



Staying on Koh Phangan with its beautiful beaches for toddlers and little kids has numerous perks. For children to discover, play and grow, the sea breeze and soft sands provide a perfect atmosphere for them to develop and enjoy a family holiday of natural bonding whilst enjoying all the activities the island has to offer.

Which area to stay

Koh Phangan's nightlife hot spots are Haad Rin and Baan Tai The north and the northwest are super calm and cool. Haad Yao is great for families with its stunning white bay with shallow waters, resorts and hotels and plenty of palm trees.
Thong Sala is the island’s centre where most of the shopping and restaurants are, you will find many resorts tailored to family holidays and they offer you a good holiday atmosphere yet being walking distance to all the fun such as food markets.

Kids activities Koh Phangan

West Coast

The wellbeing centre of Sri Tranu, along with Hin Kong, Had Yao and Haad Salad is the island's West Side. The saturation of yoga schools and vegan eateries can be found here and these places are perfect for families to stay with a sense of safe security in a calming atmosphere. 
Zen Beach is popular for its regular sunset parties, full of families of newborn infants, toddlers and small children loving the mystical spirit of these gatherings with each other. It's a wonderful place to find other like-minded families with children. Choosing to stay on the West Coast would allow you convenient access, along with a very family-friendly environment, to the most beautiful beaches in Phangan, such as Haad Yao and Haad Salad. The saturation of healthy lifestyle choices in this hub often is nicer than the hustle of the middle of the island.

Zen Beach Koh Phangan

Central Thong Sala and Baan Tai

The middle of the island is good if you have more grown-up children like teenagers. There are numerous athletic events taking place in places such as Baan Tai, such as rugby, tennis and also kite surfing and water sports. This will be able to keep them engaged! 
At Purina Sheep Farm, you can have a family day out to experience the animals and KP Zoo Cafe has a wonderful selection of small creatures for your little ones to watch while enjoying some snacks or refreshments, including deer, tortoises, iguanas and emus. 
It would also be simple for you to find other families in this area if you wish to socialise during your trip.

Kids Activities Koh Phangan

Chaloklum and North

Chaloklum is a marvellous fishing village that has maintained its Thai beauty in the north of the island. In this village, as long as you don't mind being a 15-minute drive from the centre of Thong Sala, you can join several other families. Many families choose to reside in Chaloklum because while loving the charm of the children-friendly village and its laid back beach lifestyle, you can find a family accommodation marginally cheaper than in other places.
This neighbourhood has restaurants with play areas for youngsters, events for other families to enjoy, a number of diving schools and snorkelling places for older children, and two of the most stunning beaches, Malibu and Haad Khom. 
Chaloklum Village
Now for the good stuff, what you can do with your children on Koh Phangan! Read on.

Activities for Kids


Children's Play Area at Big C Supermarket

Located in Big C supermarket is a children's soft playground, perfect for times when you need to do a bit of shopping or the kids need to burn off some energy. With toys, games, a ball pit and slides, it’s a perfectly sweet spot for them to explore.

Area: Baan Tai
Suitable for: Toddlers and young children aged 1 - 7

Play area at Big C

Explore the beaches

Phangan is a beautiful island and what is the island surrounded by? Beaches! Kids love the beach, they can build sandcastles, run around, explore small pools or chill out and play with friends. The best kid-friendly beaches would probably be Thong Nai Pan, Koh Ma, Sri Thanu and Ban Tai but do a bit of research depending on how old your children are and maybe it will be suitable to take them to a more exciting one.

Area: Whole Island
Suitable for: The whole family

Haad Rin Beach

Football and Jorkey Ball

Phangan Arena has a full-size football pitch for people who want to join in with some football on a quality pitch with good lighting and equipment, you can enquire at the office there to see what games are happening. They also have a jorkey ball pitch which is perfect for the little ones as it’s smaller and more contained so you can keep an eye on them! Football lessons for children are widely available here.

Area: Baan Tai
Suitable for: Children and Teenagers, aged 5 - 18

Football Koh Phangan

Boat Trips

There are many companies offering boat trips around the island or you can ask at your resort and they will more than likely be able to arrange this for you and your family. Sail around the island and enjoy its beauty from a different perspective whilst stopping off for some swimming or snorkelling with your family.

Area: The whole island
Suitable for: The whole family

Boat tour Koh Phangan

Sunset Walk

A lovely place with a cafe for drinks and food plus a great little park for children. Situated in the centre of Sunset Walk the park and play area in on sand which makes it ideal. You will find a big wooden castle with climbing areas, swings and slides.

