Agoda Guide for Koh Phangan

12 Jan 2021

When coming to book your accommodation for Koh Phangan you may choose to use an online platform, such as Agoda. Agoda is one of the fastest-growing websites in the world for online travel bookings. It has evolved from its establishment as a Singapore-based e-commerce start-up in 2005 to deliver a global collection of 2 million properties in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Agoda offers convenient access for travellers to a wide range of luxury and budget hotels, apartments, houses, and villas to fit all budgets and travel opportunities. 

Koh Phangan

Why Koh Phangan? 

The Full Moon Party originally made Koh Phangan famous, but there's so much more to offer on this stunning island in the Gulf of Thailand. The island is a breathtaking postcard picture with soft white sandy beaches, clear turquoise seas and a lush green mountain forest interior, complete with many waterfalls to be explored and some great hikes to scenic viewpoints. 
Koh Phangan is a good place not just for party people.

It is also a spiritual island with loads of stunning, world-class yoga and meditation retreats and is a great and evolving place for digital nomads with an exciting digital nomad culture and co-working spaces.

The Full Moon Party

Benefits of using Agoda

Sometimes Agoda will offer cheaper prices than other websites meaning that it's very competitive and always worth checking. You also pay in advance for the booking and so if you prefer to do this it can be better.
Agoda is a popular platform for Thailand and many hotels use it. They also have an App, reward schemes and coupons for repeating customers.

Hotel booking Koh Phangan


It can be daunting to make a decision about where to stay, with so many hotels to choose from. Reviews can be an extremely valuable way to determine if a particular accommodation is a good choice. 
You get to see what actual guests feel of their stay, not just the hotel's description of the facilities. 
Take into account the place's ranking, often a star system. A higher score indicates that the previous hotel guests enjoyed their stay with little if any problems. If you limit yourself to these hotels as well, you have a better chance of enjoying your stay. 
You will get a much more detailed description of the hotel if there are a lot of reviews. This does not mean that a hotel with a low number of reviews is bad, but a high score carries more weight if a lot of people gave it a high score instead of only three or four guests. It also doesn't mean that it is important to read all 300 reviews. It should suffice for the first page or two. 
Read through all the positive and the bad things people comment about in reviews, and look for stuff that might bother you. When you're easily distracted by noise, a hotel with a lot of concerns about excessive street noise might not be right for you. If you are sensitive to hard beds and there are a couple of problems with hard beds, move on. But if the TV was too little, and you're not watching TV on vacation anyway, don't let that weigh on your decision if there are concerns about that. 
Ignore certain negativity. If 30 people were raving about the hotel and one person said it was bad for some reason, it was probably just a fluke. Don't let one bad review overshadow a sea of positive reviews. There are some standards for certain people, and they aren't always met, but that doesn't mean the hotel is at fault.

Koh Phangan Beach


The chance of a mix-up or unpredictable factor throwing a wrench into your travel booking plan can always happen. No booking agency is immune to those kinds of incidents, which is why they have some money-back guarantees that you may want to look into, and their customer support team is there to help you or refund you if necessary. 
You have your booking assured by using Agoda, which is better than only turning to the accommodation when there might be no rooms available for you. Having your booking through Agoda means you can also contact them if you can’t seem to communicate with the property for some reason.

Resort Koh Phangan


Through using Agoda's filtering system, you can conveniently compare other properties in the same region or even on a budget. In this way, instead of looking for a big and large location that may take more time, you will be given a list of certain accommodations that suit your criteria or are in the area you want to stay.



Agoda now includes all taxes and charges in their price, before you had to wait to confirm your booking to see the full price but not any more, a welcome improvement. Please note that properties often apply tourist taxes or additional fees to the bill when you arrive. This should be written somewhere clearly during the booking process, so make sure you read it all.

Accommodation Koh Phangan


On occasion, it can take a bit of time for the hotel/accommodation to get the confirmation of your booking. Prices for similar-type accommodations can be a little more pricey than other websites, always compare. Great offers also have several dozen individuals watching them at the same moment so you might have to move quickly to booking or be aware they might go fast.

Koh Phangan Backpacker

The best solution 

Book for a limited period but stay longer. One of the easiest ways to use Agoda will be to make your reservation for a short period, two or three days, if you do not want to put too much effort in before arrival. Then, you can extend your stay directly at the property when you arrive. 



Always compare with other booking websites. The price difference is big sometimes and can save you money. Check it according to the period you expect to stay, there are also discounts for longer stays and on one website to the other could be cheaper.


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