Why you should stay in Sri Thanu

29 Feb 2020

SriThanu is known to be the yoga and WellBeing centre of Koh Phangan where you can have a detox or go on a retreat being in the spiritual hub of the island.

Sri Thanu can also cater to you though if you want to stay where there are still ‘island holiday vibes’.

Sri Thanu is located on the West side of the island and so gets the best sunsets. Zen beach is possibly the most well known sunset location and attracts people every day to gather, practice yoga and welcome the evening with drumming circles and music.
sri thanu
If you want to experience island life and the hedonistic culture of spirituality then this is your place. The atmosphere is very calming in Sri Thanu and restaurants and shops retain a more authentic Thai feel in areas although like all places you can still find many Western restaurants to cater to all needs.

The saturation of Vegan eateries is known in Sri Thanu and many vegans stay here purely because of this. Even if you are not vegan then you should try some of the food here because it is some of the best vegan food in the world!

If you are feeling the pull towards a more spiritual life or want to learn about tantra then it is definitely the place to be. The community here is of that kind and there are workshops and courses happening every day, a perfect place to start if it’s new to you.
sri thanu
As well as being the spiritual ‘hippy’ part of Koh Phangan you will also find exclusive places to stay here if you want a bit more luxury than your average hostel or beach bungalow. Sri Thanu can be very westernised in parts and so caters for a bigger budget and higher tastes.

This area is very good for that Thai island holiday feel mixed with wellness, yoga and spirituality, so enjoy!