Fitness Guide to Koh Phangan

20 Sep 2022

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Keeping fit and healthy is essential to feel good, and with the fantastic weather and outdoor lifestyle here on Koh Phangan, there is no better place to get into some fitness. The island has something for everyone when it comes to all aspects of life, and that includes fitness. You're sure to find something you love, from airconditioned gyms to jungle workouts in nature.

Fitness on Koh Phangan

Why should you keep fit?

It's impossible to deny the well-being effects of daily fitness and physical activity. Everyone gains something from fitness, regardless of age, sex or physical capacity. A few benefits would be weight control, boosting energy and mental well-being, promoting better sleep, and improved sex d; it’sit’s fun and social! 
Here on the party island, it’s also beneficial to sweat out some toxins from the night before, it will make you feel a lot better, and that means you can feel good to enjoy your time here even more!

Fitness on Koh Phangan


Koh Phangan’s gym scene has grown over the years, and although there are still not as many as in other areas of Thailand, you will find one in a location near you. We will keep Muay Thai gyms separate for the sake of this article, and here you will find the regular traditional western-style gyms listed first. Most have personal trainers that you can take advantage of if needed.


Phangan Muay Thai and Fitness Gym
Thong Sala

A traditional Thai gym, possibly the biggest on the island, does not get overcrowded. A popular choice for locals on the island, and it’s a gym where you can sweat! It was the first gym on Koh Phangan, and they have 15 years of experience.

Phangan Muay Thai and Fitness Gym

Evolve Health Club
Sri Thanu

Evolve is Koh Phangan's first elite fitness club that promises professional conditioning and great workouts. The gym is open-air with new facilities, customised training and experience. 

Evolve Health Club

Jungle Gym & EcoLodge
Haad Rin

The recently revamped Jungle Gym is based in Haad Rin. It features an extended workout area, including a cardio room with air conditioning. The professionally fitted gym accommodates free-standing piling devices and dumbells up to 50 Kilograms.

Jungle Gym and Eco Lodge

The Press Gym

An open gym in the North with free weights and two-floor cardio facilities. 
Latest Equipment for Aerobic Training, Ample weights free of charge and rope conditioning.

The Press

Fitness Classes

If you want to try a kind of fitness that's a little more creative and possibly with some friends, then the island also offers some fitness studios specifically for other activities. Here’s a selection you might want to try.


Fitness First Pilates Studio

Pilates Studio with a Pilates Trained Coach. Focusing on small groups at any stage. They can help surgical patients, individuals who need assistance with joint, spine, and muscle recovery, and athletes. Anyone from ages 5 to 80! 

Fitness First

The Pilates House

A brand new studio located on Koh Phangan (part of Sunny Yoga) where they are committed to having the awareness and talents of consumers to reach their aspirations for satisfied and balanced bodies through pilates.

The Pilates House

Studio NOA - Pole & Dance
Baan Tai

A studio offering pole fit classes and self-practice—exotic Pole Dance, Floorwork, Chair Dance, Stretching and Studio Rent.

Studio NOA

Bicycle Tours
Thong Sala

Pleasant and insightful island bike adventures that the regular visitor won't discover and a nice leisurely fitness day!

Phangan Bicycle Tours

Muay Thai on Koh Phangan

As a place for travellers to come and learn the art of Muay Thai, Koh Phangan is becoming increasingly popular, it has airy outdoor gyms, and highly trained instructors are a significant draw for many. When you practice Muay Thai, it is self-protection, where you learn the skills to save yourself. You know it is like exercise because the entire body works out, which also benefits your well-being. Of course, you can opt to fight in the future after school, which can be a successful profession.
Muay Thai would probably be number one regarding fitness in Thailand. Muay Thai relates to the practice of the eight limbs and uses 8 points on the body that often serve as weapons; The weapon is the hands, the shield is the shins and forearms, the elbows are like a hammer, and the axe is the legs and knees. It is possible to date the sport as far back as the 16th century.

Muay Thai Koh Phangan

Muay Thai Chinnarach
Thong Sala

Master Chin established Muay Thai Chinnarach was established by Master Chin in 2005 in Koh Phangan. MTC's goal from the beginning was to have the highest quality Muay Thai training possible. By 2008, MTC had already been registered by the Thailand Sports Authority. Master Chin has concentrated on Muay Thai practising with the zeal and experience that earned him 2 x World Champions. MTC offers training for first-timers, young people and friends, fans of fitness and elite Muay Thai rivals.

