About Thai Visa with P'Oae, A lawyer on Koh Phangan

4 Sep 2015

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Onanong W. (OAE) is a lawyer who works On Koh Phangan and Koh Samui for the last 10 years. She was born in Kalasin province in North East of Thailand and made her Law Degree in Ram Kumkeang University in Bangkok.

Onanong followed her friend who opened a law office on Koh Samui and spent 2 years working in his office. Then she moved to Koh Phangan to replace a lawyer friend who had to leave the island for more studies. She worked there for 2 years more and opened her own office in Thong-Sala.

P Oae is a Devout Christian. There is a big loving Christian community here that supports each other. Onanong Winaikit go to the church in Thong Sala every Sunday morning and every 15TH of the month when there is a Worship Night. They all gather on the beach in Thong Sala and pray and sing Christian songs, Songs that give power and cheer you up.

Every 15TH of the month gathering at Thong Sala beach
for prays and Christian songs.

Every September Onanong  go back to here Village and other villages in the area. There is a group of Christian volunteers that come every year and teach English the school children for 2 weeks. She goes to help with the translation and the organization of the project. The children there never met western people before and they are full amazed and excited.

Onanong Winaikit I.B.C law office offers various types of services.

  • Consulting and services for Foreigners who would like open a business in Thailand.
    We help them open the company, get a work permit and get the Non-Immigrant 1 year Visa.
  • Tax and accounting consulting and services for Foreigners who have a business in Thailand.
    The yearly balance sheet, monthly paper work and payments and help them getting different licenses which sometime required.
  • Consulting and services for Foreigners who would like to have Retirement visa (O Visa).
    We help them arrange the bank documents needed and help them with all the documentation required.
  • Consulting and services for Foreigners who would like to have Marriage Visa (O Visa).
    We help them arrange the bank document needed, the marriage certificate and all the documentation needed.
  • Consulting and services for Foreigners who would like to buy a land in Thailand.
    Help in interaction with the land owner, checking the legality of the land status certificate, write the contract between the land owner and the buyer. Secure the process to be genuine and according to the Thai law.
  • Representation in Court of law. For business issues and non-legal issues.
    We provide full support and legal services.

Full support and professional legal services!

How hard is it to make a Business Visa for foreigners?
It is not as hard as people use to believe. It is just a matter of following the right process step by step, be patient and do not try to make shortcuts. The Thai immigration laws are still very easy in compare to the courtiers where most of the foreigner are coming from.

How about the Tax System?
The maximum company tax is 30% and for the workers, Thai or Foreigners, it is 37% tax.
It is very low in compare to western countries and the people who succeed to create a successful business here can make a great profit.

What changes have been made with the Visa Regulation rules?
The main change is that a there are no more Visa –Runs. You can have it once per visit, if you will try to go out and in again they will refuse to let you enter. It was quite common for foreigners who lives in Thailand to cross the border every 2 weeks or 1 month and renew their staying permit, but the Thai government want to have more control on the tourists who choose to live in Thailand. Therefore, they asks all foreigners who wish to live or visit in Thailand for long term to make the appropriate visa that suites their case.
With all the other visa procedures there is no change. The process of making a business visa and getting a work permit, the process for O visa, for retirement or marriage is same.

You are all welcome to contact our office on any matter you need assistant with.

I.B.C Law Office (Island Business Consultant) 

Address: 140/6 Moo.1 in Thong Sala.

Email: ibc@phanganist.com

Opening hours: Our office is open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.