Lamai Beach, Koh Samui - Villa and House Rental Guide

27 Mar 2024

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Living in Lamai Beach offers a unique combination of natural beauty, cultural richness, and modern conveniences, making it an appealing choice for many looking for a new home or a long-term getaway. This area is known for its stunning natural beauty, with clear blue waters and soft sandy beaches. The picturesque setting provides a serene and peaceful environment, ideal for relaxation and enjoyment of nature. Koh Samui generally enjoys a tropical climate with warm weather year-round, making it an ideal location for those who prefer a warmer climate. Compared to many Western countries, the cost of living in Koh Samui can be quite affordable. This includes lower costs for housing, food, and general living expenses. The area offers a variety of recreational activities. Water sports, yoga, and wellness retreats are popular, along with opportunities for hiking and exploring the natural beauty of the island.


Finding a Monthly Rental

This process can be overwhelming, but there are a multitude of methods for finding a long-term or monthly rental. Each has its own unique benefits and problems, and we recommend taking the time to learn the area and combine several of these to find the perfect situation for you.


Online Real Estate Platforms

Start by exploring online real estate websites and platforms that specialize in Thai property listings, such as FazWaz, DDProperty, or Thailand-Property. These websites offer a range of options, from budget-friendly apartments to luxurious villas, with detailed information about each property, including photos, prices, amenities, and location.

Local Real Estate Agents

Contacting local real estate agents can be extremely beneficial. These agents have in-depth knowledge of the local market and can offer properties that may not be listed online. They can also assist in negotiating rental terms and understanding local rental agreements.

Social Media Groups and Forums

Join local social media groups or forums focused on Koh Samui expats or real estate. These platforms often have listings posted by property owners and can provide insights from other expats who have gone through the rental process.

Visit the Area

If possible, visit Lamai Beach before renting. This allows you to explore different neighborhoods and see potential rentals in person. You can also find rental signs posted outside properties which might not be listed online.

Short-Term Rentals for Longer-Term Decisions

Consider renting a short-term accommodation first. This gives you the flexibility to explore different areas and properties without committing long-term. Once you’re more familiar with Lamai Beach, you can make a more informed decision about where you want to live long-term.

Local Newspapers and Bulletin Boards

Check out local newspapers and bulletin boards in community centers or grocery stores. Sometimes, local property owners advertise their rentals through these traditional methods.

Network with Locals and Expats

Talk to people who live in the area, including locals and expats. They can provide valuable information and might know of available rentals.

Be Aware of Scams

Exercise caution and be aware of rental scams. Always verify the legitimacy of listings and never make a payment without seeing the property and meeting the landlord or agent in person.


Types of Houses

On Koh Samui, there are various styles of long-term rentals. Which you choose depends on your budget, lifestyle, taste, and the property's location. Here's a rundown of the more prevalent types of dwellings you'll find on the island.

Traditional Wooden Homes

These wooden bungalows are often the cheapest of the long-term rentals and come in various sizes – from studios without a kitchen to multi-bedroom layouts with living room(s) and a kitchen. Most of them are very basic, like huts, so they aren't as well insulated as a western home, with openings in the walls for air to flow through. In addition, they tend not to have air-conditioning or have AC only in the bedroom. Nevertheless, some are super nice, having more effort into their development.

Concrete Homes

These dwellings are sturdy, typically built on stilts, and more akin to western buildings you may be used to. They are usually air-conditioned and easier to keep pest-free (since the walls are closed – not "breathable" like the wooden houses). These too come in various sizes.


These are luxury houses, distinguished by their exquisite décor, exclusivity, and high-end features. They are usually built either on a separate plot of land with lots of surrounding garden space or in a gated community. Many have modern amenities and features, like walk-in wardrobes, private swimming pools, and western-style kitchens.


Typical Furnishings

Most rental properties, especially the smaller ones, come with relatively simple furnishings. Still, there is a furniture store in Thong Sala where you can get anything you need if it doesn't come with it already. It's something you should check out before moving in. Most high-end villas are fully furnished. You can easily find what you need around the island or online if anything is missing. The 20 baht shop sells cooking gear if you're on a budget. If you're looking for more investment-worthy, high-quality kitchen items, you can get them at Limpingpong. Or, for those in either circumstance, you can find what you need on Lazada, a fantastic online shopping app that even allows you to pay for your parcel in cash when delivered. For furniture that is a more western style, you can check out Homemart. Or, many local Thai businesses around the island have furniture and cupboards or shelving, many made of bamboo, wood, or plastic.


