The Best Ice Cream on Koh Phangan

6 Jan 2022

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Everyone loves Phangan's warm, golden rays and sunny atmosphere, but the tropics' heat may be oppressive for some, especially after a day of seeing the island's many attractions outside. We have a simple answer for you: beat the heat by indulging in delicious iced delights!


Ice Cream Love

Anyone who has had hunger pangs and desires when looking at an ice cream cone can attest to how seductive the sugary, creamy delight is. Not only because our bodies and tastes have evolved to seek sweets on a regular basis. It's easy to see why when you break down the chemistry of ice cream: it's been manufactured to the right combination of materials that make up the delectable concoction - sugar, fat, frozen water, and air.


Koh Phangan Ice Cream



Satimi's premium homemade ice cream, gelato, sherbet, sorbet and ice cream for vegans is famous on the island and for good reason. Made from local ingredients by traditional Italian methods. They are located in Thong Sala just around the corner from Walking Street and the fresh market, it’s a must-visit!

Ice Cream Koh Phangan


Situated in the Phangan Food Court with its bright colourful sign, the ice cream is made by Green Valley. They take locally sourced ingredients and make them into delicious homemade gelato, sorbet, and sherbet for everyone to enjoy!

Ice Cream Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream is in a beautiful location just off of Chaloklum road. You can sit amongst the trees on lovely tables under the trees or in the restaurant.
The ice cream is all homemade and they offer different flavours including jackfruit which is a must-try!


Ok so we try not to promote 7/11 but you can’t deny that they sell ice cream which you can eat on the go! From Magnums to Cornettos and smaller treats, they have it!


Walking Street Market

Try the wonderful performance of ice cream rolls which are made on a frozen plate in front of you.



Not ice cream but just as delicious is Kilo’s frozen yoghurt! Pull your own amount from the machine which includes many unique special flavours which change then add toppings and weigh. Enjoy it in the lovely outdoor garden area.