Life-Changing Online Ayurveda Consultations

22 May 2023

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Many consider Ayurveda the oldest healing science. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word. Translated, it means "The Science of Life" and is often dubbed the "Mother of All Healing" since it originated thousands of years ago.

Ayurveda promotes wellness through balance, healthy thinking, nutrition, lifestyle, and herbs. Ayurveda teaches how to balance body, mind, and awareness according to one's constitution and shows you how to make lifestyle modifications to achieve and maintain this harmony. 


Each person has a unique pattern of energy—a combination of physical, mental, and emotional traits—that makes up their constitution. Many internal and environmental factors disturb this balance, resulting in a change in a person's constitution. 

These mental and physical pressures can include one's emotional condition, diet and food choices, seasons and weather, physical trauma, work and family relationships, etc. Once these elements are recognised, one can take steps to counteract or lessen their influence, eliminate sources of imbalance and restore one's original constitution. 

The natural order is balance; imbalance is disorder; disorder is sickness. Order and disorder coexist in the body. Understanding a disorder's nature and the structure helps restore order.


Ancient History of Ayurveda


Ayurveda is an Indian alternative medicine system, a  pseudoscience that has evolved over thousands of years. Around 80% of India and Nepal's population uses it.  

Therapies include special diets, herbal remedies, medical oils, massage, meditation, yoga, laxatives, and enemas. Ayurvedic treatments contain plant components, minerals, and metals. In addition, ancient Ayurveda literature teaches kidney stone extractions, rhinoplasty, foreign object removal, and sutures. 

Ayurvedic writings, vocabulary, and concepts appear around 1200 BCE. The traditional Ayurveda scriptures describe how medicinal knowledge was passed from gods to sages to human doctors.  

Printed editions of the Sushruta Samhita portray the work as the teachings of Dhanvantari, the Hindu god of Ayurveda, incarnated as King Divodsa of Varanasi to instruct a group of physicians, including Sushruta. Older texts omit this frame and credit King Divodsa directly.  

Baba Hari Dass in the 1970s and Maharishi Ayurveda in the 1980s adapted Ayurveda for Western society through modernization and globalisation. These and previous Ayurveda teachings emphasise Dosha equilibrium and argue that suppressing natural desires causes sickness.


Ayurveda as Complementary Healing

Ayurveda and allopathic medicine have fundamental differences. Western allopathic medicine emphasises symptoms and disease and employs medications and surgery to remove infections and unhealthy tissue. This method saves lives. Ayurveda covers surgery but not drugs because they weaken the body via toxicity. 


In addition, Ayurveda is not a disease-focused system. Instead, Ayurveda says that life needs balanced energy. When stress is reduced, and energy flows smoothly, the body's natural defences are strong and can fight off sickness. 

Ayurveda isn't a replacement for Western medicine. Medications or surgery are often best for treating disease and acute disorders. However, Ayurveda can be used with Western medicine to make a person more robust and less disease-prone or to restore the body after medications or surgery. 

Or, sometimes, the doctor says nothing's wrong. This imbalance isn't yet a sickness. But, it's severe enough to cause discomfort. We may wonder if we imagine things. We may investigate different measures and seek a balance between physical, mental, and consciousness. This is when Ayurveda is most effective: to prevent diseases from taking root. 


Treatment of Imbalances

Ayurveda includes health-assessment procedures. The practitioner assesses significant sickness signs and symptoms, including the reason for an imbalance, and then sets the patient's therapy options. 

Practitioners diagnose by direct questions, observation, physical exam, and inference. An assessment involves taking the pulse, observing the tongue, eyes, and body, and listening to the voice. 

When appropriate, palliative and cleansing methods can help alleviate an imbalance, together with suggestions for eliminating or controlling the causes. For example, the practitioner may recommend lifestyle adjustments, a diet, and herbs. In some circumstances, panchakarma is prescribed to help the body cleanse itself of toxins to receive more benefit from treatment. 


