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Partial Solar Eclipse for Summer Solstice

10 Jun 2020

According to the regional scientific body, Thailand will experience a partial solar eclipse later this month.

The National Astronomical Research Institute said on June 21 the phenomenon will be visible from 1 pm till 4.10 pm. People across the country can witness the partial blackout of the sun, although the spectacle will be most visible in the northern region, at 63 per cent.

Bangkokians will see the eclipse at a less-impressive 40%, while people in the southern region will see at least 16%, astronomers have said.

Stargazers are cautioned against staring with their naked eyes straight at the sun when trying to use unconventional devices such as goggles, x-ray images when Dvds because they are not equipped to block out toxic Ultraviolet radiation.

If you can't find a pair of eclipse glasses, the institute suggested welding helmets capable of shading up to level 14 or higher or watching a live broadcasts from the four observatories of the institute around the world.

Those who missed the phenomenon, astronomers said, will have to wait seven years for the next one.

Source Khaosodenglish