The Serenity of Chaloklum Pier up north

12 Feb 2021

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The area of Chaloklum on Koh Phangan is well known for maintaining its fishing village vibe. With many long term expats choosing this area to live rather than other busy areas of the island.

On lucky days you may even still see fresh squids being dried on racks in the sun, only caught earlier that day.

Chaloklum still has a lot of fishing boats and is a great area for buying fresh fish off the boat, it is also a great place to see other areas of Koh Phangan would of been like many years ago before they were more developed.

If you visit Chaloklum and the beach in this area you will more than likely find yourself very relaxed, the beach has a pristine feel and is very peaceful.

You can spend time watching the fishing boats and the dedicated men that operate them, normal Koh Phangan life, the thing that has been going on for many years in this little fishing area.

There is a small area for the older fishing boats and longtail boats which can take you on a tour around the island, sometimes these boats can be more beneficial than a larger company, you can tailor the tour to your own needs and learn some interesting things from the local community.

Chaloklum has a lot of charm and feels more secluded than other areas of the island yet you can still find amazing restaurants, art, bars, yoga and accommodation here tucked away in this lovely part of magical island.