Koh Phangan Cannabis Guide

10 Jun 2021

Thai law now allows for the cultivation, sale, prescription, and possession of cannabis and cannabis-based products if a person or company is properly licensed or has a prescription from a medical expert who is specifically authorized to prescribe medicinal marijuana/cannabis.

This implies that, unlike in several Western countries, someone cannot simply go to any doctor and request a medical marijuana prescription. The doctor or other medical practitioner, as well as the hospital or clinic where they operate, must have undergone extensive training on the use of cannabis in healthcare.

So, while medicinal marijuana is now legal in Thailand, the implementation of cannabis therapy has been cautious and sluggish. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health, hospitals, clinics, and medical personnel all had to go through a training and certification process.

Important Note

Without a license or prescription, neither Thai citizens nor foreigners are permitted to grow, possess, or use cannabis at present moment.
Unauthorized marijuana possession is still considered a serious crime by law enforcement.

Since the new legislation came into effect, businesses on Koh Phangan have jumped at the opportunity to include cannabis in their products. Currently, these businesses can only use the stalks and leaves, not the bud that gets you high. However, other parts of the cannabis plant do include THC and CBD in them so people can still experience the medicinal effects.

Cannabis Products

One of the main and most popular products must be cannabis-infused tea. Many cafes offer this as everyone loves a nice drink anyway. You can read here about Chanabis which you can find exclusively at Kali in Thong Sala. Other products are food made with the leaves, oil and spa products plus cakes or sweet dishes.


CBD has a number of beneficial properties, these include the ability to reduce inflammation. Many health problems are considered to be caused by inflammation in our bodies.
Cannabis-infused products can help you relax and terpenes generated from cannabis also promote relaxation and well-being, making them ideal for people who wish to unwind.
CBD, according to scientists, has an effect on your endocannabinoid system, which helps to restore mental equilibrium and increase mood. CBD can help with pain alleviation, sleep, and some health concerns in higher amounts.


Cannabis on Koh Phangan


Mamma Mia

All of the cannabis used originates from a government-run facility. It's grown entirely from seeds and is completely organic. The FDA must approve the soil and anything else that goes into the plant. Mamma Mia can guarantee the product's quality and, more crucially, all of the health benefits, such as anxiety relief, rheumatoid arthritis pain relief, depression relief, and so on. They offer it on pizza and in edibles plus infused drinks.


Here you can find the exclusive Chanabis products. They stock premium hemp tea from the brand. Chanabis focuses on local, sustainable, organically cultivated foods, drawing inspiration from Thai botanicals. The teas are made with great attention to finer details, delicate flavors, delightful fragrances, and the cannabis plant's potent non-psychoactive characteristics. The THC concentration of the hemp leaves and flowers is less than 0.2 per cent, and we use a specific mixture of therapeutic terpenes.


Sri Thanu Food Market and Big C Market

Here there is a stall with products, the first stall on the left.


Nira's Bakery

Nira's Home Bakery has various cannabis infused items for sale including cookies, cakes, brownies, teas, and more. 


The Bud Lounge

The Bud Lounge offers a variety of medical cannabis foods & beverages, sourcing all ingredients from local farmers, leading the emergent Thai cannabis industry forward.


KD Koh Phangan Cannabis & Herbs Club

The day marijuana became legal, The Cannabis Club held a ganja fair at Phangan Community Garden. Locals and farang got together to celebrate the freedom of weed with live music and many stalls selling all kinds of cannabis products. 


Koh Phangan Coconut Farmer Group

At the fair, the Koh Phangan Coconut Farmer Group was showing-off and selling its cannabis infused coconut oil. 


Anantara Spa (Koh Samui)

Anantara Spa launched a cannabis infused treatment menu.


If you know any more places selling or using cannabis products then please let us know so we can keep this article updated.