Digital Nomad Guide For Koh Samui

27 Mar 2024

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The biggest of the three islands situated in the Gulf of Thailand is Koh Samui. A heavenly paradise in the middle of Thailand, Southeast Asia, with beaches and jungles. It is developing into a worldwide centre for digital nomads. 
Virtual Nomads are opting to become place autonomous in the home of pad thai noodles for several purposes, including, of course, the tastiest food in Asia and around the world. 
With friendly individuals and technical advances, the country also has a rich community that paves the way for the arrival of urban nomads who now name their 'hub' Thailand. 

If you want a combination of decent internet connectivity, Thai living, convenient transportation, immigration office, and tourist escapes, Koh Samui is a perfect place for digital nomads. It's up there, purely because of these variables, as one of the best locations for nomads to be in Thailand. 

Samui Elephant Haven

Availability of Internet 

The first thing they search for is if an internet link is accessible, as well as if it is secure and effective when digital nomads decide to settle in another city. On Koh Samui, the Internet and WIFI are conveniently usable, where the average speed for most citizens is adequate. All over the island, there are many cafes that provide a good and safe Wi-Fi link. 

There are coworking spaces on the island that not only provide you with secure internet access but also provide multiple services if your career needs more attention and you need to move from the hustle, bustle and noise of cafes if you are searching for anything explicitly made for remote employees. 

At your rented home or on your smartphone, you will even get your own Internet. Being matched up in Thailand is quick and there is very little time to wait. For a monthly basis, you will pay for an internet bundle. You need a work permit on certain packages, although certain internet service companies do remove the requirement for a work permit, that depends on the network and under what name the internet would be. It's a smart idea to ask your landlord what they suggest after you've chosen a place to rent in your neighbourhood for the best service. 

Purchasing a sim card and a WiFi router is the easiest way to get online in Thailand. Many retailers would have English-speaking employees who are really friendly. It will normally take a few days to be paired, and you will be provided with a free ADSL modem by most providers. 

Over the years, WiFi and cellular speed have changed dramatically. For a cheap price, phone data may go up to 10GB. As long as the data is in your kit, you get it at the highest pace that can be given by the provider. 

Using a VPN

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when accessing public Wi-Fi on Koh Samui is paramount for safeguarding your online security and privacy. Despite the island's breathtaking beauty, public Wi-Fi networks here, like those in many tourist destinations, are often unsecured, leaving your data vulnerable to interception by malicious actors. A VPN encrypts your internet connection, creating a secure tunnel between your device and the VPN server. This encryption ensures that your online activities, including browsing history, passwords, and personal information, remain protected from prying eyes. Additionally, a VPN masks your IP address, making it difficult for third parties to track your online behavior or identify your physical location. By using a VPN on public Wi-Fi on Koh Samui, you can enjoy the island's wonders while ensuring that your sensitive data is shielded from potential threats, preserving your digital security and privacy. For more information on why you should use a VPN, read our Thailand VPN Guide!

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Living Expenses 

Even on a low budget, Koh Samui is incredibly cheap. Even before you get to Koh Samui, by travelling by bus or train to Surat Thani and using the ferry, you may opt to start with the cheap choices instead of flying straight to the island's airport. 

Hostels and discount hotels are commonly accessible and these can be found from 6000 Baht to luxurious villas at 50,000 Baht plus if you would like your own home. All depends on the budget and how you choose to survive. 

There are many good 50 baht Thai restaurants yet to be discovered when it comes to food and beautiful food markets with inexpensive street food. 

Travel and transport are typically achieved by scooter to get around to go to coworking spaces to see the beautiful island, this is around 250 Baht a day or cheaper for monthly hire. 

There are even more convenient choices for you if you have more surplus resources, Koh Samui provides it all for all budgets, yet to conclude, the cost of living is comparatively inexpensive similar to the Western world. 

Cafe on Koh Samui

Security and Safety 

Thailand is home to the most welcoming people in the country and is also regarded as the Land of Smiles. Koh Samui is much friendlier and is famous as a final living ground with ex-pats and retirees. It has island vibes from the locals who are happy. 

It goes without saying that life is relatively secure as a digital nomad on Koh Samui. However with your things, including your desktop and papers, you can also be careful. However, if you require any kind of help and most locals understand the English language, you will be able to easily communicate what you need. 


