The Best Seafood Restaurants on Koh Samui

7 Jul 2022

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If you are on Koh Samui, finding great seafood is simple. It's no wonder that Koh Samui hosts a plethora of seafood restaurants, with several locations specializing in their own unique variants. The variety of dishes you can find in the category of seafood is staggering, from hot to bland, flavorful to gentle. In the Gulf, you can find mackerel, barracuda, trevally, pomfret, shark, long-tail tuna, Black marlin, sailfish, rainbow runner, cobia, rays, various snappers and many different groupers. King mackerel and squid are the most important commercial fish in this area.



You are likely to spot the far off green lights littering the ocean line out at sea at night. These are squid vessels. Jigging is the way to capture the squid, which operates by throwing unbaited metal jig lures into the water. These lures are targeted by the squid and become entangled in the spikes that cause the squid to be pulled on board. 
This method of fishing may be carried out by inshore fishermen operating on small boats on a small-scale basis. They hunt at night and on their ships, they have a series of lights that draws the night squid to the jigs they have in the sea. It is rumoured that there are so many squid fishing boats here in the Gulf of Thailand that these alien lights are apparent from space! 
On the island, you'll find a wonderful variety of dishes with squid, from dried at the pier to snack at a small restaurant to chilli fried and more exotic at fine dining establishments.



Going fishing on Koh Samui is a favourite game for many on holiday. Both adults and young people love fishing, and capturing a big fish brings a special pleasure. During the high tides on the rocky shores, you can see sea fishing enthusiasts throughout the day. Fishing vessels for fishermen of all skills are offered on the island in addition to coastal fishing. The styles of fishing used vary: tossing, jigging, trolling, floor, underwater, etc. On a fishing trip, you can absolutely relax and dive into a lovely peaceful setting. When fishing, a sense in peace with nature does not go anywhere for a minute. In Koh Samui, both residents and tourists are addicted to fishing. At fishing tackle stores on the island, it is possible to purchase fishing tackle from the cheapest to the most costly. The main highlight of Samui's fishing is the unpredictability of the results: the catch is always a mystery because what kinds of fish are caught. For bait, for larger animals, small parts of shrimp (fresh or frozen) are usually acquired.

Koh Samui Island

Every dish can become a seafood dish is one of the best things about Koh Samui and most of Thailand. An element from the sea can be derived from simple fried rice with prawns and some curry.  From cheap family-run local spots to high-end restaurants, and in any region of Koh Samui, you can find seafood anywhere.

Samui Seafood Grill and Restaurant

For a taste of local cuisine and freshly caught fish and shrimp, your list of restaurants to enjoy on your holiday could also include the Samui Seafood Grill and Restaurant. This can be located on the Chaweng Beach Lane, and due to its friendly environment and lovely live music that adds to the whole dining experience, it is well-liked. The stars here are the lobsters and the prawns of the King. Both are delicately seasoned and grilled just right, such that the meat is always juicy and with each taste the flavours just pop. The prawns fried in red curry are fantastic and will certainly have you hooked. Yummy, too, are their oysters and mussels.


Sala Thai Restaurant 

For those in Lamai, this place is a seafood jewel. For the most enjoyable dining experience, this Samui restaurant mixes succulent seafood dishes with a lovely, relaxing environment. Most restaurants serving fish and crabs in Samui are not especially renowned for their spectacular interiors and décor. The island, however, still has very fine scenic dining spots and one of them is Sala Thai. Not only seafood, but also common Thai dishes such as seafood curry, spring rolls, and tong yam are suggested to try in this location. Dishes that are delicious would be their red snapper, lobster and roasted duck. 

Dara Serene 

Often you would like to dine at a seafood restaurant by chance while you visit an island destination, only to take advantage of the regular fresh catches. But what if a vegetarian happens to be a family member or a friend? In this scenario, a successful choice is the Dara Serene Restaurant. Not all mouthwatering seafood dishes are served at this place. It also serves friendly vegetarian meals as well. This location, located in Chaweng, lives up to its reputation as it is indeed serene and is one of Koh Samui's romantic restaurants. 
For couples or anyone who are dining with a mate, the seafood package is an outstanding offer you should pursue. This is the perfect place to taste to get the greatest value for money from different forms of seafood. The collection contains cod, shells, crab and some very delicious lobster, of course. It costs roughly 2800 baht. For two individuals, not poor. The serving size is very decent for their meals and will leave you feeling happy. 

