Tantra Retreats in Thailand Guide

5 Dec 2022

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Tantric Yoga, or Tantra: Heard of it? It is a powerful method for mending sexual wounds and gaining insight into the allure of romantic love. Figure out how to be more genuine in your interactions with others so that you can give and receive the kind of unconditional love that everyone craves and appreciates.


What is Tantra (Tantra Yoga)?

Tantra yoga combines mantra meditation, visualization, mudras, pranayama, and initiation to study the inner universe through our bodies. In addition, tantric practices focus on kundalini energy cultivation. 

Kundalini energy is encouraged to flow up the nadis and chakras to the crown chakra to "spill out the top" and create samadhi or enlightenment. Life-force energy can loosen lifelong physical restrictions to help you heal. In addition, the energy body expands feeling, clairvoyance, and connection.

Tantra attracts many because it enhances mate connection. Tantra techniques can help enlarge the energy body toward its actual purpose—your true purpose—besides boosting your sex life.  

Tantric rituals, a stunning Indian discipline, can cause supernatural phenomena and connect participants to universal forces. Tantra feels fantastic, and spectacular orgasms (alone or with a partner) keep people hooked on the practice.

Your tantra retreat will help you explore your sexuality confidently, open your heart, find strength in vulnerability, ask for what you want, have a more pleasurable sex life, and deepen your relationship with your partner. 

These retreats can help you heal past traumas, release energy blocks, and find genuine love. Your first tantra retreat may also transform you. You suddenly view the world differently, connect with others differently, and learn how to align with your fundamental values and beliefs.

It's enjoyable, eye-opening, and about spiritual growth and pleasure. Each retreat combines different yoga practices, tantric philosophy, meditation, and therapy with the teacher or school's Tantra approach. Excitingly, this means you'll almost certainly discover a tantra retreat that matches your needs and lets you explore your sexual energy comfortably. 


What do Tantrikas Believe?

Tantrikas believe that male and feminine forces balance the universe. Shiva is masculine, and Shakti feminine. Shiva and Shakti must unite in sacred sexuality for ultimate happiness, creativity, and awakening.  

Dual energies are standard. It permeates Eastern and Western philosophical and religious traditions. By focusing on sexual connection's energy-awakening activities, we can let go of the illusion that sex is a sin and free ourselves from desire, ideals, and attachments.


What is a Standard Tantra Retreat Itinerary?

Most tantra retreats briefly discuss the tantric history and emphasize bodily awareness. This may involve a regular morning yoga class to clear your mind and improve your physical practice.

Every tantra retreat includes meditation and breath awareness to unlock the core chakra system and improve your relationship with your energy centres.

Practical exercises are also prevalent. If you don't bring a partner, evaluate how comfortable you are working with a stranger. The tantra retreat may be conducted in pairs, groups, or solo, depending on the tantric practice and lesson.

Tantric activities explore western sexuality rather than sex. Making eye contact with a partner (more complicated than you think!), sensory activities, discussion chances to explore sexuality and self, sensual partner massage, Kegel exercises, and more are likely. The schedule may include Kundalini shaking, ecstatic dancing, biodanza, and other energy therapies. 

And one thing is for sure, tantric enjoy cuddling, so get ready for hugs! 

Note: you must know that your actions are always your choice, and nobody will be offended. A retreat is an environment of respect and understanding, and love.   

Tantra retreats embrace anyone. You can be single, married, divorced, widowed, starting a relationship, healing troubles, or deepening your relationship. There are also no boundaries when it comes to sexual orientation. Your comfort in the tantra retreat is all that matters.


Tantra Retreats in Thailand

Do you want to explore what Tantra offers the awake and ready mind? Then, Thailand is a great place to do that! This article presents you with some of the country's loveliest retreats. 


7-Day Tantric Yoga Intensive Retreat in Koh Phangan, Surat Thani

You're invited to a transformational retreat led by Tao of Tantric Yoga author Satyama Ratna Lasby. Becoming one with the divine requires cleansing one's energy, which can be done solo or in a relationship. Discover the benefits of white tantric meditation and red tantric massage in a group setting, and see how they can transform your spiritual path and energetic body.

