Guide to Meditation Retreats on Koh Phangan

24 Aug 2022

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We live in a fast-paced culture where disconnecting and slowing down are challenging. Unfortunately, overstimulation affects mental and physical health. That's what meditation is suitable for. Its benefits have been repeatedly established.

Perhaps, you think you live mindfully already. Indeed, we all have mindful moments throughout the day. However, our busy lives make them short-lived. That's why meditation retreats are becoming increasingly popular. They help you disconnect from routine and reconnect with yourself.

Still, since you can meditate anywhere, you may question why you need a retreat. The answer is simple: more time for self-love and introspection! Distractions and pressures are typical daily, and we often face emotional problems. Retreats let you get off the hamster wheel and be alone.


Retreats Pull You Away From Distractions, Enabling Deep Meditation

Getting away from distractions is helpful. When you're on a retreat, all you do is meditate. You can focus without cooking, emailing, or walking the dog. At home, daily life keeps you from sitting still for long periods. Short meditation sessions crammed into a busy day aren't consistent enough to disconnect and focus inward. 

Deep meditation is a significant benefit of retreats. Peace, quiet, tranquillity, expert guidance, and no distractions are found in retreats. Even if you have a calm place to meditate in your apartment, house, or nearby park, being away allows you to disconnect and let go entirely.

In addition, all planning is done. Accommodation, meditation, meals, workshops, and other activities are provided. Immerse yourself in the experience.


Meditation Retreats Are Helpful and Inspiring

Meditation beginners can learn a new technique at retreats, while seasoned practitioners can deepen and strengthen their practices. 

Plus, the environment of a retreat where others are doing the same thing, aiming for the same target, it's motivating. 

Retreats bring participants closer to their sangha, giving an otherwise solitary activity a group feel. In addition, participants with direct access to teachers can finally address issues like "My right leg keeps falling asleep" or "I'm sure I'm doing wrong."


Types of Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats range from one day to 45 days or more. 

Prices range from free to shockingly expensive. 

Some programs focus on one meditation style, while others cover several. 

Some are silent, and others aren't; some include yoga and nature walks, and some don't; some provide simple vegetarian fare, others haute California cuisine. 

Silent retreats require complete silence, but mindfulness retreats are more relaxed and focus on releasing tension. The meditation retreats that include yoga entail participants to practice both meditation and yoga daily. 


Debunking Meditation Retreat Myths

Let's debunk some retreat myths:

  • They're not secluded places where people sit in a lotus position and chant from dusk till dawn.
  • You don't need Buddhist knowledge or meditation experience to attend.
  • Attending doesn't require being vegan or giving up favourite foods. (Although, many do serve only clean vegetarian diets.) 

So, what are meditation retreats? They are "me-time," a chance to slow down and be alone.

Retreats are about being, listening to your own needs, leaving the outside world behind, and doing less. They are places to withdraw and put your worries on pause - and hopefully, learn how not to worry at all! Bottom line: they are a break from daily life that lets you reconnect with yourself.


A Retreat is a Digital Detox

You'll do a desperately needed digital detox. You may not realise it but staring at screens, even scrolling through Facebook, is draining. You only notice how much when you detach yourself from electronics for at least a few days straight. Giving your nervous system a break from texting, emails, social media, the news, the calendar, and TV shows will allow it to recalibrate.  Plus, you'll discover that you can live without electronics while on a retreat. 


The Benefits of Meditation Retreats Are Science-Backed

The benefits of meditation retreats have been scientifically verified.

According to a 2021 study, the beneficial effects of meditation retreats or holidays that incorporate meditation can last up to ten weeks, longer than vacations without meditation activities.

These positive effects include: 

  • heightened mindfulness
  • reduced fatigue
  • increased overall well-being

An earlier study (2016) on various styles of meditation retreats found these benefits:

  • One-week retreats may enhance task-based function and attentiveness.
  • Three-month yoga and meditation retreats may improve all sensory functions.
  • Three-month meditation retreats may boost awareness and lower cortisol.
  • One-week Metta retreats may strengthen compassion and resilience.


