Haad Rin

29 Aug 2022

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A Paradise Holiday spot where you can find everything you need. Haad Rin is the perfect three weeks vacation place for anyone looking for a good time.
Full of young people between the ages of 20 to 30 years - and Beach bungalows, dormitories, hotels, hostels, restaurants, burger shops, coffee shops, cafes, tattoo shops, nail salons, hair salons, shoe shops, art galleries, handicraft shop, nature jewellery shops, regular jewellery shops, nature stone dealers, designer shops, swimwear stores, supermarkets, sandwich bars, beach bars, jet skies, surfboards, bikini girls & beach boys, beach parties, cocktail bars, pool parties, dance bars, discos and the very famous Full Moon Party!

For one week out of the month, the tourist village starts to fill with many excited new tourists coming from almost anywhere, with only one thing in mind…to enjoy the world-famous Full Moon Party with friends and thousands of new faces. 

If you like a lot of people and non-stop action, you will be happy during full moon week on this beach. 

The rest of the month is entirely different.  

The atmosphere is relaxed primarily and casual except for late at night, when Cactus Bar and Drop In provide a lively party scene on the beachfront with fire shows, games, and a live DJ spinning every day, as well as all those people who want to have some drinks with new friends and dance all night in the sandThe town is good for shopping also!

Unique local handicrafts to find here; designers and artists are displaying their talents everywhere!

Streets around the town offer to fulfil your every holiday wish!

Delicious Seafood Restaurants with ridiculous Fresh Food spiced with the taste of the local cuisine.

Tattoo shops on many corners, everyone with each their unique talent. Bamboo Masters, Machine 3D, Holy tattoos and party tats. Every kind of artist is here, and you have many possibilities to find one that matches your wishes!

Western Cuisines in every street offers a range of Western Dishes from Danish frikadeller to Israeli Hummus and International Sandwiches!


Every Full Moon (schedule)

The Bounty-like paradise beach turns for one night into an inferno of music, people, UV paint, buckets bars, fire dancers, jugglers, dancers and every tourist available on the island! Every bar has a different style!

Happy people painted in screaming UV colours dancing to the beats of Paradise while drinking from buckets and howling at the Moon. Bars and restaurants are pleased to invite you in if you are not dancing at the beach!