Dara Serene

Mit Samui 

A Koh Samui restaurant worth dropping by is Mit Samui if you are searching for seriously yummy steamed crabs, shrimp tempura, and perfectly fried seafood. At fair costs, this modest spot offers quality seafood dishes. The environment is not too fancy, but it won't fail if what you've come for is delicious food. This is always crowded on Tuesdays, based at the Chaweng Seafood Center, so we suggest avoiding that and just dining there on other days. 
Since it is not a fancy food joint, it is possible to anticipate the service to be fast. The food is well prepared, while clearly not a fine dining type. Plus, new fish is promised. Their crab is baked just right and tastes great. It is therefore difficult for visitors to get plenty of their curry dishes. Also, the prawns fried in the ginger sauce are incredible. 

Lanna Restaurant 

Lanna is another Koh Samui restaurant which has vegetarian choices. For people who want to eat seafood and also have a taste of premium beef, this is a good venue. This is situated at the Dara Samui Beach Resort and Spa and is renowned for its cosy environment and excellent choice of food. This is suggested also for first-timers because of its accessible venue, as it is simple to find and here you can have decent food and dine in comfort. This is a must-stop for you if you are a lover of grilled seafood. Their grilled squid, like their lobster, is amazing. The waiter should advise anyone who is not into really spicy food to go easy on the chillies and they will gladly oblige.


Som Restaurant

Som Restaurant is a low-key Koh Samui seafood spot that is set away from the busy portion of the island. This is a peaceful spot that is perfect for those who only want to appreciate a fair price with the tropical landscape and decent food. Anything is impressive on the menu and won't rip up the budget. Set right on the beachfront, it's easy to chill, eat and be with family and friends. Compared to other restaurants, Som Restaurant is a little hush-hush, but it has a loyal market. People who enjoy their food and keep going back. The garlic prawns, fried snapper, and shrimp fried rice are among the guests' favourites. This dining place's overall environment is fantastic and the workers are all really welcoming. Som's surely enjoys its quiet reputation among visitors and locals alike, with its unassuming elegance, outstanding service, fair price, and extensive food variety. 


Supattra Thai Dining

Identified on TripAdvisor as the number one seafood restaurant in Koh Samui, this one must be fine, and it is! It's not the cheapest restaurant on Samui for fish, but the service is totally superior. They still have daily Thai fare, but no worries for those who don't enjoy seafood that much. The wine bar they have is something which is extremely enjoyable over the weekend. You will find any of your favourite wines here! This involves wines that match well with the numerous varieties of seafood they offer. It is the best spot for a night out with friends and loved ones on Koh Samui.

Supattra Thai Dining

Haad Bang Po Restaurant

A variety of Samui locals keep this little restaurant a little hidden. The food is new, and the rates are quite good as well. It is situated on the beautiful beach of Bang Po, as the name implies. This makes the restaurant a great location before or when making your dinner to see the sunset. If locals eat here, then you can guarantee the food is wonderful. Nowadays, even with visitors, the restaurant has become really popular, so it is probably better to call in advanced, just in case you drop by at a busy time.


Jahn at Conrad Koh Samui

If you are searching for a fine-dining night with the perfect view, and money is not an object, then this place should be on your list of places to explore. This restaurant provides the biggest panoramic view of the ocean that you'll find. It's part of a luxurious hotel, but it still accepts visitors that are not guests. Five-star Thai fusion is the food served, which renders it somewhat distinct from the conventional Thai cuisine seen in most locations. It is an ultra-exclusive restaurant that can only handle 28 guests. So, be sure to book an advanced table and look your best before going out to this restaurant, as it's a luxury location.

Jahn at Conrad Koh Samui


What better way to eat new seafood than on this gorgeous ocean-lined island? A spot where fish of all sorts, all kinds of dishes and for every budget can be found. Fish is a primary component of the diet here, so it's a no brainer to consume seafood or immerse yourself in fishing.