You'll Discover How to Integrate Mindfulness into Your Daily Life

A meditation retreat is a terrific opportunity to strengthen your mindfulness practice and improve your general well-being. Meditation is profound. You will likely face numerous emotions, acquire insight into your thoughts, and feel profoundly present and connected to the world while meditating at a retreat. 

When you return home, you may face your usual distractions and emotions. However, you will have learned new ways of letting go, making daily life much easier. 

If you're still questioning whether a meditation retreat is worthwhile, you won't know until you try it! So, why not give one a go? To help you out, we've listed below the best meditation retreats on Koh Phangan. 


Shakti Yoga Retreat Center

Meditation and Yoga Retreat - 15-Day Reset Module / Emotional Rebalance

This emotional detox, self-transformative, harmonising, and empowering yoga retreat will teach you the art of letting go. You will learn how to self-regulate emotions and connect with your inner potential. In addition, you will retrain your mind and body to heal. All in all, you will break your mental habits and finally face and celebrate your true self!

Come to the tropical healing island to manage your mind with meditations, awaken and rejuvenate your body with yoga, experience a range of self-healing techniques from around the world, and mark your days with breathtaking sunsets on the beach. In addition, there is a chance for you to gradually break down your barriers and awaken your heart and spirit to the path of transformation.

All of the answers and healing powers reside within. And the essential thing you can do for yourself is to discover the source of your inner wisdom and free yourself from what no longer serves you.



Samma Karuna

Meditation and Yoga Retreat - 22-Day Art, Celebration, Yoga and Meditation

Start a deep journey into your heart with this year-long program. It's designed for anyone who wants to live a better, more fulfilling life focused on self-development, acceptance, and celebration. The program includes social, active, and calm meditations, daily yoga courses, expressive movement and music techniques, catharsis techniques, pranayama, Tantra insights, non-dogmatic lectures on self-development, compassionate sharing, and mindfulness practice. Here is where your life-changing journey begins!



Meditation and Yoga Retreat - 29-Day Awakening and Healing

Samma Karuna cordially invites you to their awakening and healing program, which is intended to assist you in your personal development. Through profound experiential activities, you will discover the tools to find your truth and path as a cornerstone for a more happy and fulfilling life. Participate in this immersive yoga and meditation retreat in Thailand and prepare for a more prosperous and fulfilling life!

This retreat will take you on a deep journey into your heart while immersing you in an authentic and enjoyable yoga community where you can be yourself, relax, and celebrate life. This retreat includes social, active, and calm meditations, daily yoga classes, expressive techniques based on conscious movement and music, Cathartic techniques, pranayama, Tantra insights, non-dogmatic self-development lectures, and compassionate sharing, and mindfulness practice.



Sunset Hill Resort

Private Luxury Meditation & Yoga Holiday  -  5 Day Samkara 

This all-inclusive luxury meditation retreat offers a unique twist on classic retreats to achieve mind, body, and soul quiet. The program combines onsite meditation with mindfulness-based activities and relaxing massage treatments. It incorporates morning yoga, pranayama, mindfulness practice, and evening guided meditations. Learn walking, sitting, and lying meditations to find your favourite.

Come here, and you come to paradise to relax and rejuvenate. Our daily meditation practices teach easy and powerful breath control techniques to increase mindfulness and connection to the present moment. In addition, this retreat promotes vitality, mental and emotional balance, self-healing, and spiritual enlightenment through healthy meals and soothing massages.



Anahata Yoga Shala

Luxury Meditation and Aerial Yoga Retreat - 8-Day Aerial Yoga Retreat

Are you bored of yoga on a mat? This retreat is for you. Anahata Yoga Shala is a fantastic aerial yoga retreat on a gorgeous tropical paradise island in Thailand that includes one-hour meditation sessions daily. 



Luxury Meditation and Yoga Retreat  - 8-Day Absolute Beginners Course

This retreat is for beginners or new yogis, or even calm yogis on vacation. Anahata Yoga Shala established this program specifically for novices. The routine includes morning yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation - all sessions with beachfront views. During your free time, you can swim in the pool or sea or get a massage, and if you're up for it, they offer afternoon yoga. The sunset here is breathtaking, and group suppers are excellent for making new friends. 



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