Must See Waterfalls on Koh Phangan!

12 Feb 2021

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Monsoon season is here and this is the perfect time to visit the island’s waterfalls because they will actually have water in them!

Come with us on a waterfall roundabout! If you feel like a real excursion, just let us know on the WISHLIST here! We take you on a tour to see them all and arrange it so that everything is easy for you!

Waterfalls are a natural beauty - water flows off rocks into lovely pools  or continuesg into more falls. On Koh Phangan waterfalls are a great way to connect to nature. You can spend a few hours cooling off in the pools, or trek up the side of some falls to see how far you can get and experience incredible views and fresh water.

Here are some must see Waterfalls to visit whilst you’re here…

Paradise Waterfall
To get there you need to take the main Chaloklum road. The waterfall is located near Chaloklum village. Take the right just after ‘Kika Splace’ restaurant and follow the signs for Paradise Waterfall. You then go straight up a gravel path until you find a restaurant which you need to walk through to  get to the waterfall.

You enter and there is a pool with swings but if you want to see the ‘real’ Paradise Waterfall then you need to walk through the jungle, follow the blue pipe for around 40 minutes. It takes time, but it is really worth it! This takes you to the actual waterfall, along with another pool you can swim in. We hope you make it in time to enjoy it at its best, good luck!

Phaeng Waterfall
Located just off from the Chaloklum road it is an easy hike following a path, or, if you feel brave, you can climb the waterfall itself.

Get to the wonderful viewpoint that looks over the southwest of the island or go further to experience wonderful small waterfalls all the wayto the top where you can cool off from the walking.

This is a great waterfall with many different stops so you can go as far you wish. It is even suitable for children as there is a clear pathway up the waterfall.

Than Sadet Waterfall
This waterfall is very important to the people of Koh Phangan as it was visited by King Rama VI who left an inscription on the rocks. It is located on the main Than Sadet road which has been newly rebuilt/ There is parking across from the entrance.

The waterfalls consist of pools and there is a pathway at the bottom, you must go a little further if you want to see the treasured inscription.

Sramanora Waterfall
Most of us know of Sramanora because of the twice monthly party held there, 'Waterfall Party' actually does have a very beautiful waterfall. Not many people go and visit this beautiful place in the daytime with the waterfall in full flow, so get down there! There is a natural pool you can bath and relax in.

Bancha Resort where Sramanora Waterfall is located and where its party is held, is a beautiful natural spot, a waterfall with huge rocks that sort of balance on each other -  a true wonder of nature.

If you would like us to organise your waterfall visits for you then let us know your wishes!