Experience Real Paradise at Paradise Waterfall, before it dries up!

12 Feb 2021

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Now is a really good time to see the island’s waterfalls at their best but you must go quick as the increasing heat will evaporate the water soon and they will become dry.

Guests at Phanganist Hostel have been enjoying their visits to Paradise Waterfall recently, it is only a 15 to 20 minute journey away.

To get there you need to take the main Chaloklum road and the waterfall is located at the top near to Chaloklum village. Take the right just after ‘Kika Splace’ restaurant and follow the signs for Paradise Waterfall.

You then go straight up the gravel path and there will be a restaurant which you need to walk through to then get to the waterfall.

The water is good usually just after monsoon season so December, January, February and March. We had a lot of rain in January this year so Paradise Waterfall has been flowing but it will start drying in this heat so go soon!

You enter and there is a pool with swings but if you want to see the ‘real’ Paradise Waterfall then you need to walk through the jungle, follow the blue pipe for around 40 minutes. It takes time but it is really worth it!

This is where the actual waterfall is along with another pool you can swim in. We hope you make it in time to enjoy it at its best, good luck!