Tantra Guide to Koh Phangan

4 Mar 2021

Koh Phangan attracts spiritual seekers from all over the world, many practices follow one another, they melt into one pot of discovery for all who want to learn and are curious and this includes Tantra and a Tantric community.

Community Koh Phangan

What is Tantra?

It is thought to have emerged in the sixth century in India. Tantra is a life-embracing ideology and philosophy, loosely described as a road to liberation. It comprises a broad range of rituals, much of which transgressed the social and religious boundaries of the period in which Tantra originated. Tantra teaches that all is holy, including the typically profane or impure, for example, romantic rites and interaction with the taboo, such as intoxicants. As such, Tantra has acquired an incorrect reputation for promoting uninhibited sexual intercourse, when actually it merely teaches a clear interaction with sexual energies.
The Tantric worldview views all-natural life as animated by a sacred feminine force such as Shakti. Tantric goddess worship contradicts the conventional roles of women, portraying femininity as sexual and strong. 
According to Tantra, an individual's root of Shakti lies latent in the base of their spine as kundalini. Sometimes compared to a hydra, kundalini is linked to a network of energy networks known as nadis and energy centres called chakras. 
Awakening kundalini energy is the main aim in most Tantric rituals, including pranayama, mudras, mantras, meditation and other yogic purification practices. These practices seek to extend awareness and free the practitioner from the physical level of life. 
Tantra is different from many other mystical practices in that it focuses on salvation via the human body rather than by transcendence within it. By exploration, Tantric rituals are intended to direct universal energies into the practitioner as a way of breaking free from denial and pain, thus allowing union with the Divine.

Tantra Koh Phangan Courtesy of Guilherme Toyosato


Someone who practices Tantra is recognized as a Tantrika. Often, the term is divided into Tantrik (for a man) and Tantrika (for a woman). Traditionally, you ought to get a guru to learn how to perform Tantra to become a Tantrika. However, people have begun naming themselves Tantrikas because they have mastered Tantric techniques from books, whether from short courses or from instructors who didn’t have an initiation into some Tantric lineage. 


Tantric Sex

Contrary to common opinion, Tantra is not just about sex. Sacred eroticism is an important aspect of Tantra, but it is just a part of the great richness of the wisdom and practice which Tantra has to bring. The Tantric route is an exquisite mixture of physical, erotic, emotional and metaphysical awakening that will carry you closer to yourself and the divine.


Tantra Classes

This is what you will be searching for if you already have a theoretical history and you’re interested in having the real feeling of Tantra without many conversations on theory. There are usually community lessons operated by a facilitator. There would be little to no philosophy and a set of exercises, meditations and strategies you may practise individually or as a group.

Tantra Koh Phangan

What to Expect

Typically a facilitator will introduce the group and offer a short introduction to Tantra and the things that will happen throughout the session. After that, the instructor usually begins with a socialising activity to crack the ice in the community and increase motivation. This could involve any motor movement such as dancing, running, interacting. Music is sometimes part of the class as it adapts to the atmosphere and the strength of the activities. The facilitator would then move into creating the theme of the class he or she has planned. 
The emphasis of each class varies depending on the school, course or facilitator and it can involve limits, sensuality, feelings, connection, transferring the sexual energy and so on. 
The activities will unfold in crescendo strength and when the main task has been done the instructor will steadily move the focus down into relaxation. 
Strong examples of exercise in a Tantra class are mediation in pairs, eye gazing, knowing and establishing limits, light touch of the hands or fingertips, touching the “heart” of the partner, mindful embracing, activating the five senses, breathing exercises, expressing feelings or whispering nice phrases. 


Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga is a branch of the tantric path and is worth mentioning as Koh Phangan is a world-famous yoga destination. It is a physical exercise with an energetic focus. 
This particular technique in yoga varies from all other current yoga systems common today. In most western yoga activities, yoga is just a technique to reshape and expand the human body. In Tantra Yoga, the body is the instrument to accomplish the yoga – or unity between the human selves and the Spiritual Consciousness. Tantra Yoga brings very strong effects physically and emotionally if taken seriously. 
Tantra Yoga by the practice and use of several diverse technologies such as asanas, mudras, bandhas, and others – utilizes the human body as a way to reconcile a student with more complex and elusive sources of energy and facets of themselves. As a consequence, a person starts to accept himself or herself as the energy that they are, and the phase of self-realization truly begins. Tantra Yoga is a discipline that will bring about extraordinary wellness and regeneration, purify the physical body, reform the mental system, cultivate beneficial qualities such as willpower and unconditional love, plus much more. This is the most diverse and bona fide form of yoga you would ever meet.

Tantra Yoga Koh Phangan

Discover Tantra on Koh Phangan


Samma Karuna

Samma Karuna is an International Enlightenment and Therapeutic meditation school and Yoga Instructor Training Retreat. They also offer Tantra and OSHO practices on Koh Phangan. 
Each student is encouraged in creating their own path to discover their true self and intrinsic ability to live a more fulfilling life. This action plan is developed with input from the group and feedback from the professional teaching team. Their Curriculum operates all year round and is structured to assist you with your personal growth. Via intensely experiential experiences, you can activate the tools to discover your own reality and your journey as a foundation towards a happy, more vital and fulfilling existence.

Samma Karuna

Shri Kali Ashram

A unique Shaiva-Shakta Tantra Yoga Ashram centred on spreading and maintaining this ancient sacred science. Now situated on the tropical island of Koh Phangan the ashram covers many acres of secluded jungle hills, which overlook the sea. Here they have the opportunity to grow the group in a quiet atmosphere well-suited to the calming interactive research and practice of Classical Tantra Yoga.


Yoga House Phangan

The yoga house in Koh Phangan provides a unique venue for holding retreats, seminars and special events. They aspire to build an empowering and inclusive environment where communities and individuals can explore and observe various activities and methods of self-consciousness and personal expansion. Yoga retreats, tantra and classes, music and dance classes, conferences, community events and much others. With its natural surrounding and cosy atmosphere, The Yoga House is a great venue for a large variety of activities and workshops and at the same time, it is suitable for relaxing, taking time out, and enjoying Koh Phangan’s unique vibe.

Yoga House

Tantra Secret Lounge

Tantra Secret Lounge is a venue for Teaching, Learning, Sharing, Living, and Loving. They provide seminars, lectures, space, culture, and accommodation (when available) for those wishing to explore the joys of Tantric existence. 



More workshops, classes, courses and all things Tantra can be found bountiful on the island, it is worth keeping an eye on events or joining groups for Tantra. Things can take place at various locations rather than in specific schools such as the ones listed above. Tantra practitioners will often rent a space to hold events for Tantra for example at Serenity in Haad Yao, a popular place for retreats. Find the Tantra tribe and stay connected through them and enjoy.