Italian Vibes at V.Nizza Restaurant Koh Tao

26 Jul 2016

V.Nizza Restaurant in Koh Tao is situated near the bustling original walking street, with it’s green lighting and warm atmosphere, you will feel drawn in to eat.

V.Nizza is already established on Koh Samui and has two restaurants there already, this establishment on Koh Tao has been open for six months.

Phanganist stopped by to speak with manager Sayan…

Sayan, tell us about the concept of V.Nizza…
It’s a family owned Italian restaurant, we play nice music also, as you can hear we like Hip Hop and Jazz music in the background.

Everything at V.Nizza is homemade and the pizza and pasta is of course very popular,

‘Our chef is very well known in Koh Tao’.

And why do you love Koh Tao?
It’s a small beautiful island, a small paradise.

How is the restaurant doing after its first six months?
It is going good, it’s nice for business with the music and atmosphere and we are the number one restaurant in Koh Tao!

Leave us with your life philosophy…
Sun and beach is enough to make me happy.

V.Nizza is a wonderful mature restaurant, suitable for meals with friends, family or even romance which Italians are famous for.

It has an intimate atmosphere yet is close by to the buzzing streets nearby where you can go and enjoy a few drinks afterwards.