A Must See for Today! Sramanora Waterfall is Full! Go and check it out...

12 Feb 2021

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Most of us know of Sramanora because of the twice monthly party held there, and yes it is called 'Sramanora Waterfall Pary' but sometimes we can overlook the 'Waterfall' part.

As with a lot of Phangans waterfalls, the amount of water running really does depend on the rainfall, in dry seasons the waterfalls run nearly dry. But we have had A LOT of rain lately so this is the best time to visit Sramanora Waterfall.

Not many people will get the chance to visit this beautifull place in the daytime with the waterfall in full flow, so get down there! There is a natural pool you can bath and relax in.

The great thing about Bancha Resort where Sramanora Waterfall and its party are held is that by day it is a beautiful natural spot, a waterfall with huge rocks that sort of balance on each other in one of the wonders of nature. By night however the venue transforms into one of the most amazing aesthetic parties on Koh Phangan! 

People dance on the rocks, fire spinners play there, the glowing decor comes to life and so do the people who attend.

Go see for yourself in the daytime on of the most beautiful waterfalls of the island then return tonight to party, with a better appreciation of what mother nature has provided to entertain you.