Thailand Cannabis Guide

29 Aug 2022

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This Thailand cannabis guide is a practical aid for anyone interested in learning more about Thailand's cannabis culture and legal issues.

You are probably wondering if you can buy marijuana legally in Thailand and the regulations for its purchase. In addition, several other questions arise. For example, what cannabis-related privileges do you have under Thai law? How much of it can you carry on your person? Is cannabis safe? What is it suitable for, aside from the obvious (getting high)? Read on for the answers to these concerns and learn about Thailand's cannabis policies. 

Medical marijuana's increasing acceptance around the world has made cannabis a hot topic. As a result, more places worldwide are making it completely legal yearly; this growing list of locations now includes Thailand. Moreover, the government supports the cannabis industry. So much so that it even distributed marijuana and hemp seeds for free shortly after legalization.

Cannabis cafés have emerged across Thailand selling cannabis products after the country decriminalized weed in June, becoming the first nation in Asia to do so. The number of cafes increases by the day. The cannabis market is expected to be a massive boost for the tourism industry, which took a hard hit after the coronavirus pandemic. 


What is the Thai Law Regarding Cannabis?

As of 2018, Thailand legalized medical cannabis and hemp plants, but only some cannabis and hemp plant parts were permitted for use.

Thailand then decriminalized the whole cannabis plant in June 2022, when it was taken off the schedule of illegal drugs and made available to the public without a medical marijuana card (prescription).

The cultivation, distribution, and possession of cannabis and cannabis-based goods are now legal under Thai law. However, companies selling it must get licenses, and consumers can only use it privately or in places that allow smoking. Smoking in public is considered a smell nuisance and prohibited.


Thailand has taken the lead among ASEAN countries in implementing 'Western' legal norms (Thailand also recently legalized kratom, opium poppies and psilocybin and is poised to legalize same-sex unions soon and perhaps even casinos).

Since the Thais had traditionally used marijuana in Thai culture to alleviate weariness and childbirth pains before its prohibition in 1935, the country's current stance on the drug is not entirely shocking.


Can I Buy Marijuana Legally in Thailand?

Yes, Thai citizens and foreigners can buy cannabis in Thailand if they are over the age of 18.


Can I Grow Marijuana Legally in Thailand?

Thailand showcased its first legal cannabis greenhouse on February 27, 2019, nine days after medical usage was legalized. According to Reuters, the country's Government Pharmaceutical Organization invested $100 million ($3.27 million) in the closed-system agricultural facility, which included the installation of a supporting infrastructure for a 100 square meter indoor plantation.

Now, anyone can now cultivate it for personal use without seeking permission, simply by registering it.


Use an App to Register Cultivation

According to the Bangkok Post, Thailand's Food and Drug Administration introduced PlookGanja, a phone app and website that assists people in registering their cannabis and hemp plant growing. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The registration of cannabis and hemp growing lets authorities to know how much and where it is grown. The websites can also be utilized as a resource for businesses seeking raw materials to make cannabis and hemp-based products.

In June, the Food and Drug Administration said that more than 670,000 individuals registered using the app: around 649,000 for cannabis cultivation and more than 20,000 for hemp cultivation.


What Are My Rights Under Thai Cannabis Law?

This matter of rights is tricky because the bill passed taking marihuana off the narcotics list is rather vague. However, CNN reported that the new law meant cannabis:

" no longer a crime to grow and trade marijuana and hemp products, or use parts of the plant to treat illnesses, [and] cafes and restaurants can also serve cannabis-infused food and drinks but only if the products contain less than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the plant's main psychoactive compound."

Col. Duangchote Suwanjaras, chief of Thonglor Police, said that he instructed his officers to "accommodate" marijuana users during this "vacuum period" when no rules are officially outlined because parliament has yet to pass set regulations under the proposed Cannabis Act.

Col. Suwanjaras said:

"But please do not smoke in public or exhale smoke into other people's faces. For now, we will accommodate people who possess, buy, and sell buds. Just do not smoke in public. We're waiting for the [Cannabis Act] to be effective, and from then, we'll know clearer guidelines of what you can or cannot do."

Although the government highlights that it should be for medical use only, nobody stops anyone from buying and using it. Furthermore, most cannabis dispensaries have a wide variety of buds, some very potent, edibles (also very strong) and other products.


How Much Weed Can I Carry Around?

This is also complicated as different sources give different information. Nevertheless, it's one of the matters linked to this "vacuum period" Col. Suwanjaras was talking about.

Surprisingly, Thailand's Airports Security Department declared that there was no rule prohibiting people of legal age from travelling domestically with cannabis. However, it's probably best not to try it just in case.


Is Thai Cannabis Safe?

Yes! It is safe when used responsibly, the same as cannabis found anywhere else in the world. In addition, it may provide several health benefits for some people when used in moderation. However, it can be addictive if you take it too often and should not be used during pregnancy.


Marijuana on Koh Phangan

Jamaica Jello Bar

This cannabis bar is the go-to place when attending the Fullmoon Party and any other day of the month (it's open every day). It has all kinds of cannabis treats!! You can't miss it on Haadrin beach, where the Fullmoon Party is, thanks to Queen Luana's bright artwork decorating every wall. You must visit this location while on Koh Phangan - you will love it!


Mama Mia

All cannabis used comes from a government-run facility. It is 100% organic. The FDA must approve the soil and all other components involved in growing the plant, so quality is guaranteed. Mamma Mia assures all health benefits, such as anxiety alleviation, rheumatoid arthritis pain reduction, depression treatment, and so on. It serves it on pizza, as appetizers, desserts, infused drinks, and more. It also has buds, joints and oils. 



Channabis sells its cannabis goods exclusively from Kali. This premium hemp tea is locally grown, sustainable, organic, and inspired by Thai botanicals. The teas are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, delicate flavours, delectable scents, and the cannabis plant's non-psychoactive solid properties. The THC content of the hemp leaves and flowers is less than 0.2%, and the company uses a unique blend of therapeutic terpenes.


For more locations read the Koh Phangan Cannabis Guide

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