Jordan's Story - The Power of Positive Thinking

7 Jul 2022

Jordan first visited Koh Phangan around 15 years years ago, this began her Love Story. She, like many others, would visit the island yearly to get her dose of this beautiful place. Jordan got married and her partner shared the same connection to the island and they would visit together. Happily she fell pregnant and could not wait to return to Phangan as a family of 3.
Devasting news awaited her. She was diagnosed with Cancer. This within the first year of her baby's life.
Of course, they could not return until she was well again.
In this video you will hear the full story, including how Koh Phangan was part of her healing process and the vision that got her through it all.
Now, she is here, healthy and with her lovely family beside her. An inspirational story of power, determination, strength, visions and love.