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Koh Phangan beaches


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This beach is home to the islands main town Thong Sala.  Mostly anyone who has stepped foot on Koh Phangan came by the main ferry pier located here.

 They probably saw the islands large old war ship (out of service), marooned and out on display, as if it had been neatly cast ashore in proximity to the pier and left abandoned. 

Every day the pier greets new fresh to the scene tourists with their...
Haad Rin Beach.
A Paradise Holiday spot where you can find everything you need.
Haad Rin is the perfect 3 weeks vacation place for anyone looking for a good time.Full of young people between the ages 20 to 30 years - and ;Beach bungalows, dormitories, hotels, hostels, restaurants, burger shops, coffee shops, cafes, tattoo shops, nail saloons, hair saloons, shoe shops, art galleries, handicraft...
Between the island's main city Thong Sala and its primary party beach Haad Rin is Baan Tai Beach. Unlike Haad Rin (where everything is in walking distance interconnected by means of narrow one way roads lined with shops, hostels, restaurants, and bars) here you will find yourself to be more comfortable with a vehicle for transportation. 

For those that have time at their leisure, and that enjoy...
this is the place you want to be with your lover or for the chilled out alone travelers.

No one annoys you up here. Not too many stupid tourist and the locals not too tired of stupid tourists yet. Used to be small little village with sweet little bungalows on bounty beaches with breathtaking views.

It still is, except they now chose to build big mansions on many places on the beaches so the...
Haad yao and Haad Salad are the places for the holiday relaxer’s. Here you will find peace and quiet and all the beauty in the world.
Haad Yao (Means in Thai "long beach") is one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Phangan, spectacular sunsets and developing center with bars, delis and local restaurants and refinement.
Haad Yao has developed over the years maintaining sense of closeness and...
Sri Thanu, the beautiful west side of the Island where the Yogi's take refugee and the families play while the couples in love rest on romantic beaches and the honey mooners cuddle the night away under the stars in beautiful resort gardens..

Sri Thanu is like the suburbs, not the ones that are far away, the ones that are near the city center, but seems like they are far away.
It is good place...
Haad Yuan beach is located north of Haad Rin where the full moon party takes place famous. The beach is about three miles north to Haad rin - the southeastern side of Koh Phangan. 
Access to the beach is very difficult with a car, and if you choose to get there this way, it is better to hire a taxi and driver with four-wheel vehicle and dont try to reach there by yourself. The most popular way to...
Phanganist Photographer Rasmus took a trip to one of the islands lesser known beaches to give us an insight on this rocky little gem of paradise.If you go from Thong Sala you take the road to Chaloklum.Once in Chaloklum you follow the road through. Then you go over the mountain, and it is the second road on the left, go to the bottom of that road and you are there.You have to climb a lot of steep...
Koh Phangan is split into five zones which is very impressive for such a small island. We suggest you visit all of them as they are all absolutely beautiful with something to offer for everyone. As we have reported previously this island is not just a party island any more…..
Zone 4 (North and North West)
This part of the island is famous for being the dive centre of the island.
Chaloklum is...