Saunas and Steamrooms on Koh Phangan

7 Jul 2022

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In Thailand, you won't have to look far to find a massage parlour, pool, or sauna. Koh Phangan is no exception. In terms of affordability, offerings, and venue, the entire island has plenty of choices. Nothing beats a soothing massage or sauna after a night of partying but also in general they have many benefits for the body and are a perfect way to relax.

Sauna Koh Phangan

Steam Room or Sauna?

Both steam rooms and saunas are heated rooms used for relaxing and to ease the effects of certain medical conditions. There are, however, distinctions between the two. The main distinction is that, while steam rooms use moist heat, saunas use dry heat from a wood or electric stove. Saunas are usually wood-panelled, and the stove heats rocks, which radiate heat into the enclosed space. If the user pours water onto the hot rocks, there will be a small amount of steam in the room. The temperature in a sauna is normally higher than in a steam room, ranging from 160°F to 200°F, with humidity levels ranging from 5% to 30%.



Just a few benefits of using a steam room or sauna are that steam helps to remove impurities from the skin and can be used to treat acne. It also assists in the enhancement of blood circulation in the body, which can give the skin a healthy glow to make it look and feel healthier.
The heat from the sauna relaxes your muscles and soothes your nerve endings. A lesser-known advantage of saunas and steam rooms is that they can reduce joint pain as well as headache pain due to the high heat environment.
After a workout, muscles are in dire need of relaxation in order to facilitate a speedy and safe recovery. When your muscles are relaxed, the regeneration process that is important for muscle growth is increased, and your muscles develop faster.
It is well recognized that frequent trips to the steam room or sauna can help with weight loss by removing water weight. It's important to remember, though, that this should not be used in place of a healthy diet and regular exercise, but rather as a supplement to both.
Relaxing rigid muscles periodically before joining a sauna or steam room helps the heat to penetrate exhausted and stiff muscles, making them more fluid and loose.
It Can Be Enjoyable! Going to the sauna or steam room does not have to be a lonely experience. It's something you can do with your mates that's both fun and social since it helps you to chat and connect while having many health benefits.

Relaxing Atmosphere on Koh Phangan

Where to find them on Koh Phangan


Baan Tai Herbal Sauna

In addition to being a wonderful place to relax, thanks to its cosy garden, you can also book a massage as well as your sauna time. Saunas will seem to be an odd option in Thailand, given how hot it is all of the time but this one has a reasonable temperature and won't overwhelm you. Showers are available for free and unlimited use, so you can freshen up afterwards.


The Dome

The Dome is more than just a herbal steam sauna. They’ve created the ideal environment for rest and healing and often have events there. They are open from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. every night excluding Mondays.
One towel for use in the sauna and water is included in the 200THB price. You are welcome to bring a bathing suit or sarong if you want to wear more than a towel. They have two saunas available for private groups to rent for their own use.

The Dome


A one-of-a-kind venue with a mystical atmosphere in the middle of nature. The Herbal Steam Sauna uses organic herbs from the area to melt and calm your entire body, followed by a relaxing cool-down in an iced plunge pool, showers, or cold water tanks. When all of your concerns have faded away, you will replenish your fluids and regain vitality in a bar that serves organic beverages and snacks.


Wat Pho Steam Sauna

A well-known and well-loved place with possibly the most Thai authentic experience when it comes to a steam room or sauna here. The sauna is surrounded by a lush forest and a fish pond. Lockers, a herbal store, and a comfortable sitting area are all available. Cold drinks are available for purchase, and the atmosphere is calm and relaxing. This little slice of heaven is recommended to all.