Haad Yao / Haad Salad

12 Feb 2021

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Haad yao and Haad Salad are the places for the holiday relaxers. Here you will find peace and quiet and all the beauty in the world.

Haad Yao (Means in Thai 'long beach') is one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Phangan, spectacular sunsets and developing center with bars, delis and local restaurants and refinement.

Haad Yao has developed over the years maintaining sense of closeness and connection to the environment which attracted a lot of travelers over the years.

Today is a mix of young backpackers looking  for a quiet and cheap place near the beach and a population more established of couples and families that prefer quality housing opposite the beach Haad Yao.

The restaurants usually places near the coast and offers different kinds of western and Thai food.

Spend the nights in snooker clubs or one of the bars on the beach.  You have Pirate Bar around the corner for a monthly Moon Set Party.

Near Haad Yao, Koh Phangan's west coast has coral reef surrounding the island to the west and south, the reef area is considered beautiful Haad Yao Koh Phangan and can be reached in the diving with a mask alone.

A nice fairytale atmosphere where everything is sweet and peaceful.