The Joys of Paddleboarding on Koh Phangan

11 Feb 2018

Have you tried paddle boarding? Have you ever heard of it? If you answered no to either of those questions then this is something that needs to change!

Stand up paddleboarding is a popular water sport that is relatively easy for anyone to do, it is low impact and relies on your balance, ability to stand upright (or not actually, you can sit) and a bit of strength to paddle.
Koh Phangan is a truly wonderful place to experience the joys of paddle boarding. We have a calm ocean, especially in the South with not so deep water near the beach but then getting deeper if you go further out. As mentioned you don’t need to be a pro, you can just float around laying down or kneeling if you want to take it easy.

You can get proper lessons for paddleboarding where you will be taught the correct and best way to do things but there are lots of places here where you can just rent the paddle board for a very reasonable price and go out to enjoy with friends or family.

Personally our favourite time of the day to do this activity is just before sunset. Head out at around 4.30pm and you can get used to the sea and have some fun before chilling out on the board, chatting with friends and enjoying an incredible sunset from the ocean where it looks as though it joins straight into the sky! It’s pretty awe inspiring trust us!

As well as being enjoyable Paddle boarding is beneficial in giving you an excellent core workout. The whole body works together; toes, legs, back, shoulders, arms and neck, all of these will thank you for enjoying this amazing water sport. You can also do your Yoga Asanas on a paddleboard, perfect for helping more with your balance and strength whilst being out on a calming blue ocean!

Our favourite place to go paddle boarding would be with Breeze Kitesurfing in Baan Tai. As the name suggests you can also kitesurf with them but they offer paddleboards for rent as well. They are very experienced in all they do so can help with any questions.

So what are you waiting for?! Head down to the beach and go out paddle boarding on this wonderful island of ours.