Area: Baan Tai
Suitable for: Toddlers and children, aged 1 - 10

Sunset Walk Koh Phangan

The Challenge

Consisting of the zip line, stepping stones, monkey bars, rolling barrels, indoor play centre, honeycomb maze, balance beams, swinging shapes and the popular big red balls. Beat the clock and win yourself a spot on the Fame Wall of The Challenge Phangan Leader Board! 
The Challenge Phangan is a heart-pumping, limit-testing, epic water obstacle course. Check your ability and see how soon you can finish, or just try for fun, the tricky and exhilarating course!
CHILDREN'S POLICY: Anybody under the age of 12 MUST wear a life-jacket. Any child under the age of 10 MUST be accompanied by an adult in the water at all times.  

Area: Baan Tai
Suitable for: Children and teenagers, aged 7 - 18

The Challenge Phangan

Saturday Walking Street Market

It is an eclectic marketplace where, without any intention, you can find just what you need or go to just walk about and see what your fancy takes while snacking on local delicacies. 
You can also give creepy crawlies a shot if you like! In a bag or on a stick, bugs and beetles are available and many travellers want to at least try them once just for the experience and you might even like the taste! It could be a fun family activity.
While also helping the business economy and local musicians, artisans and craftsmen, the market is a perfect place to get souvenirs for yourself or family and friends back home. The market starts at 4 pm and normally lasts until 10 pm, so it's up to you to experience it in the daytime or dusk!

Area: Thong Sala
Suitable for: The whole family

Walking Street Market

Zoo Cafe

Located near the entrance to Phaeng Waterfall, Zoo Cafe has small animals which you can pet and feed. The cafe serves food and refreshments and if you buy a drink or something from the menu you can enjoy the sweet animals for free. They have quite small species such as tortoise, rabbits, lizards and deer which are perfect for young children.

Area: Madhuwan / Thong Sala
Suitable for: The whole family

KP Zoo Cafe

Dance classes

Koh Phangan has a great choice of dance activities for children, after all, it is a dance island! Everything from ballet to pole dancing can be found.

Area: The whole island
Suitable for: Children and teenagers, aged from 5 - 18

Kids Thai Dance


In Baan Tai, there is a tennis court if you want something active and healthy for your young ones to try. Maybe even a nice family tennis session could be a good fitness activity?

Area: Baan Tai
Suitable for: children and teenagers, aged 10 - 18

Tennis Phangan

Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)

Muay Thai is part of Thailand's old history and plays a major role in the hearts of the people here. For the younger crowd, it can be really good as it is a wonderful discipline. 
Koh Phangan is becoming increasingly popular for Muay Thai, it has airy outdoor gyms and highly trained instructors which are a major draw for many. Children can benefit highly from Muay Thai or even try just the once to experience this Thai tradition.

Area: Baan Tai and Thong Sala
Suitable for: Children and Teenagers, aged 5 - 18

Muay Thai Koh Phangan


The island is famous for yoga so what better place to introduce this to your young ones. Yoga has a way of uniting all facets of our being - spirit, body & soul - and harmonizing them. Yoga has several advantages for children. 
They develop power, trust and versatility by holding the body in a certain place. Through breathing techniques (pranayama), their minds and breathing are freshened and calmed, and they learn to breathe properly overall. They harmonize with the world, calm the mind, and learn how to utilize their energies properly and take care of themselves via the practice of Yoga. Instead of opposition and rivalry, they foster inner unity and constructive mental inclinations, such as teamwork and sympathy. Yoga brings the kids to the current moment. It enhances their well-being, concentration, unity, happiness, serenity, relation, and self-esteem (to others and the Self).

Area: Thong Sala and Sri Thanu
Suitable for: Babies and toddlers, children and teenagers, aged 1 - 18

Yoga for kids

Watersports (Diving, kite surfing, snorkelling)

Phangan is an island surrounded by water so it seems natural that children should take advantage of the stunning coastlines and other water activities. Kite surfing or paddleboard for example can enable young people to engage in a different challenging environment, learning unique skills for sports as well as life skills in a different water sports field. The island is a popular destination for kite surfing as well as diving.

Area: Baan Tai, Thong Sala, Chaloklum, Haad Yao
Suitable For: Older children and teenagers, aged 12 - 18

Kids watersports


Koh Phangan is an ideal location to come and vacation with children of all ages. The island has a selection of healthcare, schools, play areas and the all-important outdoor lifestyle that is suitable for the first years of life or for someone of any generation!



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