Guide to Thailand's Best Theme Parks

29 Mar 2024

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Thailand is a popular vacation destination in Asia. It has a multicultural society with significant historical background and culture. So naturally, tourists come here to submerge in all that goodness and relax on the beach of one of the country's tropical paradise islands. But have you considered going to a theme park in Thailand?

Granted, it's not the first thing that comes to mind when we think about Thailand. However, the country features some of the biggest theme parks in Asia! These attractions are an excellent option for a family day away from the temples and beaches.

You can spend the day screaming with joy as you are spun around a rollercoaster, your feet dangling in the air! Or, you can enjoy the various other family entertainment opportunities and activities, like water attractions, playgrounds, gardens, and fairground rides.

We compiled the most incredible theme parks in Thailand here for your convenience and enjoyment. Whichever you pick, you and your family and friends will have a blast!


Dream World aka Disneyland Bangkok

Where: Pathum Thani, Bangkok

Disneyland Bangkok is a blend of Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Resort. The castle is reminiscent of a Thai temple and Sleeping Beauty Castle. It opened on July 17, 1985. It is one of four Asian Disney theme parks. It features:

  • The main street (USA-styled street), Bangkok Main Street, and an Epcot Entrance
  • A golden castle surrounded by a giant water moat
  • Disney character topiaries are all around as they are in WDW's Epcot
  • In Princess Land, all the princess castles are life-sized.
  • Adventureland is located in the eastern zone of the park and has some attractions from Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • A zone similar to Tomorrowland with some attractions from WDW's Epcot, called Discovery Space, is located in the west beside Westside Country (identical to Frontierland and Storybookland, a huge Fantasyland with zones)
  • Unlike other parks, there is no carrousel in Fantasyland but in Thai Paradise City, and there is no spinning teacup ride since there is a giant Wonderland there
  • There is a Duckland called Scrooge McDuck's city
  • There is a Toontown called Mickey's Toontown (this zone is similar to its Californian Mickey's Toontown mixed with WDW Mickey's Toontown Fair)

Dream World is one of Thailand's top theme parks, delivering a fun-filled and engaging day for youngsters. They can:

  • Spend all day riding the waves
  • Meet your favorite cartoon characters like Cinderella and Pocahontas
  • Tour miniature wonders of the world
  • Enjoy snowy winter moments sleighing or making snow angels in Snow Town
  • Ride a rollercoaster up Space Mountain,
  • Take pictures at attractive photo sites like a half-buried fallen colossus and the famous love garden for couples

People of all ages can enjoy the "World of Happiness" and the 40-plus thrilling or relaxing rides it contains. For example, Space Mountain takes you on a wild ride into outer space, and Hurricane allows you to fly and spin into the sky! Then there's also the awesome Viking Ship and Giant House, or the nature-themed Dream Garden with a lake and water tricycles for a more relaxing experience. To top it off (pun intended), this theme park also has a Snow Town that overlooks all the Dream World rides. We recommend you bring a jacket though because it's as cold as the name suggests. Lastly, you can finish your action-packed day with a live show or a 4D experience and eat at one of the countless buffets or fast-food joints. And if you visit the park garden on the weekend, you can observe the Colors of the World procession (parade).

Dream World is an ample space where you can relax and have fun simultaneously. Here your wildest dreams can come true. This all-time favorite destination is only an hour and a half out of Bangkok.


Siam Park City

Where: Bangkok

Siam Park City is Thailand's biggest amusement park and Asia's largest water park in one – its 120 acres of fun. Located out in the outskirts of Bangkok suburbia in Kannayao, Siam Park City is a one-stop amusement-park-plus-water-park package. It has exciting roller coasters and slides that are all as thrilling as they are enjoyable. Also, its beach wave pool is one of the world's largest. This means you can enjoy the ocean without going to the beach.

It has everything from a classic castle and a double-decker carousel to the high-speed suspended roller coaster Vortex to the soaring Super Spiral and the rainbow-colored Speed Slide. There's also Fantasy World and Family World, with rides like Africa Adventure, Dinotopia, Grand Canyon Express, and Log Flume. There are numerous stands selling drinks, snacks, and ice cream. Several onsite eateries serve delicious meals or a buffet lunch.

It's an excellent value for the whole family; Thais and foreigners enjoy it. And what's not to like? There are over 40 games and rides for people of all ages – kids and adults – keeping everyone in your company entertained.


Safari World Zoo and Park

Where: Northern Bangkok, past Siam Park City

Safari World is a zoo founded in 1988 where animals can roam freely. It has two main unique zones: one is a 480-acre open zoo that can be explored by automobile or bus, and the other is a 180-acre bird park.

One of the best things about traveling here is getting to see wild, exotic creatures from Africa and Asia up close. We're talking zebras, giraffes, ostriches, and more. These animals are walking freely as they would in their natural habitat.