Landlords and Rental Agreements

If you decide not to utilize an agent or a third party, you must treat the landlord of your chosen house with respect, naturally. They will have a set price in mind for the rental, but most are willing to work out a fair bargain, frequently providing a discount for leases of three months or longer - with more significant savings for rentals of six to twelve months or more. Basically, the longer you can commit to staying, the better the price. When negotiating a decent rent amount, don't be overly forceful. People in Thai culture are soft and sweet, and they don't want to lose face, so be aware of this. When both you and the landlord are happy with the amount you've agreed on, you should ask to sign a lease agreement. This way, you'll know that you'll be paying the correct rent fee for the duration of the rental you've previously agreed to. Even if it's simply a single piece of paper with the price, time, any deposits made, and your signatures on it, you'll have a written record and be protected.


Using a Representative

If you have an idea of the type of rental you want but don't want to go through the bother of looking for it yourself, you might hire an agent or firm to handle it for you. On Koh Samui, numerous legitimate people do this; most work directly with the landlords. Of course, you may be required to pay a one-time or ongoing fee, but it is reasonable and saves you a lot of time, so it can be well worth it.



Be aware of foreigners advertising houses for sublease - this is usually illegal in Thailand. However, in some situations, it may be worked in to the contract. If possible, it's important to do things correctly and rent directly from the landlord.


Monthly Rental Costs

The range of prices for monthly house rentals in Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, varies widely depending on factors such as the size of the property, its location, amenities, and the time of year. Based on recent market data, budget-friendly options start from 15,000 to 30,000 baht per month. These typically include one-to-two bedrooms and one bathroom. If you'd like to be on the beach, or need something bigger, you can expect to pay more than that. Luxury villas can range from 70,000 to 150,000 baht or more per month. It's important to keep in mind that prices will be higher during the peark tourist season (December to February). These price ranges can fluctuate greatly based on market trends, the specific characteristics of the property, and negotiation with landlords. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it's recommended to check real estate listings or consult with local real estate agents in Lamai Beach.

Some rentals are done very casually, with a minimal or no deposit required. But most landlords will require a deposit, which can vary greatly depending on the situation. The deposit is meant to cover any damage, loss, or payment issues, and should be returned at the end of the agreement if the property is in good condition.


Additional Charges (Utilities, Wi-Fi)

When renting a house on Koh Samui for a few months to years, you'll need to think about more than simply the rental amount. There are bills and utilities to pay, just as there are in your native country. So before agreeing to anything, make sure all electrics, water, and other utilities are working correctly. In some cases, you might find a place where utilities are included in the monthly rent. These are often smaller rental properties with no air conditioning, although it can depend on the rental. Some luxury villa rentals may feature such inclusions as well. Typical utilities to consider include:


This is the most important, and it will be heavily influenced by air conditioning usage and whether or not you have a swimming pool. Your monthly bill will be much higher if you utilize air conditioning. However, it is possible to save money by using it less regularly or by using fans instead. Swimming pools use a lot of electricity as well, for the pump. Depending on the property, electric costs might range from 500 Baht per month to 10,000 Baht or more (with heavy AC use and a swimming pool).


Your bill will vary depending on whether your home has its own well or if you use government water. Water is ordinarily free if you have a well; you will receive a bill with government water, but it will be minimal. Depending on your consumption, it might range from a few hundred Baht to a thousand Baht.


Because they have one or two routers serving a large number of homes, some landlords will offer Wi-Fi for a monthly fee. However, if you have your own router for your home, you will have to pay for it, and you will have better internet. Depending on the speed and supplier, the typical monthly cost of Wi-Fi at a property ranges from 700 to 1500 Baht. If you're a digital nomad who needs decent Wi-Fi to work, it's a good idea to conduct a speed test to see how fast the connection is.