Ayurveda treats the body, mind, and spirit. It understands that we are all unique, with distinct strengths and shortcomings. As a result, Ayurveda offers tremendous knowledge on the connections between causes and their effects—overt and covert—for each particular individual. This knowledge is gained by insight, understanding, and experience. 

Are you ready to cleanse and heal your body? Do you want to restore balance and feel your best at all times? Do you want to live in a way that doesn't cause disease but fends it off naturally? Then it would be wise you consider trying one of the below online consultations with an Ayurveda doctor. It just might be exactly what you need! 


Life-Changing Online Ayurveda Practitioners


Online One-on-One Personalized Ayurveda Doctor Consultation

Health is the most valuable aspect of our life. Thus, it's critical that we properly grasp our bodily constitution, mental and physical characteristics, and how to heal from any health disorders and prevent aspects to which we may be predisposed by birth.

Ayurveda is holistic. It emphasises prevention and fosters health maintenance by paying particular attention to life balance, healthy thinking, nutrition, and lifestyle. This equilibrium promotes happiness, health, and illness prevention.

The Ayurvedic doctors at Plantation Villa are some of the best in the country, and their expertise is unparalleled. They believe in Ayurveda's comprehensive approach and the deep connection between the body and mind. They love what they do and follow the original principles. It's their passion to help you through their extensive understanding of this ancient healing system. 



Online Ayurvedic Consultation with Dr Avanita Bhavsar

Dr Avanita will analyse your health and offer advice during this Ayurvedic consultation. Topics will include determining your mental and physical type, determining system imbalances via evaluating lifestyle and diet choices, advice on diet and routine modifications and herbal supplements, etc. She will develop a treatment plan for you and offer follow-up support via email or phone. 



Private One-On-One Online Consultation With Ayurvedic Specialist

Dr Janaka Samaraweera of Villa Velmarie invites you to a one-on-one consultation to learn more about this ancient science. He is highly experienced by a family of ayurvedic practitioners. He runs an Ayurvedic clinic in Kalutara, treating hundreds of patients and producing his ayurvedic oils and medicines.



1-Hour Online Private Ayurvedic Health Consultation

Ayurveda is one of the most enduring and effective healing systems available to everyone. During your first consultation with Sarah, you can share symptoms and concerns. Ayurveda emphasises balance in many aspects of life, so be ready to discuss your nutrition, career, relationships, mental health, hobbies, and exercise routines.

Sarah will uncover imbalances and disorder causes and then make a tailored Health Plan, including diet and lifestyle recommendations, recipe suggestions or easy home remedies to restore balance, and a meditation CD for healing or relaxation.

During the consultation, Sarah will go over your recommendations. Then, she will email you a custom 3-week Ayurveda Health Plan with detailed preparation instructions within 24 hours of your session. 

Sarah can prescribe natural Ayurvedic herbal supplements and medicines that further promote your healing process. These may include herbal tablets, powders, tonics, jams, teas, therapeutic oils, and creams. In addition, Ayurvedic massage may be advised.


All Ayurvedic medications and oils are ethically sourced in Sri Lanka and of the highest quality (beware of cheap items sold online without a qualified Ayurvedic Doctor/Practitioner). Supplements are mailed out within 24 hours of your appointment and last 3-4 weeks, depending on dosage and items advised.

After 3-4 weeks, a follow-up session is recommended to monitor progress, make treatment plan adjustments, and offer new prescriptions (optional). Some problems may take longer to treat, and your Ayurveda Health Plan may have multiple twists and turns. Sometimes, treatments don't work, and you may need to test a few before finding the right one.

Your Treatment Plan may start with easy modifications and moderate cures, then advance to more potent herbs that complete the healing process. Progress, symptoms, and strength will affect your suggestions.

Once a healthy balance is reached, and the body is in optimal condition, deleted foods may be progressively reintroduced, but you have learned to spot early "warning signs." If the body-mind swings out of balance again, you know powerful healing cures and small changes that can help.



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