Advantages of Online Private Yoga Classes for Beginners

22 May 2023

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The internet is a blessing because it has made online yoga possible. More access to yoga means more global transformation to radical wellness! You can rejuvenate and calm your mind, body, and spirit with an online yoga experience from anywhere.


Reasons to Try Online Yoga

Even if you're convinced that yoga is good for you, finding time to practice might be challenging; you have work, household chores, social life, etc. But if you could skip the transportation part and eliminate time constraints, there's a much greater chance you can find a suitable time to do yoga. 

Or maybe your schedule is a little flexible, but you feel more energized in the morning or at night; you can choose with the system of online yoga. This ability to roll out your mat whenever you feel like it gives you a sense of control, making the commitment to your practice more accessible.

Or you may have just put your child to sleep and now have some free time to practice yoga or meditation. Another mommy scenario: Online lessons are a tremendous benefit if you have children but can't get a babysitter.

Perhaps you are a digital nomad, someone on a workation, like to travel a lot, or are on vacation. Travelling with your laptop may allow you to practice in your hotel room (or elsewhere, like the beach or a park) while away from home. 

Perhaps you've created a sacred spot in your home where you like to flow. With online lessons, you may work on your practice in the comfort of your own home while still benefiting from the guidance of an instructor. Having a place to create a personal relationship with yoga is essential.

When it comes to practising yoga in the modern world, there are many options and solutions available - and one of those is classes via the internet. Just discuss your schedule, goals and objectives with your online instructor beforehand. Together, you can find a slot in the daily-life timetable that works for both of you and get lessons explicitly tailored to your needs.

You'll Always Get a Yoga Class That You're in the Mood For

You may not always get what you're in the mood for in a studio yoga class. Even though most classes cover a wide range of topics, our bodies occasionally require something specific, a specialized approach.

For example, maybe you prefer a session with longer holds on poses because you've had a long hard day, or you're full of energy and want a  fast-paced class with a lot of movement and short holds. Online yoga lets you choose the class style you want each time. Thanks to this, you can maximize the benefits and rewards you gain from your practice because you'll be all-in.

You Can Focus on Your Personal Practice 

If you're new to the practice, there's nothing wrong with feeling awkward at a yoga studio. Furthermore, it's easy to become overwhelmed or lose concentration when you're in a large group of people. Regardless, even if you've been practising yoga for a long time, or if this is your first time trying it out, being alone can make you feel calmer and more confident. 

Also, online yoga allows you to focus solely on your practice, with no chance to compare or compete with anybody else. You may not realize it, but your yoga community's vibe and the studio's surroundings may be a significant impediment to furthering your 'personal' practice.

When you do your yoga at home, it's just you and your mat, no one else (well, except for the instructor if it's a live session), which can lead to a more personal, profound, and life-changing experience. 

Another aspect of that advantage: when you practice yoga online, the teacher gives you their undivided attention. You and the teacher are the only people in the room. This is particularly beneficial because many of the teachers you can learn from in the online yoga community are world-renowned leaders in the modern yoga scene.

Since the course is online, you don't have to fly, schedule a retreat, or pay for pricey classes to study from these experts. You may access their wisdom at any time, from any location worldwide. In addition, finding the right teacher is easier than ever before. There are so many of them accessible! No doubt, you can find someone you connect with deeply.

Mother Earth Will Thank You!

Here's a bonus benefit: if you practice yoga five days a week and drive 10 miles each way, you're going 100 miles each week just to get to and from the studio. So, you save 2,080 miles annually on carbon emissions with just two weekly virtual yoga sessions.

Recommended Online Yoga Retreats

If all these fantastic advantages don't have you convinced, try an online yoga class to experience its greatness. What do you have to lose? Lessons are not very expensive and will only take a crumb of your time. Below are a few excellent instructors and online yoga classes or retreats for you to give the idea a go. We're confident you'll love any one of them that you pick! And it feels good to put money into your well-being by practising yoga online.