The most common way to cook here is with gas tanks. Whether it's full or partly complete, your rental will generally come with one. When it runs out, though, you will need to pay for a new one. It will cost between 150 and 500 Baht to fill (depending on the size), and you can expect to fill it every 2-3 months.


Recommended Resorts and Villas

Lamai Coconut Beach Resort

Accommodations at Lamai Coconut Beach Resort consist of a range of options, including traditional Thai-style bungalows and contemporary rooms, all set amidst lush tropical gardens. These units are designed to provide a serene and comfortable stay, with essential amenities that cater to the needs of modern travelers. The Lamai Coconut Beach Resort is ideal for travelers who are looking for a tranquil beachside vacation. Its location not only provides immediate access to the beach but also keeps guests close to local attractions, including Lamai’s shopping and nightlife areas. This resort offers a balance of relaxation, simplicity, and convenience, making it a suitable choice for couples, families, and solo travelers seeking a peaceful escape in a beautiful setting.

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Ammatara Pura Pool Villa


The Ammatara Pura Pool Villa offers a blend of traditional Thai architecture and modern amenities. This luxurious resort is known for its private villas, each featuring its own pool, providing guests with an exclusive and intimate experience. The design of the resort reflects the opulence of a Thai palace, with intricate carvings and lush gardens, creating a serene and culturally rich atmosphere. It's ideal for travelers seeking a blend of luxury, privacy, and a deep immersion in Thai culture. Its location in Koh Samui also allows easy access to other attractions on the island, including temples, shopping centers, and natural landscapes. The resort's commitment to providing a tranquil and luxurious experience makes it a popular choice for honeymooners, families, and anyone looking to indulge in a tropical paradise.

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Samui Jasmine Resort

The Samui Jasmine Resort is a charming resort known for its blend of traditional Thai elegance and contemporary comfort. Situated on Lamai Beach, the resort offers guests an idyllic beachfront experience with panoramic views of the Gulf of Thailand. This resort features a range of accommodation options, including spacious rooms and villas. Each unit is tastefully decorated, reflecting Thai cultural heritage with modern touches. The rooms and villas are equipped with amenities that ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay, such as air conditioning, private balconies, and modern entertainment systems.

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Life in Lamai Beach

Living in Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, offers a blend of serene tropical beauty, cultural richness, and a comfortable lifestyle that appeals to both expats and long-term vacationers. The picturesque coastline, warm climate, and vibrant local community create an inviting atmosphere, ideal for those seeking a peaceful retreat or an adventurous new chapter in life. With its range of affordable to luxury accommodations, diverse leisure activities, and welcoming expat community, Lamai Beach stands out as a destination that caters to a variety of lifestyles and preferences. Whether it's lounging on its beautiful beaches, indulging in the local cuisine, or exploring the island's natural and cultural treasures, life in Lamai Beach promises a unique and fulfilling experience, balancing tranquility with the convenience of modern amenities.

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Real Estate Board

Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 1.07 Rai
Cost: 7500000 THB
Category: Villa for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 295 sqm
Cost: 11500000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: NorSor3
Size: 23 Rai
Cost: 4M THB per Rai.
Category: Resort for lease
Type: RentLongTerm
Size: 40 Bungalows
Cost: 5,000,000 Baht per year
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: Five Rai
Cost: 11 M per Rai
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 1 Rai
Cost: 4500000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: Plot 1 - 4 Rai. 6,400 sqm., Plot 2 - 4 Rai. 6,400 sqm.
Cost: Price per Rai - 16,000,000 THB
Category: Villa for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: Plot sizes: 480 sqm, Villa size: 200 sqm including porches (70 sqm), A private pool - 30 sqm.
Cost: 20,000,000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: Different slots in various sizes. Price is per Rai.
Cost: 4500000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 0.75 Rai / 1,200 sqm
Cost: 3000000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 0.78 Rai / 1,252 sqm
Cost: 3130000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 0.74 Rai / 1,184 sqm
Cost: 2960000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: NorSor3Gor
Size: 1 Rai : 1600m2
Cost: 4000000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 1.25 Rai. 2,000 sqm
Cost: 11250000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size:  0.75 Rai: 1200m2​
Cost: 5250000 THB
Category: Land for sale
Type: Chanote
Size: 7 Rai
Cost: 25 M Baht per Rai (negotiable)