Koh Samui Weather

Thailand is the same as the rest of Southeast Asia, with a rainy-dry cycle. There are 3 seasons in the country: hot, cold and wet. 

It is important to be mindful of the difference in the southern part of Thailand, on the east side of Koh Samui (Gulf Coast), as the weather in these regions varies from other parts of the south. 

A region that is mild and humid during the year is Southeastern Thailand. Apart from its wet season from September to December, the best time to visit is virtually any month, but staying here in the rainy season of those months is rather manageable and often acts as a pleasant cooling down. 

It rains most often and most intensely in October to December. Renowned for its pristine existence, the famed islands of Ang Thong Marine Park in the Gulf of Thailand include attractions for enjoyable water activities. Other than that, you should predict lovely conditions nearly all the way. 

Chaweng Koh Samui

Where to live 

Koh Samui is a good size as it is the largest island and so choosing the wrong part of the island to live on could imply that you end up too far away from the facilities you like. Or worse, finding yourself in a gathering place (unless you're after that!). 

The area of Lamai is the second most popular tourist destination (the first is Chaweng). The beach here is the second-largest beach on the island. The water is deep enough for swimming at the middle and south ends of the cove, while the water at the north end is very shallow. The water is bright and gives quiet, or none at all, waves. 
There are several restaurants to pick from. Those on the beach seem to be a little more expensive. There's a strip of street food stalls selling fantastic food. There is a major Tesco and a Makro selling European foods, all of which are in bulk. For fresh seafood, cheese, beef, fruit and vegetables, Makro is a nice place. Tesco has groceries, garments and housewares. 

Lamai Beach Villa & House Rental Guide

This is the most famous location and so it has a lot going on. Chaweng is for you if you're searching for tons of restaurants, pubs, events, a gorgeous beach and all in one location. 
This is the place to drink if you want to party all night long. A younger crowd and couples appear to be the people remaining in Chaweng. 
The beach is great here. White soft beaches, palm trees, quiet waters. However, it is very shallow. There are plenty of shops here for souvenirs, clothing, toys, etc. There is a Tesco and a Makro here, as with Lamai. 

Lipa Noi 
On the western side of the island, Lipa Noi is a perfect spot to see the sunset each night. This is a really peaceful, lovely place to enjoy. A fun spot to check out as well as the nearby Nathon. 
Lipa Noi is good for sunsets - This is a no brainer found on the west coast. 

Mae Nam 
Mae Nam is another place that is not all that active, situated in the north of the island. If you are searching for a coconut-lined beach, several restaurants and pubs, and a peaceful atmosphere, this is the spot to come. 

Obviously, if you're planning to remain as a Digital Nomad here you're going to want to find an apartment or a villa so you can have a private workspace of your own. Although, if you need to spend a few nights looking for a villa somewhere there are countless hotels, resorts and hostels. 

Spend some time on the north end of the island if you want a chilled-out feeling before moving south to the busier areas of Lamai or Chewang. 

For short-term rentals around the globe, Airbnb is a perfect go-to platform. A smart suggestion is to get in contact with someone who owns various assets on the island to locate villas.

Eat and drink on Koh Samui


If you are a digital nomad with a Thailand-registered company, you would be able to get a Non-B visa and work permit via the business with which you operate. Depending on the status inside the firm, it will run for 3 months or one year. 
You may also set up your own business in Thailand, implying for one year at a time you will be entitled to a work permit and Non-B Visa. Your lawyer would be willing to arrange all solutions and speak toyou about them. For a work permit, being on a Non-B visa ensures you can remain in Thailand for longer times and be legal to work. 

The immigration website has the latest changes and details. 

For visitors, for up to 60 nations, Thailand has a 30-day visa exemption stamp on entry and even 60-day visas that can be obtained before you reach the kingdom. For people with plenty of capital or who are over 50 years of age, there are often elite visas and retirement visas. 
An education visa is a common choice for a longer-stay visa. You may need to register for a course such as Thai language, massage, or cooking with a school for this. Via the school, your education visa is then obtained and you learn along with it. 

Koh Samui has a handy immigration office that makes it even smoother whether you need to go for a stamp or report. 

See more specific to visas. 


