BRY0 Uncovered

12 Feb 2021

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BRY0 knew she wanted to be an artist from the age of 3...

Working with people, friends, and faces that inspire her everyday life and her paintings can be described as an autobiographical diary, sharing the love she encounters in daily life to the public. 

After going through the typical Art School route, BRY0 cut her Bachelor Degree in Drawing and Applied Arts short as she found herself learning more from real life than from these studies.

Spending 10 years in Bristol UK, and surrounded by good male friends in the graffiti and street art scene there this was the perfect start, inspiration and introduction to transferring her art from the page and canvas to the wall.

BRY0 moved to Asia in 2014 after an invitation from Star Lab Industries to join them as an artist and hasn’t looked back since.

Since then she has developed skills in much larger mural work, live painting performances and client commissions of a grander scale. Enjoy learning more in our interview.

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Music from Rural Records.