Sri Thanu

12 Feb 2021

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Sri Thanu, the beautiful west side of the Island where the Yogi's take refugee and the families play while the couples in love rest on romantic beaches and the honey mooners cuddle the night away under the stars in beautiful resort gardens..

It is good place for families also. Here you find a variaty of family entertainment as well like different water games, zip line jungles, gong meditation, chockolate making, cooking classes, yoga classes and much more.

Sri Thanu is famous for its yoga and spiritual schools and there is a certain 'calmness' in the air around this area. The main yoga schools attract hundreds of students a year, places like Samma Karuna, Ananda, Gaia Yogashala and Agama are all located on this side of the island and offer many different courses from TTC to detox retreats and lots of conscious courses.

There are a plethora of restaurants for all tastes including Vegan and Vegetarian and also great Western and Thai restaurants to enjoy. There are resorts ranging from basic to luxury depending on your budget and lots of houses to rent if you decide to stay longer.

This area is a mecca for vegan and vegetarian food. Places like offer superb vegan comfort food that has the ability to satisfy even a meat lovers palette!

There are some wonderful shops in Sri Thanu like Eri's jewelry shop and LEKshop Organic where you can find all your organic beauty and health products.

SriThanu is only a very short trip from Thong Sala and the bike ride along the coast is gorgeous with plenty of photos opportunities along the way - If you are on a motorbike then where your helmet and be slow as driving fast means you will miss some the stunning views but there are some steep hills to tackle.

Phangan Cove is a wonderful resort set on the perfect beach with an equally great restaurant tucked away down a track from the road in Sri Thanu.

This health and wellness area of Koh Phangan shows the other side of the island really well, it retains its magic and the spiritual side of things even add to that!

Om shanti om....