The other best thing is that you're not done after your safari! There's more to enjoy, like live shows featuring animal performances, a reptile area, and tiny museums at Marine Park. Safari World's Marine Park is a conventional zoo with loads of displays, snack kiosks, and gift shops. Its Mini World has an aviary with several different bird species. It's not uncommon to discover little feet and beaks on your shoulders, arms, and hands as you feed the birds. There's even a Wild West Town where you can meet cowboys!


Art in Paradise Bangkok

Where: Bangkok

This funky theme park is part of Bangkok's Esplanade Shopping Mall on Ratchada Road. It is located on the 4th floor of the calm mall and is ideal for couples, friends, and families, especially on rainy days when you want to stay indoors.

Art in Paradise is a two-story gallery full of stunning paintings. You can participate in dozens of scenes, from the 'Stairway to Hell' to the 'Coronation of the Emperor.' You can get there easily by catching the MRT and stopping at the Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station – the mall is right in front of the station.


Funarium Indoor Playground

Where: Bangkok

From the outside, Funarium Indoor Playground in Bangkok seems like a warehouse, but once inside the childproof gates, you'll find a giant climbing structure, soft play, sand and water area, arts and crafts center, and baking station. The entire facility is air-conditioned so that the kids may run around comfortably regardless of the weather.


Imaginia Playland Bangkok

Where: Bangkok

Imaginia Playland, on the 3rd level of Emporium Mall, has some of Bangkok's most innovative, creative, and engaging kid's activities. It's not just about having fun, despite the enthusiastic children rushing around like it's their birthday. See, the two-story area is designed to educate as much as entertain. The activities cover art, music, literature, technology, and strategic thinking and are suitable for babies to young teens.

This is a great place to educate your kids. They can choose activities that stimulate their curiosity and inventiveness. There are various play locations where youngsters can develop thousands of creative ideas and execute them. Bring your youngsters here to improve their abilities and confidence. It is appropriate for children aged 1 to 12.

There are nineteen interactive zones for youngsters to engage in activities and projects. In addition, you can choose from various tours and activities. For example, creating an automobile is fun and easy with the Wonder Car Tour, and The Shadow Forest is an exciting and terrifying game that helps youngsters focus. In addition, The Imaginia Fort is a delightful place for babies and toddlers to explore shapes, while The Twinkle Little Town is full of architectural wooden blocks for them to build tiny structures.

Other exciting zones include the Space Stadium, Dream Jungle, SoundCloud, Meteor Park, Magical Theatre, etc. Their imagination and inventiveness grow when they play in any of these zones. This theme park also has various amenities. Baby and toddler facilities include lockers, restrooms, breastfeeding rooms, free Wi-Fi, and a changing room.


Kidzania Concept Park Bangkok  

Where: Pathumwan, Bangkok

While Kidzania Concept Parks are everywhere, Kidzania at Siam Paragon is a new level of excitement for kids. This theme park is a city (literally). It's an indoor hub that looks like a beautiful mini-town with pretty European-style dwellings and painted skies. Beyond the high degree of craftsmanship, the youngsters receive a far deeper level of instruction. They can work real jobs in their 'small city' and earn real money.

It's suitable for youngsters under fifteen. It fosters confidence, teamwork, and coordination in children. These engaging activities can improve their physical and emotional health. It's a fun, inspiring environment for youngsters. There are over 80 engaging role-playing games for toddlers and pre-teens. 

This facility is especially great for toddlers as it has many activities for them. In addition, kids can enjoy acting or painting classes, and science-loving kids can visit an auto repair facility, a milk and peanut factory, etc. All these themed zones and more offer a variety of enjoyable activities.

This massive array of activities provides hours of edutainment for kids. Meaning this weekend's amusement zone allows kids to spend the entire day having fun.


LINE Village Bangkok

Where: Bangkok

Enter Kony, Brown, and Sally's world in LINE's digital theme park. You can meet them and all your great friends on LINE. LINE Village takes up three storeys and fills 23 rooms with adorable LINE characters. So take as many photos with Brown Bear as you wish and connect with the LINE gang.

Do you like sending Brown, Cony, or Moon emojis? Yes, they are all LINE cartoon characters that you may meet in Bangkok at LINE Village. LINE is a popular app in Thailand for texting to buying meals. LINE Village is a must-see theme park in Thailand. You may even purchase souvenirs of your favorite characters and take pictures with them.


Santorini Park

Where: Phetchaburi

This place is a piece of Greek paradise reproduced in Cha-Am, Thailand. Santorini's famous blue and white appeal has been beautifully reproduced, but here it houses hundreds of stylish restaurants and boutiques and an incredible number of rides. There's a Ferris wheel, a 7D interactive game, and Asia's first Walholla, among other wild rides. There's also a water park and a flea market.


