The Beginners Guide to Thong Sala - Koh Phangan

27 Feb 2018

Here we are with you again regarding second part of adventure in discovering southside of Koh Phangan! We will continue in Thong Sala, what is known as Koh Phangan's capital!!

This place is like the mainland of the southwest because of its travel networks and main services which are located here. There are lots of travel agents offering tours and other activities. Also, you can enjoy various shops, bars, and restaurants both in the day and in the evening.

Please do not miss the street food here because they have a really good selection which ranges from traditional Thai to Western food, fruits and some sweeties. Street food is found at the famous Panthip Food Market and Saturday’s walking street market.
If you do not like this style then you can also find many Western restaurants such as French, English, Italian, Japanese, and Greek.

On the other hand, for entertainment, there are diverse diving activities, marine tours, and fishing companies here. Far away from water, you can also check out Thai boxing matches in the evenings, and of course, several parties on the Wok Tum coast.

Apart from parties, you can chill in many bars mostly located on the main street but also ‘from Ao Nai Wok to Ao Hin Kong there are several hillside bars with great sunset views.’

This is why Thong Sala is the central area of touristic facilities. You will find many shops including artwork, jewellry, clothes, crafts, and traditional Thai stuff in addition to plenty of ‘supermarkets, and fresh produce stalls. Prices are reasonable and are often hard to beat and many outlets supply goods in bulk for export. Most shops are open from 8am to 9 in the evening.’


The ‘must see’ on a Saturday is ‘Walking Street’. It is an amazing market where the selection is simply staggering and items on offer include clothes, shoes, Thai silks, handicrafts, purses, wallets, watches, luggage, housewares, spices, souvenirs, samurai swords, art, jewellery, silver, and a hundred other species of knick-knack and goo-gah that defy categorisation.

You can gorge on delicious boiled buttered corn on the cob, spicy sausages, grilled chicken, sushi, homemade cakes, fishcakes, exotic fruit and even deep-fried insects. Quality varies from vendor to vendor but low prices mean you almost always get good value for your money. Remember that friendly bargaining is acceptable, especially if buying more than one product from a stall’.

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