Romantic Dinner Spots on Koh Phangan

7 Jul 2022

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For couples and lovers of all kinds, Koh Phangan can be a very romantic place to visit. The island has everything you might want in a romantic getaway with your partner. In some areas and venues on Phangan, you can find an exceptional amorous atmosphere thanks to the tranquil deserted beaches, mild air, and the gentle sea breeze that softly rustles the palm tree leaves at sunset.

Romance on Koh Phangan Courtesy of Guilherme Toyosato

Why are dates nights important?

Date Nights help couples stay connected through intimate communication and emotional support. They also reduce tension in their brains and in their relationships. Fortunately, nature has given us a high degree of resilience in this regard. We don't always have to make the right connection with our partner. Nonetheless, we must maintain and strengthen our ability to pay attention and be completely present to our partners when they are exhausted, as well as our ability to be steadfastly loyal and a dependable friend. 
Dates strengthen bonds. Your sense of being securely attached will provide you with a secure, profoundly rewarding relationship when you feel your partner's dedication.
Couples that cherish and respect each other, disregard other romantic opportunities, and foster a deep sense of "we-ness" or togetherness are substantially happier than couples who are less dedicated or "iffy." Commitment is a frightening concept. Commitment, on the other hand, is profoundly rewarding.
Dates help to maintain a sense of "couplehood." Date night helps couples to select one another in front of friends and family by deliberately preparing and following it.

Koh Phangan Courtesy of Guilherme Toyosato

How to choose the perfect setting

It is never too bright in a romantic restaurant. When a dining room is more dimly lit than bright, it cancels out all else around you, allowing you to concentrate entirely on your date rather than the table to her left. Not to mention that the most flattering light is dim, flickering light.
Overly pretentious restaurants are never romantic because they make you feel self-conscious and hyper-aware of your surroundings. The ideal romantic restaurant is exclusive, but not stuffy. Look for an atmosphere that makes you feel at ease and welcomes you to lean in rather than pushing you to sit up straight. (Note: beauty does not always imply high cost! It's much more about the ambience of the establishment than the menu prices).
The music should set the stage and encourage your conversation, but you shouldn't have to scream at each other to communicate. The mariachi band that goes from table to table, or the waitstaff who sings "Happy Birthday" every 15 minutes? It's entertaining, but it's not romantic.

Romantic Koh Phangan Courtesy of Guilherme Toyosato

Romance on Koh Phangan


Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar

Located in Baan Tai close to the small pier, Fisherman’s is one of the island’s most famous restaurants and is ideal for a romantic date. Creator and Head Chef Khun Thanaporn – also known as Lek on the island – was born into a Baan Tai fishing family and went on his first long-tail boat trip at the age of three. Lek began construction on the restaurant in 2007, using natural materials and turning his family's fishing boats into seating. The intimate and relaxing atmosphere created by the unique surroundings, soft lighting, and rustic architecture soothes the senses and perfectly complements the food. Lek has succeeded in developing an authentic, unforgettable dining experience with the aid of his Irish wife Amanda. They offer beautiful fresh seafood, you will not be disappointed.

Fisherman's Restaurant

Valentino Restaurant and Wine Bar

Valentino Restaurant is located in the lovely Thong Nai Pan Noi neighbourhood, far from the South's maddening party crowds, and a spot where, if you haven't been before, you might think you're in a completely different place. Their menu is influenced by Italian heritage and a love of travel. They also have a wide range of imported wines, including six by the glass and over 40 wines from around the world. The restaurant is dimly and cosily lit creating a perfect romantic setting.

Valentino Restaurant


L'Alcove is a bistro on the beach on Hing Kong Bay, one of the most romantic sunset locations of the whole island. Enjoy their outstanding French and Thai fusion cuisine in the beachfront bistro and wine bar with over 60 options, as though you were at home. The bistro has been thoughtfully planned and decorated for your comfort, offers one of the most stunning sunsets on the island and is a beautiful cosy date spot.


Frangipani is located on the beach of Haad Chao Pao with spectacular sunset views, reflecting the romantic atmosphere of tropical dining. It offers a menu of modern Thai and Italian cuisine, with fresh seafood and fine Italian items available, as well as a vegetarian/vegan menu featuring fresh local vegetables and spices. They offer a special Romantic Dinner package.


Romanzo Tropicale

Another restaurant on the Hin Kong coast with those stunning sunset views for added romance. A charming place that is relaxed in its feeling yet great for a date with a loved one. Great Italian food including their admired pizzas at reasonable prices.

Romanzo Tropicale

Fabio's Restaurant

Another Italian, because it seems they do romance well. Fabio’s is probably the most well-known Italian on Koh Phangan. Their reputation is due to the high quality of the food. They bake every single day the bread in their own oven and the exquisite egg pasta is homemade too. Fabio’s menu is inspired by the most typical Italian tradition and includes just a selection of dishes made on the spot because their philosophy is to use only fresh products. Fabio’s is more of a traditional feeling restaurant where you can sit inside with AC is a smart-casual atmosphere for dining but also they have seating outside.


Angels Bay

One of the best meals on the island can be enjoyed at the fabulous little French cafe. They serve up fabulous fresh fish as well as oven pizza. The setting is right on the water of Hin Kong which is truly romantic.

Angels Bay

Chardonnay Restaurant at Summer Resort

A splendid western-style, beachfront restaurant that serves a delectable blend of western and fresh Thai cuisine prepared with a modern and innovative twist. Before your meal, take in the mesmerizing views of the ocean while sipping a drink and watching the sunset's many hues.

Chardonnay Restaurant


As well as these picks of sunset dinner spots, the island of Koh Phangan in itself a romantic place. You could make a picnic on the beach, sleep under the stars or find your own chosen place to enjoy a date depending on what you like to experience. Many resorts also have their own restaurants and will offer exclusive romantic dinner packages where they will set you up a table on the beach and provide all you need for a romantic memorable dinner.



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