Tantric yoga is a fusion of classical Hatha and neo-tantric methods that adheres to Tantric Yoga's five principles. These ideas will be taught to you in the retreat's morning rituals. 

During a TY intensive, you will study the relationship between the chakras, sublimation, bandha practice, and powerful tantric rituals, as well as the asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathwork) that accompany them. Discover Osho's method of experiential education and the links between Tantra, yoga, and neo-tantra.

At this retreat, physical, mental, and spiritual health is restored naturally via growth and development. The tantric lineages in this course draw inspiration from Hindu goddess iconography, Shivaism, and Taoist rituals and philosophy. With its revolutionary emphasis on open communication through a forum, the program has quickly become among the most popular in Asia.

This education can help you mend wounds, deepen your exploration of the Self, and broaden your horizons through the collective. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to master the art of tantric massage, both as a giver and a recipient.

What is a typical day like at this retreat?

There are exhilarating Osho active meditations and Tantric yoga sessions in the mornings, followed by a shared vegetarian Thai fusion meal. In the afternoons, students learn about and practice yoga and tantra and how these two practices relate to larger frameworks for psychological and spiritual growth. Also incorporated are other specialized lessons like  Uddiyana Bhanda sublimation, a natural digestive and sexual organ healing method.

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300-Hour: 21-Day in-person Tantra Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Mai

Yoga practitioners looking to deepen their practice and widen their horizons should enrol in this 300-hour intensive program. Also, enrol in professional courses and learn how to teach your loved ones about your newfound expertise. It is recommended that the online training be finished before attending the in-person session.

Every educator should take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put themselves back in the shoes of a learner and get a fresh perspective. This 300-hour yoga teacher training program is designed to broaden your understanding of yoga both as a practitioner and a teacher and to prepare you to teach others.

The asanas and meditation techniques taught in this course are mainly from the Tantric tradition of Vigyan Bhairav and are suitable for practitioners with some experience in Hatha yoga. Students will also gain an in-depth familiarity with more complex forms of pranayama, meditation, skeletal anatomy, and philosophical principles. During the asana lessons, they'll be able to instruct and offer corrections to students. 

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300-Hour: 21-Day in-person Tantra Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Samui

This 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training in Thailand involves 21 days of intensive training that will deepen your understanding of yoga on a personal and professional level.

The asanas and meditation techniques taught in this course are primarily from the Tantric tradition of Vigyan Bhairav and are suitable for practitioners with some experience in Hatha yoga. Students will also gain an in-depth familiarity with more complex forms of pranayama, meditation, skeletal anatomy, and philosophical principles. During the asana lessons, they'll get the opportunity to instruct and offer corrections to students.

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7-Day Online Tantra Course for Couples

Do you want to rekindle the romance, rekindle the fire, and restore the sacred sensuality in your relationship? Do you long to reintroduce the sexual delights and profound love, playfulness, companionship, freedom, kindness, trust, and closeness that once filled your days and nights? 

This Tantra for Couples course will provide you with ancient and delicious practices of sacred Tantra to consistently awaken and propel your relationship to the next level, bringing you closer together and sparking a more profound, more passionate love.

This is a web-based class. The Light of Lemuria website will serve as the central hub for video distribution. The instructional and practice videos total around 20 minutes. Of course, you can always go back and review it again if you need to. The length of each session varies from 20 to 60 minutes. The recording will allow you to practice using it as often as you like, whether you're doing the activity alone, with a partner, or both.

To escape from everyday life, go to your favourite online course and immerse yourself in the lush environment. Explore spiritual love, erotic bliss, and full-body orgasms while also learning ways to address conflict, triggers, and obstacles in your relationship while in paradise. Videos, audio, theory, and exercises are all included. In addition, there are many theories and meditations on the CD, all based on tantra philosophy.

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