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The Crystal Island

10 Aug

Rumours have it that Koh Phangan is a ‘Crystal Island’, formed on a giant Quartz crystal.

We have often spoken of this in the office when talking about life on Koh Phangan. It is a very strong island, when you are up, you are super up and when you are down, then you are really down. There seems to be no middle ground though some may have found it and hopefully as you all read this then you are in the ‘super up there’ category.

Our first port of call on the topic was the wonderful Andrea from Pet Tewan Jewelry who has a knowledge of stones and their healing powers -

‘I have also heard about this story of Koh Phangan sitting on Rose Quartz, that's why this magical energy is here.

But too many people are slowly destroying it.
Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals in healing jewelry, as well as Feng Shui. It is famous for attracting and keeping love. Rose quartz is also used when it comes to healing one's heart from pain and disappointment.

It is called the Lovepain Stone, which helps overcome lost love and heart pain. It is a heart stone, good for the heart chakra and also for thromboses in the blood.
It is a very good stone for children, because it protects their souls from negative things.

I did find Fluorite stones in Haad Rin before and there are places and caves where you can find big clusters of clear quartz, which is very cleansing too’.

Interesting! We have previously written about ‘The Island of Love’ and a lot of people come to Koh Phangan for healing treatments and courses so maybe this is why we are all attracted to this mystic little place.

Mr Beat Weber says - ‘I think it's an esoteric myth. The reality seems to be granite and in the Sri Thanu area also volcanic rocks.

We decided to ask the boss man Sharon what his thoughts on the matter were -

‘I haven’t seen it yet but I can feel it. I think it should be left to stay underground so it can continue to put the glow and energy into the people here’.

And our photographer Rasmus at that time, used to get given quartz as gifts from DJ Jordan Bourdes that he used to find, Rasmus believes that there are some kind of energies here but whether it comes from the stone, he just doesn’t know.

Linda Phanganist see them every morning on the land she is staying. New big crystal rocks, seemingly just appearing on the ground, like they just popped up for fresh air!

Koh Phangan also sits on a ley line which may explain its strong energy, transformation can happen very fast here for a lot of people and the island can be a great test of your courage, personality and strength.

But maybe you have to believe it for it to work, or maybe it happens subconsciously, we don’t know.

All we do know is that lots of people we have asked have found Quartz right here on the island.

You can also find the naturally occurring ‘Shiva’s Eye’ here, this is a shell which was once part of the Turban snail. Shiva eye’s are said to open your third eye which helps look beyond the obvious and into deeper aspects of life plus they look beautiful, each one with a similar swirl but can vary in colour depending on the snails diet. There are two beaches in special here where they are to find. Phanganist though, will let it up to our readers to find the right beaches themselves. If you like to, then sign up here and we make you a special tour to the special beaches!! Shiva Eye hunting here!​

To see some Quartz long timer Jon Thorne suggests -  ‘Just walk down to sunset beach in Haad rin, there’s loads of it in the sand and large formations in the rocks on the beach on sunset. You can also find big pieces behind Escobar down there’.

And Stefan Pullitzky says ‘My landlord showed me one foot long and two foot wide Quartz pockets in arenaceous limestone boulders of a mountain creek’.

So, whatever your beliefs, go and have a look around and see if you can find some Quartz. Take a picture for us!

Is Koh Phangan a full Crystal Island? ;)

Peace and Love from Phanganist.


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