Thai Fruit in Season All Year Round!

12 Feb 2021

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We all know it is best to eat seasonally but in a world where everything is available all year round it can be easy to forget the environmental impact of this convenient industry. Plus, how do you know what is in season when choosing what to buy?

It is beneficial for your health to eat what is in season because this is what Mother Nature is naturally providing for nutrition and vitamins at the time.

Everyone loves to eat fruit whilst in Thailand so here’s some fruit that is in season all year round.

Dragon Fruit ­– Gaew Mangon
The taste and texture is similar to kiwi but less intense, more subtle. Picked directly from the cactus type plant it grows from is best and when it’s ripe enough the skin can easily be pulled open, otherwise slice it lengthways and squeeze the fruit from its skin.
dragon fruit
Jackfruit – Khanoon 
Jack fruit is very filling and sweet almost like gummy bear candy! It’s enormous and prickly on the outside and has thick skin. They look a bit like durian but are much larger with slightly different bumps on the skin.

Rose Apple – Chom-Poo 
Rose apple both smells and tastes mildly of roses and is only slightly sweet as the fruit has a high-water content. Perfect for a hot day on Koh Phangan! If you look well then you will find these on many trees on Koh Phangan.

Papaya – Ma La Kaw 
Papaya has a soft texture and should be very ripe when eaten. However young papaya are the ingredient in papaya salad when the fruit is harder. Papaya is very common and grows widely, it’s great to eat as it is or in a fruit smoothie.
Guava – Fa-Rang 
Guava is really refreshing and best eaten when crisp on the outside and medium-soft on the inside.

Watermelon – Tang Mo
Thai watermelon is sweet and fruity and full of water so it is amazing for hydration here in Thailand. You can slice it up to enjoy with friends or make it into a shake with ice for a refreshing drink, it’s also very cheap!
Small Banana – Gluay Naam Waah
Small bananas grow everywhere and make a perfect snack!