A Traditional Local Shopping Experience at Walking Street Market

12 Feb 2021

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If you haven’t been to Thong Sala’s Walking Street Market that happens every Saturday then can we suggest that you do!

This Market (More pictures here!!)  has been happening for around 5 years and shows off a style of Southern Thailand with only Thai traders selling fresh produce and also local crafts, food, snacks, clothes and souvenirs.

Some refer to the street at ‘Walking Street’ all the time and it is also known as ‘Chinese Street’ yet it used to be one of the main roads of Thong Sala and still holds precedence as the Post Office is located here.

You can find the street if you drive towards Thong Sala and instead of turning right after Homemart you continue straight forward, on a Saturday it is easy to spot as the road is sectioned off and many motorbikes are parked around the entrance.

Another way to get to it is from the other side, if you are coming from the Pier then you would take a right and you will see even more bikes parked outside near ‘Hub Bar’.

The Market holds stalls which only belong to Thai traders so this keeps it in culture with the island and supports local business people.

It is an eclectic market place where you can find exactly what you need or go without any intentions to just wander around and see what takes your fancy whilst snacking on local delicacies.

If you want you can even give the creepy crawlies a try! Bugs and beetles are available in a bag or on a stick and a lot of travellers like to at least try them once just for the experience and you may even like the taste!

The market is a great way to get souvenirs for yourself or family and friends back home whilst still supporting the local community and local artists, artisans and craftsmen.

The market begins at 4pm and usually runs until 10pm so you can enjoy it in daylight or twilight, it’s up to you!

More pictures and more shops from the Walking street RIGHT HERE ! ))