The Venezia, Hua Hin

Where: Chang Wat Phetchaburi

You could finish getting your fill of Europe at The Venezia if you didn't get enough of it at Santorini Park. This prominent open-air location captures the magic of Venice, Italy! That's right; you can discover the best of Italy just minutes from Hua Hin, Thailand.

Here you'll find a replica of the iconic San Marcos square bell tower and a 200-meter Grand Canal with gondola rides. And included for good measure is the Trevi Fountain (which actually belongs in Rome). The Venezia also has music gardens, 3D art galleries, miniature railways, horse-drawn buggies, and upside-down houses, so there's much to see and do!


Phuket FantaSea

Where: Phuket

Phuket FantaSea is a place to learn about Thai culture and heritage while enjoying a themed carnival atmosphere and arcade games. Among the park's enjoyments are fantastic performances displaying Thailand's vibrant, rich culture and a packed lunch at the magnificent restaurant on site.


Ancient City (Mueang Boran Museum)

Where: Chang Wat Samut Prakan

Here's another theme park where you can submerge yourself into Thai culture and history. But, if you're looking for a thrill, you've come to the wrong place. This park is a time capsule of Thailand. This not-so-typical theme park is meant to culturally educate and enrich its visitors, delivering more of a mental thrill than a body thrill.

At Ancient City, you can wander around one of the world's largest outdoor museums for hours. Il consists of a 200-acre city with 109 miniature replicas of the country's most iconic landmarks and architectural wonders. Truly amazing!


Tribhum: The first 3D Walk Adventure Park

Where: ground floor of Central Floresta, Phuket

This place is incredible and will appeal to many gamers and fantasy fans. 3D Walk Adventure Park is the world's first facility themed around the Titans and aquatic world gods.

It was recently launched in February 2019. It's super high-tech, blending interactive technology with live performances and characters roaming and playing throughout the park and its attractions, adding to the overall impression and experience.

You can:

  • Enter the 'Magical Forest World' and let the Makaleetrees entice you
  • Become a Tribhum monster
  • Explore the Vanekampoo Monkey Zone, home to half-monkey, half-oyster creatures
  • And so much more!

The park's scenes, storylines, and regions are insane, and the lighting is flawless. While you're here, do not miss out on the Silver Mountain World, a 4-story high glider ride (you hang from metal bars) that reaches 45km/h, or the Demon Maze, where you can battle it out for the elixir of immortality.


Dinosaur Valley

Where: Nong Nooch Gardens, Pattaya

Dinosaur Valley lets you step back in time and enter a different world. Have you ever wanted to personalize with dinosaurs but can't because they're extinct? Well, if you're in Pattaya, then you are in luck! Here, you can walk among over 100 life-sized dinosaur replicas, from the Cretaceous to the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, in the gorgeous Nong Nooch Gardens.

The dinosaurs are done so brilliantly here, too. They look so realistic, especially for life-sized replicas; it's absolutely captivating. They've also got the landscape down pat, and these dinosaurs appear pretty at home in their life-like Jurassic Tropics.


Scenic World

Where: Khao Yai, Chang Wat Nakhon Ratchasima

Scenic World is an action-packed and relaxing gigantic playground perfect for all ages. There's Life Park, Splash World, and Greenery Park Mall (if you want to shop), making this another one of Thailand's must-see theme parks. Plus, it is another combined amusement and water park, so there's more than enough to keep busy all day long.

Featured at Scenic World are Sky Diver, Riddle Coaster, and Typhoon Tower – all high-adrenaline thrill rides. It also has spinning teacups, Twister (swinging chairs), and even a catapult chair. Meanwhile, you can have a blast at its water park with water rollercoasters, Kamikaze racer slides, and the Tornado.


Phukaew Adventure Park

Where: Khao Kho, Chang Wat Phetchabun

This adventure park is all about getting your energy up and doing exciting activities, sports, and workouts. Instead of a ride, this is more of an exercise course. They have water rolling air balls, a giant swing, and mountain speed lungers! You'll feel like you're in the great outdoors, getting to rock climb and kayak, and more!

Baby Racing, Mini Biking, and the Super Slider are all favorites among the youngsters, while the older crowd will like the park's newest feature, 'Tower Leap,' which is essentially a bungee jump.


Don't Leave Thailand Without Visiting These Theme Parks!

Amusement and theme parks are fantastic places to enjoy rapid rides and splashing slides. Then, parents, you may rest while your kids play in a safe setting. So, don't forget to visit Thailand's most fantastic theme parks and amusement parks if you want to have a good time. The pleasure of reasonable old-fashioned theme park enjoyment never seems to age. And it's just another way the Land of Smiles assures you don't go back home empty-handed! So, what are you waiting for? Go have fun!


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