Other digital nomad spots in Thailand

Koh Phangan

For Koh Phangan, the digital nomad sector is poised to be the next challenger for the economy, along with eco-tourism and fitness, yoga tourism.


About 8.2 million inhabitants, tall towers, boisterous, traffic-filled, and bursting of entertainment are in Bangkok. Recently, Chiang Mai has been sort of trumped-up as the nomadic hub of the country. This is largely attributed to urban condos and upcoming communities such as Ekkamai and Thong Lor becoming more accessible. The trick is to bypass Khaosan Road and Banglamphu's backpacker hubs when settling in Bangkok. Upsides of the nomadic life of Bangkok: ultra-fast wifi, limitless check-out cafes and a range of luxury condominiums. Downsides: It's crazy noisy, there's bad public transit, and it's perhaps the most expensive place in the country. 

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a sacred land in the world of digital nomads. Some claim this is when it all began; the trend of online working and earning. Overall, Chiang Mai is a doozy DN-destination indeed. It's got an endless number of ex-pat apartments and rentals. Tasteful veggie and vegan foods are bundled into the leafy streets of the centre. And it's nowhere as busy as Bangkok, the real second location. Upsides to a nomadic existence in Chiang Mai: locating other nomads is simple, plenty of accommodation choices, a powerful foodie crowd. 


Grab a tie-dye shirt and let's head to Pai. Hippy Central is located way up in the rolling green hills of northern Thailand. The Chiang Mai bus ride is stomach-churning, but it's worth it! New Age bars meet coffee roasteries and health-food cafes on the main lane, developing into a great night bazaar at 6 pm. Temperatures are a little lower in these valleys, which means cooler nights and less sweating as you work. The surrounding environment, away from the laptop, promotes hot springs, waterfalls, and weekend mountain trekking.


Phuket is a vibrant hub for digital nomads, blending bustling markets, pristine beaches, and a lively expat scene with top-notch infrastructure and co-working spaces. Its international connectivity, diverse culinary options, and rich cultural experiences make it an attractive destination for professionals seeking a dynamic work-life balance in a tropical setting. With an abundance of networking opportunities and leisure activities, Phuket offers the ideal environment for productivity and adventure.

Digital Nomad Guide for Phuket

Koh Chang

Koh Chang stands out as a haven for digital nomads, offering a perfect mix of reliable internet, affordable living, and a serene environment. Its untouched beaches and lush landscapes provide a tranquil yet productive workspace, while the growing community of like-minded individuals fosters networking and collaboration. Ideal for those aiming to blend work with island leisure, Koh Chang embodies the balance between professional productivity and natural tranquility.

Koh Chang Digital Nomad Guide

Digital Nomadism in Thailand and on Koh Samui

Overall, for Digital Nomads, Thailand is the ideal spot, with entertainment and attractions continuing to develop. In locations, it is both exclusive and not overcrowded, providing entertainment as well as services. 



Real Estate Board

Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 1.07 Rai
Cost: 7500000 THB
Category: Villa for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 295 sqm
Cost: 11500000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: NorSor3
Size: 23 Rai
Cost: 4M THB per Rai.
Category: Resort for lease
Type: RentLongTerm
Size: 40 Bungalows
Cost: 5,000,000 Baht per year
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: Five Rai
Cost: 11 M per Rai
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 1 Rai
Cost: 4500000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: Plot 1 - 4 Rai. 6,400 sqm., Plot 2 - 4 Rai. 6,400 sqm.
Cost: Price per Rai - 16,000,000 THB
Category: Villa for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: Plot sizes: 480 sqm, Villa size: 200 sqm including porches (70 sqm), A private pool - 30 sqm.
Cost: 20,000,000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 0.75 Rai / 1,200 sqm
Cost: 3000000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 0.78 Rai / 1,252 sqm
Cost: 3130000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 0.74 Rai / 1,184 sqm
Cost: 2960000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: Different slots in various sizes. Price is per Rai.
Cost: 4500000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: NorSor3Gor
Size: 1 Rai : 1600m2
Cost: 4000000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 1.25 Rai. 2,000 sqm
Cost: 11250000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size:  0.75 Rai: 1200m2​
Cost: 5250000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 7 Rai
Cost: 25 M Baht per Rai (negotiable)