Healing in the New Normal An Interview with Daliah Barkan

7 Jul 2022

Phanganist is very happy to be joined by Daliah, the Co-Founder of Orion Healing Center on Koh Phangan and also Koh Samui.

We talk about the very beginnings, being one of the first healing and yoga centers on the island and what they are doing to adapt to these new times.

They are offering extremely great deals on detox and reiki and continue to help people in the day to day life.

Orion has been a key location for holistic study and transformational detox for the past decade and has been host to thousands of guests from all four corners of the globe.

They are yoga retreat specialists in Thailand, detox retreats, colonics treatments, fasting therapies in Koh Phangan, The center started off as an expression of our their personal practice and as a way to share the way of life and healing practice with others.

Orion have created a retreat that can help those who are looking for new tools for their personal transformation, new skills to help others to heal and for those who are looking for a break from their regular routine and a safe and secure environment in which to detox, rest and regain their vitality and clarity of mind.