Sports and Fun Activities on Koh Phangan

11 May 2024

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Where do we start with Koh Phangan’s activities?! The list is very long even for a small island, apart from the initial attraction of Koh Phangan being a beautiful tropical paradise location, there are many things you can see and do whilst you are here.

Beach activities

The island has different beaches which offer different things from watersports, volleyball, kayaking, sunbathing, relaxed vibes and great swimming and snorkelling sites to enjoy the turquoise waters and tropical marine life and fish.
Haad Rin beach is quiet during the time of no full moon but then becomes a social hub when it is full, Ban Tai is quiet in general but with shallow water, the West coast improves and is better for swimming and snorkelling and then as you make your way up North there is beautiful soft sand and medium seas. Some beaches are busier than others here, but you can still find a secret secluded spot if you ask a local person or go for a search.
On the subject of the ocean, Phangan has become a popular place for scuba diving because it is close to the Sail Rock dive site. You will find dive shops and diving schools all over the island and especially in Chaloklum, all are very professional and you can do most PADI courses with them here.

Haad Rin Beach


The island has a lot of temples for such a small place and each one is in fact very different. You can visit Chinese Temple, Wat Saimai Kongka in Sri Thanu or Wat Phu Khao Noi which is the island’s oldest. You may be lucky enough to meet with and spend time with a Thai monk, you can organise a special guided meditation with Phra Olarn at Samai Kongka.

Wat Phu Khao Noi


There are also many gorgeous viewpoints which you can visit to admire Phangan’s huge jungle and breathtaking scenery from. These are easily reachable by scooter, moped or car, some of them you will need to organise a jeep for but they will be worth the investment! There are many half-day or full-day tours that will include these viewpoints, tours are a nice thing to do if you don’t have much time on the island but want to see and experience the wonders from all points of the island. So as you have read, a lot of nature activities on Koh Phangan will not cost you loads of Baht to enjoy.

Viewpoint Koh Phangan


The way sport and physical activity affect the wellbeing of various communities are affected by a variety of factors. Sport and physical activity in itself does not contribute explicitly to advantages but may encourage healthier behaviors in tandem with other variables. There is research to show that environmental shifts may have a substantial effect on involvement opportunities and furthermore the context in which the practice takes place may have a major influence on health results. With this in mind, it would seem that with its natural surroundings and great weather, Koh Phangan is an ideal place to partake in some sport!

Paddleboard Koh Phangan

What sports and fun activities are on Koh Phangan?



For people who want to get in with some football on a quality field with good lighting and facilities, Phangan Arena has a full-size football pitch, you should ask at the office there and see what games and groups are happening.



If you want something fun and safe then there is a tennis court in Baan Tai. Maybe also a fun tennis session might be a decent workout activity?



You can take part in beach volleyball on Haad Rin Beach and others, check the local Facebook groups for meet-ups and practice!



Swimming is an ideal way to remain active and safe, but it is enjoyable and beneficial for the mind as well. The water is everywhere around you here, so it's absolutely free to do, no exercise fees or teacher rates, even if you don't like the shore, several resorts and hotels even have a pool. So, there just aren't any reasons not to swim on Koh Phangan!

Swimming Koh Phangan

Martial Art / Muay Thai

As a location for travellers to come and learn the art of Muay Thai, Koh Phangan is becoming increasingly popular, it is airy outdoor gyms and highly trained instructors are a major draw for many. You should head to the lovely islands, the forest or even to a group that you can not do on the mainland until you have completed preparing for the day. When you practice Muay Thai, it is self-protection where you learn the skills to be able to save yourself. You learn it like exercise, because the entire body works out, so that is beneficial for your wellbeing as well. Of course, you can opt to fight in the future after school, and that can be a successful profession.



One of the cheapest and enjoyable places to learn to dive is Koh Phangan, and the island is near to some lovely dive spots, like Sail Rock, where you can also see a Whale Shark! A number of PADI courses are provided by most colleges, including Explore Scuba Diving, Open Sea, Speciality, Rescue Diver, Adventure, Intermediate, Deep Diver and more! 
If you don't want to do a full course or are just here for a limited period, they even run enjoyable dives with PADI guides. You can try it out in the pool and go on your trip for only one dive so that you don't have to stick to a course so that everyone can have a chance to dive when on Koh Phangan!

Diving Koh Phangan


Snorkelling is an ideal means of getting a bit closer to the animals of the ocean without becoming intrusive. Snorkelling does not require any teaching, lessons or exercises, unlike scuba-diving. You can snorkel and love peering under the gentle waves at what lies underneath as long as you can dive!


The Challenge

The Challenge Phangan, is a heart-pumping, limit-testing, epic water obstacle course. Check your ability and see how soon you can finish, or just try for fun, the tricky and exhilarating course! 


Slip N Fly

In November 2014, the first-ever water park to operate on Koh Phangan opened. One of the 'must-do' attractions is SlipNFly. Opening days match the pattern of parties on Koh Phangan, so around the Full Moon, Half Moon and Black Moon parties, the daytime party location is available. SlipNFly is the number one day party on the island, with the 2 x 40-meter SlipNFly slides being definitely the main attraction.

Slip N Fly Koh Phangan


Take an adventurous ride on high-flying ziplines and sky-bridge crossings with an operator that securely takes you. If you don't have a fear of heights, flying through the treetops is simple with the aid of an experienced guide and protection equipment. There is no expertise needed and it’s a beautiful way to experience the jungle of Phangan.


Located in the beautiful bay of Chaloklum you can join Wake Up! for wakeboarding lessons. You can ride behind the Yamaha boat while learning from qualified, native English-speaking instructors. You are guaranteed the best wakeboarding experience in the Gulf of Thailand with periodically updated top brand boards, bindings, spectra lines/handles, and impact vests.



In the jungle of Koh Phangan, you can experience a rare paintball experience. There is an opportunity to have a BBQ following the noon session and the evening session. There are 2 additional late night sessions on an illuminated battlefield before and after the half moon and full moon band.

Muay Thai Koh Phangan


This list of things to do on Koh Phangan will keep you entertained during your short or long stay on this charming island. Many of the activities, sports and must-do attractions of Koh Phangan have a near connection with nature. The growth of tourism has created some new chances for the island to have fun.

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