Muay Thai Chinnarach

Diamond Muay Thai 
Thong Sala

Diamond Muay Thai is an authentic Thai boxing camp. In a beautiful setting, the gym delivers excellent technical Muay Thai instruction.

Diamond Muay Thai

Max Maverick Muay Thai
Thong Sala

Max Maverick Muay Thai is a gym that is 'Not For Profit.' Their mission is to use Muay Thai's beautiful art as a constructive force in the world. Any surplus money is given to organisations for animal care. Live the life of a "Nak Muay" by onsite living and preparation. They have shared student housing with air-conditioned bedrooms and shared communal spaces (bathroom, kitchen, standard room). Entry to utilities such as high-speed broadband, washing, and the usage of bikes. Admission to all community exercise preparation activities and use of workout equipment beyond the hours of operation. Students will have privileged access to benefit from their expertise and practice since the teachers and warriors also reside on location.

Max Maverick Muay Thai

Haad Rin Arena
Haad Rin

They have two levels of training at the Haad Rin Arena, beginners and intermediate; they can educate kids, and people can either know a lot about Muay Thai or only a little, but at any stage, they can start and learn. The Arena has matches that occur one day before and one day after Full Moon, as well as preparation. Fighters come to compete from the mainland and other islands.

Haad Rin Arena

Jomhod Muay Thai
Baan Tai

Cosy Muay Thai courses are meant for beginners, novices, and qualified and experienced warriors. 
From holiday-makers, full-mooners, health lovers and military people to experienced warriors and competitors who come to refine tactics and train for world wars and competitions and make more advancements throughout their professions, they welcome all types of fighting experience. 

Jomhod Muay Thai


Phangan has a few different sporting activities you can take part in to help with your fitness; these are usually the most social and fun! Being an island surrounded by the beautiful ocean, it would be silly not to try some watersports whilst you’re here too.


In this article, you can read about sports and fun activities on Koh Phangan.

Sports on Koh Phangan


Many people come to Koh Phangan for kite surfing; it’s a glorious place to train, learn and play, as long as the wind is good! There are other water activities to try also, such as…



Stand-up paddleboarding is an everyday water activity that is reasonably easy for anybody to do, has a low impact and depends on your equilibrium, your capacity to stand upright (or not you can sit down) and a little paddle power. 
Koh Phangan is a lovely spot to explore the pleasures of paddleboarding. We have a calm ocean, particularly with not-so-deep water near the beach in the south, but then if you move farther out, you get deeper. If you want to simplify, you don't need to be a pro; you can float around lying down or kneeling. You can have proper paddleboarding lessons where you can be shown the appropriate and safest way to do it. Still, there are also locations where you can hire the paddleboard for an affordable price and head out with friends or family to enjoy it.

Paddleboard Koh Phangan


Most of Koh Phangan's extensive beaches have kayaks for hire, and it's well worth discovering the stunning coastline in this way. The better places, the calmer the west coast, but if the sea is not choppy, every beach is a 'go' place. 



There are many schools and instructors for kitesurfing on Koh Phangan, yet as it is still not a hugely developed sport here, you will get a lot of space to yourself where you can also experience great views when kite surfing. It is available to you whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Kitesurf Koh Phangan


Wakeboarding is a comparatively new activity for boarders. The passenger is pulled behind a boat or a cable ski rig, as with water skiing, albeit usually at slower speeds. The rider rides a single board with static non-release bindings on each foot, standing horizontally, like on a snowboard or skateboard, instead of skis. As it is straightforward to pick up and gives a significant chance for self-expression, the sport is rising massively in popularity. It is encouraged that someone entirely new to wakeboarding books a minimum of six lessons, including training that takes around four days to master the skills fully.


Thai Style Fitness

The Thai people have it right; they take their exercise very seriously, so you'll find outdoor gyms all over the place and even free lessons. You may have seen all the ladies exercising on the way to Thong Sala, and there are even regular lessons by the pier that anybody can enter. There is an outdoor gym with equipment near Thong Sala pier; you can find these all over the island. It is not the best spec equipment, but it is nevertheless fitness equipment! There is various equipment to use, such as cross trainers, cycles and swings, but you would require your weights, as well as bars and benches. 
There is also a court that can be used in the room for basketball, tennis, badminton or something else you can do, all entirely for free!

Outdoor Gym Koh Phangan


There is so much choice for fitness on Koh Phangan; even a novice will find something they enjoy as well as the famous yoga here, which we have not even mentioned in this article. Plus, you're every day dancing at parties! Hopefully, with all this information, you will leave the island more healthy and fit than you entered.