7-Day Online Pratyahara and Dharana Yoga and Meditation Retreat

This retreat is geared at mind training and covers a variety of practices that may assist you in experiencing meditation. SANATANA YOG SANDESH is aware of the mind's capacity to witness and identify with external and interior objects, perceive and fantasize, and hang on to these internal or external objects based on previous experiences. You can employ these tools to understand the mind and explore its depths. You'll learn how during this retreat. 

In addition to developing your meditation skills, you'll gain a better understanding of yoga's various practices through practice, learn how to create a program and learn about ethical rules, a yogic lifestyle, a holistic approach to yoga, and more. For example, the 'Pratyahara and Dharana retreat' covers Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Shat-karma, meditation, chakra awareness, body awareness, Antar Mouna, Chidakasha Dharana, symbols (such as Shivalinga), and Karma Yoga.

This online retreat consists of two 1.5-hour live sessions (held over Skype, Zoom, or other social media/online platforms) for six consecutive days. 



15-Day Online One-to-One Yoga and Meditation Retreat for Positive Health and Happiness

This online yoga and meditation retreat helps minimize stress and build your immune system, preventing and curing disease. Yoga is way more than a workout; it's a life-altering journey toward a more profound sense of well-being and happiness. This retreat will address all five facets of the human system (physical body, mind, energy body, wisdom, and bliss). You will also learn about ancient scriptures through scientific explanations. 

This online retreat consists of 15 hours of live sessions over Google Meet. The course will be tailored to your particular problems and requirements. 

A combination of old scriptures and current medical and scientific information will guide the retreat sessions. You will practice Holistic Yoga, Therapy Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation with this online retreat. You will also study Breathing/Pranayama, simple yogic exercises, easy Postures, and other yogi techniques. For example, you'll learn how to use the necessary equipment to get the most out of your experience. As a result, you'll be able to protect yourself from all kinds of illnesses, both mental and physical. 




2-Day Online Yoga Philosophy, Buddhist Meditation, and Ashtanga Yoga Retreat

Yoga philosophy is covered in depth during this retreat, including the history of yoga, ashtanga's eight-limbed practice, doshas (or energies) in the body, enlightenment, and Buddhist meditation. This retreat will cover these and other lessons during two 4-hour online Skype sessions.



3-Day Hit RESET and Self-Love Online Yoga and Meditation for Body, Mind, and Soul

Yoga, meditation, education, transformation, and community from the convenience of your home: that's what you get with this shot of self-love and practice. It's okay if you're a beginner or a seasoned. Reset, regenerate and take a purposeful break with this unique and holistic virtual retreat built with love to help you unwind, feel revitalized, rejuvenated and fed as you stretch your body, awaken your mind and open your heart.

You get daily (for three days) meditation, pranayama, and yoga lessons. All live sessions are recorded to provide you lifetime access. You'll be encouraged to ask questions in the FB group and emails to make these sessions as informative as possible.

After the retreat, you'll get 30 days of unrestricted course access on all platforms. In addition, you can save all pdf downloads, community contributions, and live broadcasts forever.



5-Day Online Personalized Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Ayurvedic Guidance

It's easier than ever before to benefit from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga at Plantation Villa, a Sri Lankan Ayurveda and yoga retreat centre, because they've brought their retreats online. They want to show you how to live a life full of joy, harmony, and health!

With this retreat, you receive:

  • one comprehensive live private consultation, 
  • ten 1-hour long guided yoga classes with meditations, 
  • two bonus 30-minute long guided meditations videos, 
  • meal guidance consisting of well-balanced Ayurvedic vegan meals, 
  • three cooking classes that teach you how to make Ayurvedic meals, 
  • two 40-60-minute long wisdom talks about the principles of Buddhism, 
  • and one 1-hour Ayurveda lecture. 





4-Day Online D'vine Kriya Yoga Workshop Straight from the Global Yoga Capital, Rishikesh

This retreat serves walks of life: if you are a traveller looking to unwind with Yoga Nidra before bed or a busy mom needing a quick energy boost, this online yoga workshop is for you. D'vine Yoga will help you construct an online yoga practice unique to you - a workshop for every level, with enough diversity to keep you motivated.

You get two 90-minute live online sessions daily for four days. Swami Ji, a yoga and meditation instructor with over 15 years of experience, will conduct each one-on-one instruction. 




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